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-Last time: "At least 100,000, if not more Sesshoumaru-sama. He's gathering youkai on the way." "The women and children will go underground to the keep. The men shall fight with us." Kagome pulled the sword out of the scabbard and gasped, it was full tang and was 3 feet long, but was light as a feather. There were sakura blossoms engraved on the part of the handle and what looked like a family crest on the first part of the blade. She gasped in surprise and Sesshoumaru growled as she turned around to meet her attacker.-

-Chapter 16: Endings-

"Kagome!" The miko's attacker said, hugging Kagome tightly.

"Kouga?!" Kagome gasped, pushing her way out of the wolf youkai's grasp. After getting over the shock of being nearly hugged to death, Kagome looked at Kouga with worry.

"What's the matter Kagome?" Kouga said, also worried, he could hear Sesshoumaru's threatening growls, but paid them no heed.

"Well, what are you doing here?" Kagome asked, the miko started blushing, as every youkai in the room had their eyes locked on Sesshoumaru, his growls getting louder.

"I'm here to fight Naraku to avenge my pack." The wolf youkai replied.

"If you are finished...." Sesshoumaru said, deadly still. Kouga nodded and took his seat at the large table that had been set up. All the Taiyoukai were there, minus the pups of course. Katzumi, Akihiro, Hayato, Tsuya, and Seiko were all sitting calmly around the table, along with some minor youkai lords.

"As you are aware, Naraku and his army draw closer everyday, my scouts have reported that the evil hanyou has gathered at least 100,000 youkai. An army that large would trample anyone of us alone, but we have banded together. We will defeat Naraku." Sesshoumaru said, finishing his little speech. Some of the Taiyoukai nodded while a couple of them looked a bit uncertain.

"I have an army of 6,000 at my command." Akihiro said.

"9,500." Katzumi said, next to Sesshoumaru, the Taiyoukai of the North was the most powerful.

"4,000." Hayato said.

"And I have 1,500 wolf youkai waiting for my command." Kouga said, he seemed very proud of this fact.

"And I have 10,000 units." Sesshoumaru said. Along with the 3,000 other youkai from the armies of the minor lords, Kagome figured they had about 35,000.

"That's not enough." Kagome said quietly.

"What do you mean Kagome?" Tsuya asked.

"We only have 35,000 while Naraku has 100,000." Kagome said, some of the faces fell at this knowledge, while some seemed unfazed.

"The villagers and men will fight with us." Sesshoumaru said. Kagome nodded, although she could guess that only 1,500 or so would be able to fight. A lot of the village men were too old or too young to fight. Combined with the villagers, Sesshoumaru's side had 36,500, while Naraku still had 100,000.

Still, the others did not seem worried.


Dinner was rather uneventful; all the Taiyoukai pups had gone into hiding with Rin, Shippou and Jaken. And with no Shippou and Rin pestering everyone, dinner wasn't as funny as it used to be. Most of the Taiyoukai there were talking about money or how to handle rebellion villages.

"This is rather boring." Kagome whispered to Sango, the huntress nodded in agreement.

The only really funny thing that happened was when Katzumi had a bit too much sake. Besides that, there were four times people spilled food or drink, and one time when Sango slapped Miroku for his wandering hand.


After dinner the Taiyoukai retreated to a quiet room, Kagome guessed they were planning an attack on the upcoming battle. She, Sango and Miroku were not invited to that meeting however, and had to find other sources of entertainment. Sango found a book about youkai hunters in the Western Lands over the years, while Miroku tried not to control his wandering hand. After getting slapped a second time in less than an hour, the monk picked up a book about Tao.

Kagome however, was not content with just reading an old book. Sure, they were interesting and her history teacher would have a field day with them; but Kagome wanted to know what Sesshoumaru and the others were planning.

Walking as quietly as humanly possible, the miko crouched outside the meeting that was taking place behind a screen door. Thankfully, the sun was still up and didn't cast her shadow onto the paper-thin door, otherwise, she would have been easily spotted. Inside there were voices, it seemed like everyone wanted to talk at once. There was also a bit of arguing going on, Akihiro said to put troops in one place, while Hayato said to put them somewhere else. All the while Sesshoumaru was talking as calmly as ever, even thought his voice did have an icy state to it.

Suddenly the talking stopped, Kagome blinked in confusion. Where they done? Had they finished discussing the massive battle?

