(This is dedicated to my cheese melting buddy Sam, who refuses to sell me his wonkle...and I refuse to sell him my IT...lol...I love ye Sam, read my story or you shall perish!)

Ch 2 "It's not what it looks like! I promise!" Numbuh 4 said not letting go of Numbuh 5's hand. Numbuh 3 raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?" she said, as she looked them up and down. "Would you quit it, girl?" Numbuh 5 said harshly. "We were helping Numbuh 2 repair his contraption, and got superglue stuck on our hands." "If you say so" Kuki looked at them then turned to leave. After she left the room she remembered she didn't ask them about her missing plush toy. She turned back and opened the door. This time 4 and 5 were kissing!! Kuki's eyes widened. "You guys really should be careful with that superglue. Anyways, have you seen my rainbow monkey? The one that I named Sam. He was all rainbow colored and poofy looking."

Annoyed, both 4 and 5 looked up at Numbuh 2. "We haven't seen your bloody toy!" they both yelled at the same time.

"Ok..." she said disappointed. She turned and walked out of the room so they could continue to fondle with each other. The door slammed right after she stepped out of the room.

Numbuh 3 sighed and continued down the hallway. She made her way into her room. It was full of mountains upon mountains of rainbow monkeys. She turned around to close her door and she saw a note stuck to it with a thumbtack. She ripped it off, and read it out loud.


I have your rainbow monkey. If you want it back, meet me at the park at 4 o clock sharp, and we will discuss the negotiation of the return of your Rainbow Monkey. Also, do not tell any of the other Kids Next Door, or you precious monkey will perish.


Numbuh 3 gasped. "Oh no!" She suddenly was overcome with anger. "No one takes my rainbow monkey and gets away with it!" she screamed. And with that she began to prepare for war.

(Yes I know its short, but ill have a new chapter up soon, so no worries crumpets.)