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~*~Chapter 1: Broken Heart, Broken Ankle~*~

Kagome was sitting in a field of flowers, breathing in their fresh smell of spring. The sky above her was a clear blue with a couple puffy white clouds floating around. Suddenly the bright blue sky above her turned into a red, the clouds turned black and mixed in with the blood red sky. Kagome got up and ran, needing to get away from the terrible sky.

'What's going on?' Kagome asked herself. Suddenly she was looking onto a huge battlefield. There stood the person Kagome feared most, Naraku. Around him stood her friends, Sango and Miroku looked worn out. Inuyasha was growling at the disgusting form that was Naraku. There was a sudden growl and a huge white dog bounded into the battlefield.

Kagome awoke gasping for breath, her eyes were wide. A thin layer of sweat covered her.

'Just a dream, a very real dream, but a dream nonetheless. Although I haven't had that dream for awhile.' Kagome looked around her room. Birds were singing outside her window, and the miko saw her grandfather sweeping the front of the family shrine. Kagome had come back for a test, only her test was two days ago.

'So I lied about when the test was, I think I deserve a couple days off. I'm sure Inuyasha and the others will be fine without me.' Kagome changed into one of her school uniform and climbed down the stairs for breakfast. After a filling breakfast of pancakes and eggs Kagome headed towards the well. She should have been back in the Feudal Era two days ago, and she was sure that Shippou had eaten all the candy.

"Alright, I'm off!" Kagome called out. Her mother hugged her and Souta asked her to say 'hi' to Inuyasha. Her grandfather told her to bring back something for him, and Kagome promised to bring back some piece of youkai.

Kagome jumped into the well and landed with ease on the other side.

"Inuyasha! Shippou!" She climbed up the ladder she had put there and looked around. No one was there. Usually everyone was waiting for her. Inuyasha would be chasing Shippou around and Miroku would be trying to do something perverted to Sango while Kirara watched the monk get slapped. But today there was no one, even the birds seemed quiet.

Kagome climbed out of the well and headed towards the village and saw Sango hit Miroku over the head with her boomerang. Shippou sighed and Kirara mewed.

"Sango-chan! Miroku-sama! Shippou-chan!" All heads turned and watched Kagome race down the hill. Shippou jumped into her arms and Sango hugged her adopted little sister. Miroku hugged her as well, and one hand went lower than it should have gone.

"It's good to have you back Kagome-chan." Sango said, dragging a now unconscious Miroku into Kadae's hut. Shippou was going through Kagome's bag, looking for chocolate.

"Not until after dinner Shippou-chan." Kagome said very motherly. Shippou pouted but cheered up when Kirara started running around him.

"Wh-what happened?" Miroku said as he sat up. Both Sango and Kagome rolled their eyes.

"Where's Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. Shippou turned quiet and Miroku and Sango looked at each other. "What's wrong you guys?" Kagome asked, suddenly worried.

"Well...umm...that is....." Miroku started.

"That is....Inuyasha..." Sango looked lost for words. "I'm sorry Kagome-chan....but he ran into Kikyo-" The look on her little sister's face made the huntress stop mid-sentence. Kagome got up and headed for the door.

"Don't go looking for him Kagome-sama." Miroku said. "Let him be." But Kagome didn't hear him, she was already heading towards the forest. Halfway through the forest she heard the unmistakable voice of Inuyasha. As she came into the clearing her heart seemed to freeze.

There stood Inuyasha holding Kikyo in a tight embrace. Both looked happy in each other's arms. Unable to turn away from the scene playing before her, Kagome watched Inuyasha kiss the dead miko. Inuyasha broke the kiss and saw Kagome. Kikyo looked over Inuyasha's shoulder and smiled evilly.

"Come join us Kagome." Kikyo said. Kagome wanted to run, but her feet seemed to be moving on their own accord, towards Inuyasha and Kikyo. As soon as she was near enough, Kikyo snatched the Shikon shards hanging around Kagome's neck.

"Inuyasha!" The hanyou looked at Kagome. "Stop her, she took the shards." Inuyasha did nothing and looked at Kikyo with love.

"Inuyasha, my love. What of the girl before you?" Kikyo asked, giving Kagome another evil smile. Inuyasha looked at Kikyo then to Kagome and back to Kikyo.

"She is just a shard detector, nothing more Kikyo, my love." Kagome's legs started working again and she ran from the clearing. Inuyasha gave Kikyo another kiss as Kagome ran.

'Inuyasha.....' Kagome ran through tear-stained vison. 'Inuyasha how could you? How could you!?' Kagome's thoughts were painfully interrupted as she tripped over a root of the God Tree. She burst into another wave of tears as she remembered the day she first met Inuyasha, pinned to the same tree. Ignoring her now very painful ankle, she made for the well that would take her home.

Her tears continued to blur her sight as she hobbled towards the well. Suddenly she ran into something. Kagome looked up and saw silvery hair and more tears came to her eyes.

"Move Inuyasha, I'm going home and you can't stop me. Don't make me say the 's' word!" Kagome yelled.

"Baka. I am not Inuyasha." Kagome heard the person in front of her growl softly. Kagome looked up and felt her blood run cold as she looked into the eyes of the Taiyoukai of the Western Lands, Sesshoumaru. Kagome took a hasty step back and Sesshoumaru took a step forward.

"Where is my lowly hanyou brother?" Sesshoumaru asked. Kagome took another step back from fear, but the smell of her rage rose.

"Right now, I couldn't give a rat's ass about where your stupid brother is!" Sesshoumaru growled again and slammed Kagome into a tree.

"Wench, you should learn to hold your tongue." Sesshoumaru hissed as Kagome stood up.

"Yes, well, I'm sooooo sorry oh Mighty Sesshoumaru-sama!" Kagome's rage overran her fear. Sesshoumaru growled louder and lifted Kagome off the ground, a clawed hand around her neck. His talons were digging into the back of her neck, bringing drops of blood from her skin.
"You are lucky I haven't killed you already wench, now where is my brother, I know you follow him around like a lost puppy."

Tears started to form in Kagome's eyes again. "I'm sorry Sesshoumaru, I shouldn't have yelled, I know you can kill me without a thought." Kagome started to let her tears fall. "I just want to go home." Sesshoumaru lowered her and released her from his death grip.

'Why is she crying?' Sesshoumaru wondered, the salty smell of tears overwhelming his sense of smell. "At least you know some respect."

"Your brother is with the dead miko in the forest." Kagome said sadly. Sesshoumaru smelled the air and shook his head slightly. The smell of his little brother and the dead miko even overrode the miko's tears. How he had not smelled it before was beyond him.

Kagome tried to sneak around the Taiyoukai as he looked towards the forest, but her hurt ankle suddenly gave out on her and Kagome landed on the ground, regaining the attention of Sesshoumaru.

"Where are you going woman?" He asked, watching her limp towards the well.

"I...I'm going home." Kagome answered, and jumped into the well. With a hard THUD Kagome hit the bottom of the Bone Eater's Well. She yelped in pain as her hurt ankle hit the well bottom.

"Mom, Souta, Grandpa?" She yelled out. She looked up and gasped. Instead of the well's roof, there was a blue sky and clouds.

"What are you talking about wench?" Kagome looked up again and saw the Taiyoukai of the West staring back down at her. Kagome gasped when it hit her.

'Oh no! I can't get back without the Jewel Shards!'

~*~End Chapter One~*~

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