"Would you like to come in?" Someone said from above Kagome, and suddenly the door slide open, reveiling Sesshoumaru calmly looking down at the miko that had been eavesdropping on their meeting.

"Alright." Kagome said, a bit too happily. She was all to interesting in what they had planned for the battle, and maybe she could help a bit. After all, he had read about all of history's great wars.

After taking a seat at the long table, Kagome noticed that there was a large piece of paper; ink had been used to draw in the terrain where Kagome guessed the battle would take place. After studying the map and the little blocks of wood the Taiyoukai had used to indicate their forces and Naraku's forces, Kagome had a few ideas.

"Put some archers here." Kagome said, pointing to a grove of trees on the left flank of Naraku's army.

"Archers would be put to better use in the front lines miko." Hayato said.

"Well, they could stay in the front, but if you put them in that little forest, they can pick off Naraku's youkai before they even got to the front lines." Kagome said, Sesshoumaru and the other Taiyoukai saw her point and agreed to put over half their archers in the forest. Katzumi moved a little blue block of wood over to the forest.

"And have them roll around in the dirt or something, stick leaves on them. That way they'll be harder to spot in the trees." Kagome said.

"Wonderful idea." Akihiro said, smiling.

"How many horses do we have?" Kagome asked.

"Only 3,000 between all of us. Not including the village horses" Sesshoumaru answered. Kagome frowned, it would have been better if they had more horses, and Kagome was sure that the horses from the villages were draft like horses, used for plowing.

"Hrm....how much time do we have before Naraku get here?" The miko asked, she had another idea, but it would take a couple of days to complete it.

"Scouts report that we have four days if Naraku keeps up his current pace." Akihiro said.

"Good." Kagome said, her face brightening, "Get all the strong youkai and hearty men out first thing tomorrow morning. We're building hunting pits."

"We're building what?" Sesshoumaru asked, all the other Taiyoukai looked at Kagome, at first she turned a bright red, but the battle ahead was more important then being embarrassed.

"Hunting traps. Dig a six foot deep hole, make it twelve feet long, and six feet wide, then we need to sharpen some sticks. We'll need to bury the sticks partway down into the holes, then cover the holes with twigs and grass. And when Naraku's army comes, they'll fall into the holes." Kagome explained.

"Brilliant!" Katzumi exclaimed, he picked up a paintbrush and made some more marks on the map.

"Kagome, how do you know of these things?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"I've seen war movies." Kagome answered.

"And what are these movies you speak of?" Hayato asked, "Some kind of magic?"

"Ummm....not quite....they're like moving pictures that tell a story." Kagome said, blushing again. She had forgotten that this wasn't the 21st century.

The other Taiyoukai seemed to take that as a good answer, and continued planning. Kagome watched Sesshoumaru and the others plan the up coming battle, while she sat and tried to think of more things that could help.

"Bombs!" The miko said, interrupting Sesshoumaru's idea. The thought of bombs had popped into Kagome's head while she was thinking about her Chemistry homework that still had to get done.

"Now what Kagome?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"Bombs, we can make some simple bombs and drop them on Naraku's army from up in the air." Kagome answered, she remembered her chemistry teacher who, unlike other teachers, taught his students more than the Periodic Table of Elements.

"And what do these 'bombs' do, and how would we make them?" Hayato asked.

"Simple. We'll need equal parts charcoal, sulfur and potassium nitrate. Charcoal can be found anywhere were a fire's been, sulfur can be found in caves and potassium nitrate can be found in decomposing material." Kagome said, taking a second to breath, "When we mix all three things together, we can pack it tightly in some bamboo stalks, and use oil soaked cloth as a fuse. Then we have all the youkai that can fly light the fuse and drop the bamboo." Kagome finished, she was glad she had remembered her chemistry lessons.

"Anything else you think would be useful?" Katzumi asked.

"After the archers have fired, after the pits, when the front lines meet, have a group of horsemen charge from the side into Naraku's army. It will surprise and confuse them. Try not to stop, just charge through; then turn around and do it again." Kagome said, that had worked in Return of The King, so if it could work for Lord of The Rings, it could work here too....she hoped.

"You are more educated than most the females around here, why?" Hayato asked.

"Umm...." Kagome didn't get to finish her answer as Sesshoumaru gave Hayato a warning glare.

"We shall have all the men and youkai getting ready first thing in the morning." Katzumi said. Everyone else agreed and got up; the meeting was over.


"Kagome, follow me." Sesshoumaru said once the other Taiyoukai were away, the miko fell into step along side the Taiyoukai. "That was very impressive, your knowledge of battles."

"Thanks...I think." Kagome answered, she had never heard Sesshoumaru compliment anyone before.

Sesshoumaru led Kagome outside, past his large house and into what looked like a long barn.

"Sesshoumaru, what is this place?" Kagome asked, Sesshoumaru opened the doors and Kagome was instantly hit with the smell of animals.

"The stables." The Taiyoukai answered, Kagome looked around in awe. There were hundreds of large box shaped stalls that lined each side of the wall.

"I've never seen so many horses." Kagome said, and indeed, she hadn't. There were horses of every size and color. Ponies that didn't reach her waist, horses that stood at her shoulder. Some of the horses were light and fast, others were big, heavy draft horses with hooves the size of Kagome's head.

Along with all the different sizes of horses, there were the colors. Whites, blacks, browns, roans, all the different colors that horses came in and then some. As the miko followed the Taiyoukai down the long hall of stables, many of the horses came to see if the newcomer had any apples. One pure black stallion stuck his head out and nipped at Kagome, who jumped.

"Ignore him. Yang just wants food." Sesshoumaru said, petting the black stallion behind the ears. The horse, named Yang apparently, was a huge horse; his head was in line with Sesshoumaru's.

"Whose is he?" Kagome asked.

"He's mine. Purebred warhorse. Full youkai as well." Sesshoumaru said. In the next stall there was a whinny and whitish-grey horse stuck its head out.

"Wow...she's pretty." Kagome said, instantly taking a liking to the white mare.

"I let Rin name some of the horses; she named mine Yang, and the white one Yin. I suppose it's fitting though." Sesshoumaru said, Kagome smiled at the white horse, who was also a large warhorse, not as big as Yang, but still big enough.

"Is she a youkai as well?" Kagome asked, petting Yin between the ears.

"Yes, and she's yours." Sesshoumaru said. At first Kagome didn't register what he had said, then it clicked.

"Wait...what?" Kagome gasped, she had never owned a horse before, she had had a year of horse riding lessons, but she never learned how to take care of a horse.

"I will not have you battling Naraku's army on the ground. Yin has been in battle's before, she'll know what to do...even if her rider doesn't." Sesshoumaru smirked as his last comment.

"I've ridden a horse before, thank you very much." Kagome huffed, "And I could prove it to."

Sesshoumaru's eyebrows raised a millimeter and he smiled the faintest of grins. "Then prove it." The Taiyoukai dared.

After much embarrassment on trying to get on the large warhorse, Kagome finally sat comfortably in the saddle of the white mare. Sesshoumaru sat on Yang, calm as ever; along with the Western Taiyoukai, Tsuya, mate of the Northern Taiyoukai, was riding around the indoor dirt ring.

"Kagome!" Tsuya called, bringing her light brown mare over to Kagome, who looked a bit nervous.

"Heya Tsuya." Kagome answered, and after hearing about Sesshoumaru's dare, Katzumi's mate laughed.

"It's easy, youkai horses are a lot smarter than human horses. Tell Yin to walk, and she'll walk." Tsuya said, petting her own horse in between the ears.

After awhile Kagome got the hang of riding her large warhorse. Yin seemed very calm the whole time, even though her rider was shaking. Sesshoumaru, Tsuya and Kagome walked around the ring a couple times, then moved into a trot. The trio skipped right over cantering and charged into a full gallop, in which Kagome just hung onto Yin's mane for dear life.


Legs still shaking, Kagome hugged Yin goodnight and headed out of the sables with Sesshoumaru. However, the miko stopped at one of the stalls and squealed with delight. Sesshoumaru saw what Kagome was looking at and sighed.

"That's Rin's horse." He stated. In the stall was a pony, it was a black and white pinto, and its mismatched mane had been braided with flowers stuck here and there; the same went for its tail. The pony looked at Kagome with big sweet eyes and swished its tail back and forth. It looked to be about Rin's size, not too big, but not too small either.

"Awww...it's so cute." Kagome said.

"It's cute now, but it's a full youkai warhorse like yours. It'll grow with Rin, when she grows taller so will the horse." Sesshoumaru said, almost having to drag Kagome out of the sables and back to the library.

"That's cool." Kagome said, yawning. While she, Sesshoumaru and Tsuya had been riding, it had gotten dark fast; and now the moon shone above the skies. When Sesshoumaru and Kagome finally arrived at the library, they found a sleeping Sango and Miroku.


The next morning brought work for everyone. Under the Taiyoukai's instructions, many of the youkai and village men were digging pits. Others were sharpening large sticks to bury halfway when the pits were done. Still others were in tents, carefully mixing the ingretenates for the bombs under Kagome's instructions.

"Sesshoumaru-sama! Sesshoumaru-sama!" Someone called from the air, everyone stopped what they were doing to watch a little sparrow dive bomb towards the ground. Kagome peeked out of the tent to see Suzume standing before Sesshoumaru, panting as if she'd been flying fast and hard.

"What is it Suzume?" Sesshoumaru asked, everyone listened intently, even the humans that couldn't hear the Taiyoukai and sparrow youkai talk.

"It's Naraku's army! They've picked up the pace! They'll be here by tomorrow afternoon at the latest!" The sparrow youkai said, clearly scared. Uneasiness settled over the workers....only a day left?

"Keep working!" Katzumi called out to the youkai and men working, after a couple seconds they did as they were told, not wanting to upset anyone of the Taiyoukai.

"Sesshoumaru, will we be ready?" Kagome asked, Miroku had taken over the mixing of the bombs, leaving the miko free to talk with Suzume and Sesshoumaru.

"We will have to be." The Western Taiyoukai answered, turning away to oversee the rest of the workers.


That night guards were posted around the entire castle, most of them were night dwelling youkai, and they always had their weapons ready in case of an early attack. Inside, everyone ate in silence, they knew what was coming. Even the humans felt that odd feeling that one gets in the pit of their stomach, a warning that something dreadful is about to happen, and although the humans didn't feel it as much as the youkai, both were worried.

Sesshoumaru, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Katzumi, Tsuya, Akihiro, Seiko and Hayato all sat at a table at the front of the hall. Rin, Shippou and the other pups were still safely hidden away, and no one heard a peep from where they were hiding.

"Sesshoumaru, what if-"Kagome was cut off by the Taiyoukai.

"There are many 'what ifs' Kagome, some will happen, some won't happen. All we can do is wait and see. Tomorrow will bring whatever tomorrow brings." Sesshoumaru said, calmly grabbing a piece of fish with his chopsticks.


People and youkai alike woke before sunrise, Kagome stepped outside to view the sun just start to rise over the mountains. The glowing orb painted the clouds in different shades of pink and purple, tinted with red. The land below sparkled with little rainbows when the sun hit the morning dew on the plants.

"It is beautiful isn't it?" A voice said from behind Kagome, the miko didn't bother to turn around, she knew who it was. Sesshoumaru joined Kagome outside, both stood on the wet grass. A slight breeze passed by, and the wind played with Sesshoumaru's hair and tail, swirling it around with Kagome's.

"It is....but...I can't help but know....that this will be the last sunrise for a lot of people." Kagome said sadly. Sesshoumaru didn't answer, but stood there in calm silence.

Once the sun had finished its morning dance, Sesshoumaru and Kagome headed towards the hall where everyone was eating, breakfast waiting for them. They were met with silence by the human and youkai alike, no one talked or even whispered, just the occasional wooden clang of chopsticks on bowl would ring through out the hall.

In some cases the warlord would make a speech before a large battle, or any battle for that matter. But this was not one of those cases, silence held what everyone was thinking.


Sesshoumaru, Kagome and the other Taiyoukai stood on top of a little hill. Surrounding them were thousands of people and youkai, all bearing some sort of weapon. Some held swords, bows, spears, and still others held just pitchforks. Kagome felt odd, sitting atop a her large warhorse, while so many didn't have horses of their own.

Kagome's horse, Yin, was dressed in battle armor, which covered her chest, flank and neck from enemy arrows. Sesshoumaru sat on his warhorse as well, and Yang was dressed in the same attire as his white counterpart.

Yet Kagome was surprised to see that some of the villagers did have horses. A little less than half were mounted on steeds, not all of them were horses however. One man rode a large bull with sharpened horns, the odd man himself seemed to fit perfectly with the bull, a large axe in his hand.

Kagome had also been surprised that so many villagers had shown up, more than 3,000 people had come to fight. Mostly men, but there were some women as well. Kagome spared a glance at Sango and Miroku, who were both waiting by Kirara for the sign to charge.

Then it came, over the plain came a dark mass, clouds formed and blocked out the sun, as if such vile creatures weren't worthy of the brightness. Kagome gulped, one hand already on her sword handle.

Suddenly some of Naraku's youkai forces started falling, disappearing from site; Kagome gave a quick sigh of relief as the pit traps worked. As soon as the youkai started falling into the pits, even more fell, yet those were still far from the pits. A wave of arrows plunged their way into Naraku's army, bringing down tens of enemy at a time.

Even more fell as explosions roared through the air, bombs were being dropped where the arrows couldn't reach. As soon as the enemy stopped and looked around, wondering why their comrades where being killed, and at the height of confusion Sesshoumaru called the charge.

Yin gladly charged towards the massive army of enemy youkai, Yang and Sesshoumaru where farther ahead, as where the other Taiyoukai. When they saw their Lords charge, the rest of the youkai and villages charged into the fray as well. Those who were youkai or mounted on horses were faster, but all in all the army charged as one; like a raging river about to hit the rapids.

There was a clear cut line as the Taiyoukai's forces closed in on Naraku's. And the pounding of hooves and feet on the dirt packed ground soon became the ringing and clashing of blade on blade. Dust instantly sprang from the ground, twirling about the battlefield.

Kagome instantly drew her sword, slashing down her first foe. She had planned on staying in one place and finishing off all of Naraku's enemies in that area....but Yin had other ideas. The youkai warhorse continued charging through anyone who got in her way, minus friends of course. Kagome noticed that no matter how she pulled on the reins, Yin as going to do what she thought was best, which was rather fine with Kagome, as she was busy trying to stay on and chop with her sword at the same time.

Beside her rode Tsuya, also on her warhorse, instead of a sword the female Taiyoukai used a huge naginata. A long staff with a wicked looking curved blade on the end, and Tsuya was wielding it with deadly accuracy. But her warhorse had different looking armor than Kagome's. On each side of the horse, a naginata had been attached, while Tsuya sliced in front and in back, her steed charged forward, slicing anyone on the left and right side.

As Yin continued to charge, one of the enemy archers fired an arrow, which landed right in the female warhorses' left flank; Tsuya's warhorse finished off the archer without haste. Yin whinnied in a mix a pain and anger, and Kagome was nearly flung off as her horse bucked, stomping flat anyone under her iron clad hooves.

"Yin! Are you alright?" Kagome asked once the large horse had stopped bucking, the miko had noticed the arrow, and was had gone to pull it out, but was stopped by a low growl. Kagome thought it was a enemy youkai nearby, but the growl had come from Yin, who stood there.

Suddenly Yin's mane and tail started flying around, even thought there was no wind. Kagome felt the air change around the warhorse change, and watched as the mare's brown eyes turned a blood red. As Yin's mane and tail continued dancing with an unknown wind, the horses' teeth grew to curved fangs, terrorifing when the mare's still red eyes and flying mane.

"Y..Yin?" Kagome asked meekly, watching the warhorse's teeth change. Just as mystrisly it had picked up, the unknown wind died down, even thought there hadn't been any sort of breeze. With a loud, unhorse like war cry, Yin charged back into the fray, fangs and hooves slashing this way and that. Whatever didn't get caught in her teeth was instantly trampled by her hooves.

After a moment of confusion, the sounds of battle brought Kagome back to the real world, and the miko re-drew her sword and started slashing whatever was lucky enough to miss the mare's fury. Out of the corner of her eye Kagome saw that Sango and Miroku were trapped in a ring of enemy youkai surrounding them. Turning, she saw Sesshoumaru riding through Naraku's forces, heading towards the evil hanyou, Kagome wasn't surprised that his warhorse had changed as well.

"Yin! Sango and Miroku are in trouble!" Kagome cried out, hoping Yin would hear over the cries of war. The warhorse stopped suddenly, dropping the spider youkai that had been pierced by deadly fangs. Kagome quickly climbed off Yin and turned towards the gray mare, whose red eyes were still blazing with an intense fire. "Protect my friends." Kagome said, Yin nodded and reared, turning on her back hooves and charging towards the miko's friends.


"Sango! Look out!" Miroku cried, the huntress turned around just in time to destroy a snake youkai that was aimed at her back. She, Miroku and Kirara were surrounded by enemies, more than they could handle. Slowly the youkai had pushed them into a smaller and smaller circle.

There was a sudden youkai war-cry and the enemy started flying into the air. The trio turned to watch as a huge warhorse bit and fling enemies into the air. Sango had seen Yin the day before the battle, and knew the large mare was friendly...at least to non-enemy creatures. The horse let another war-cry ring throughout the battlefield, causing Sango and Miroku to cover their ears.

"Where's Kagome?" Sango yelled over the clang of swords and cries of wounded. The warhorse turned her head to point to Kaogme's location, where a blast of pink miko energy destroyed a group of youkai.

Trusting the blood-eyed horse, Sango, Miroku and Kirara continued fighting.


Kagome sent an arrow infused with her pink miko powers at a group of youkai, were it quickly destroyed them. The miko was sweating heavily, and her armor was covered in blood and dirt; yet Kagome continued fighting towards Naraku.

Suddenly she was intercepted by a flash of red, jumping back, Kagome was barely missed by her attacker. Turning, Kagome almost dropped her sword when she saw the face of-

"Inu..Inuyasha?" The miko stuttered, there was a growl in response from her enemy. But it was the hanyou, only, he didn't look like the Inuyasha Kagome knew. He was in his true youkai form, eyes blood red and purple jagged strips on his cheeks, but Tetsusaiga was at his waist. Then Kagome noticed the Jewel Shard in his back, the shard that was currently controlling the hanyou. Without warning, Inuyasha attacked with his deadly claws, Kagome put her sword up just in time to block the attack.

"Inuyasha! Wake up! It's me! Kagome!" The miko tried to reach her friend, but to no use. The hanyou continued to attack the miko, and Kagome continued to block; but she would never attack him in return. What Kagome didn't see was Kikyo drawing back her bow, an arrow aimed at Kagome.

Sudden pain entered Kagome's leg, and with a cry she fell to the ground, her sword forgotten. Inuyasha saw his prey fall and went for the kill, pouncing with claws ready. He saw the fear in the miko's eyes, but also saw something else, sadness, disappointment. He had never seen prey do that; something snapped inside the controlled hanyou, and Inuyasha stopped himself from delivering the killing blow to his friend just in time.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha cried, the shard flew out of his back and hit the ground. The hanyou rushed towards Kagome with worry clear on his features.

"Inu...Inuyasha?" Kagome asked, making sure it was really the hanyou she knew. He was out of his transformed state, and his eyes were back to the golden color they were supposed to be. With a cry of happiness, Kagome hugged Inuyasha, ignoring the shooting pain from the arrow in her leg.

"Kagome! What happened?!" The hanyou asked, not remembering anything from the start of the battle to when he had snapped. What he did remember was Kikyo bringing him to Naraku, then it was all blank. The smell of Kagome's blood entered his nose, and he looked at the arrow sticking out of his friend's leg. "Kagome! You're hurt!"

"It's alright Inuyasha. Naraku, he's-"The miko was cut off by Inuyasha's growl.

"Naraku. I'll kill him for this." Inuyasha growled again, then turned to where the evil hanyou was currently watching the battle. Inuyasha also noticed Sesshoumaru fighting towards Naraku, and another growl escaped his throat; there was no way he was going to let his older brother steal the kill. With another quick hug to Kagome, Inuyasha drew his sword and sped towards Naraku.

"It seems he didn't notice me." A voice said, Kagome turned around and was looking strait into an arrow. The owner of the arrow was none other than Kikyo, hatred burned in the dead miko's eyes.

"Kikyo." Kagome said, for some reason, it took a second to register in Kagome's mind that there was an arrow pointed at her face, when it did hit however, fear started to raise in Kagome's mind.

"With you out of the way, Inuyasha will have no choice but to come with me." Kikyo said, sneering. The older miko drew her bowstring back farther, and was about to release the arrow when she was suddenly flung into the air. Kagome gasped as her enemy was suddenly replaced by Yin.

"Yin!" Kagome cried out, both in shock and happiness. The mare growled at the un-dead miko, who carefully got up and looked from Kagome to the warhorse, and decided it was best to leave. Yin was about to give chase after the threat to her rider when Kagome stopped her.

"We need to help Sesshoumaru." Yin nodded and bent her head down so Kagome could pull herself up, before Kagome did, she grabbed Sesshoumaru's mother's sword from the ground. When the miko was finally standing, Yin pushed the girl onto her back and took off at a gallop, barely giving Kagome enough time to grab the reins.


"Ah, so you finally made it. I was getting a little bored." Naraku said, sneering at Sesshoumaru. The Taiyoukai was covered in blood, most of it was of his enemies, but not all of it; Sesshoumaru growled at the evil hanyou.

"You'll regret the day you ever set foot on my land Naraku." Sesshoumaru said, his voice still a deadly calm. This time it was Naraku's turn to growl, and growl he did. With a flash of light Naraku let go of his more human form and turned into the blob of misshaped youkai he was. A spider youkai leg here, an ogre youkai arm there.

"You should go crawl back to hole where you came from Naraku." Someone said, it wasn't Sesshoumaru, and both the evil hanyou and Taiyoukai turned towards the speaker.

"You." Naraku growled. Inuyasha stood there with his sword drawn and a look that could kill.

"Yeah me." The hanyou answered, and suddenly he attacked. Not wanting to be upshowed by his younger brother, Sesshoumaru attacked as well, together the brothers started hacking off the bits and pieces that were Naraku.


Yin set Kagome down, the warhorse sensing that the miko was not well. The two were on a little bluff, and could see the battle between brothers and Naraku. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru would attack at the same time, and every time, Naraku would block their attacks.

"I have to help them." Kagome said, taking the bow from a dead soldier beside her and grabbing an arrow from another one. Dismissing the awful feeling of using a dead man's bow, Kagome aimed her arrow towards Naraku and let the bowstring snap. Her arrow missed its mark but still hit Naraku, taking off a chunk of his blobbed shape.

The evil hanyou turned towards her direction with a scowl on his face, but didn't have a chance do to anything as Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru were more of a threat at the moment. Naraku turned towards Inuyasha, who dodged the body parts Naraku was throwing at him. The evil hanyou turned towards Sesshoumaru, only, Sesshoumaru wasn't there.

In the place where Sesshoumaru once was, stood a massive dog, crestant moon confirming that it was still the Western Taiyoukai. The huge white dog growled, baring large fangs. Naraku started to look a bit worried, but not much. Sesshoumaru pounced, grabbing a piece of Naraku and shaking violently.

Naraku sent waves of tentacles at the dog, and was shocked to see them bounce off Sesshoumaru's fur. While he was busy with the large dog, Inuyasha took the opportunity to attack Naraku from the other side. The evil hanyou turned towards Inuyasha, and with that turn Sesshoumaru pulled the other way, tearing off a large chuck and spitting it onto the ground with a growl.

The vile creature known as Naraku sent a tentacle at Inuyasha, who wasn't aware and was caught by the projectile. With a thud Inuyasha landed on the ground, whether dead or just knocked out cold Kagome couldn't tell. Sesshoumaru growled and barked at his brother's fall, and aggressively attacked Naraku, fury in the dog's red eyes.

Kagome decided to intervene again with another arrow, this time more carefully aimed. It was still a little bit off its mark, and glanced Naraku's side instead of his gut. The miko growled and knocked another arrow, trying to aim carefully but at the same time quickly, as time was not on her side. She let her arrow fly and was glad it finally hit its mark, Naraku's left arm.

With a growl Naraku looked at Kagome, glaring; but his attention was taken away from the miko with a feral growl from Sesshoumaru. The huge dog lunged at Naraku's heart, biting down hard on whatever flesh he could get to. Naraku took his attention off of Sesshoumaru for a second and aimed a large claw at Kagome.

Kagome watched Sesshoumaru bit down on Naraku's chest area and aimed an arrow at the evil hanyou's head.

Both the claw and the purified arrow were released at the same time, and time seemed to stand still and each hit its mark.

With a cry Naraku was hit full force in the head by Kagome's arrow, and disappeared with a scream.

Kagome was almost blinded by pain as Naraku's finally assault hit her as well. The claw he had sent sliced through her neck, and warm blood started flowing the vein in her throat. Kagome fell, causing Yin to whinny loudly.

Sesshoumaru heard the miko fall and was at Kagome's side in an instant. The Taiyoukai looked at the blood that was flowing and quickly draining the miko's life away.

"Sess...Sesshoumaru." Kagome said weakly.

"Kagome you foolish girl." It was all the Taiyoukai could do was hold the miko as she took her last breath.




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