Something New

A/N: This story is about mainly focused on Marco and Dylan, but it will also revolve around the other characters as well. In each chapter there will be a journal entry, mainly Marco's, but a few from Ellie, Spinner, and Paige or anyone else as well. Yes, so, enjoy! And please review.


[Journal entry 1]
Marco del Rossi

So Ms. Kwan assigned us a journal. Fifteen minutes a day, three days a week. I can handle that. I just don't know what to write. I guess the most obvious thing would be my revelation. That I, Marco del Rossi, am gay. Over the past few weeks, it's gotten much easier to say. That one sentence may be the hardest one I will ever have to write or even say, but I can now do it, with confidence. I just have to watch who I say it to.

For example: I haven't told my parents yet. I know what you're thinking (or at least what you would be thinking if you didn't happen to be an inanimate object). They should have been the first ones I told. It's just . . . I don't know, I can't. What if they're disappointed in me? My mama once told me no matter what I do, they'd always love me. But I don't know if that extended to this.

I know one thing for sure - my brother Carlos wouldn't understand. When we first moved here, he started laughing at a kid who lived on our street and calling him a "big homo". I didn't understand then, but I do now. I just told him it was a free country, and went back to playing soccer. Carlos started laughing at me, too.

Now trust me, I know what the definition of 'gay' is. A guy, like me, likes other guys. Right? So why is it all so . . . difficult? I mean, I could probably write a five-page entry on Dyl -- a guy I like. But what good would that do?

I have ten minutes left. This is going to be harder than I thought.

One thing I did learn this year (see, Ms. Kwan? I actually do listen in class!) is to write what you know. Which is why I'm sure Spinner's having a difficult job completing this assignment. Haha. Anyway, what I know is: soccer, break-dancing, gardening, and cooking. But what do you write about that? My mama's the best cook around and someday I'll have my own show on a cooking channel, in the meantime I'll be playing professional soccer, I could break-dance for extra cash, and with all my money buy myself a personal garden.

There, I wrote what I know - and I still have four minutes left. Fine, I'll write about him.

Dylan Michalchuk. Grade 12. Older brother of Paige. Great eyes, great hair. And completely uninterested in me. He's a fantastic hockey player. He completely dominates on the ice and . . . now I'm rambling.

I can't believe you, Ms. Kwan, are going to be reading everything I just wrote. It's kind of nice, though, having a journal. Okay, great. Times up. Until later.


Marco picked up the journal, not bothering to reread it or check for errors, and closed the cover. He was finally finished with all of his homework, and it was almost time for bed. Without much to do, he stood and walked over to his computer, logging on to his messenger.

His eyes merely scanned the list, but when he saw a certain name his heart skipped a beat. Should he talk to him? Or maybe he would say something first. Just when his courage was worked up and he was right about to send him a message, another message popped up:

NOLabels: Hey Marco! Finish the journal assignment??

He smiled at Ellie's message, and hurriedly typed his reply.

BaddaBoom: Of course. What about you?

NOLabels: yup just now. So did you write about a certain male??? :-D

BaddaBoom: Haha wouldn't you like to know

NOLabels: Yes, I would!! Speaking of which, that certain male is on right now.

BaddaBoom: I know

Taking a deep breath, Marco minimized Ellie's message box and clicked on Dylan's name. Slowly, he began to write something. Even the word "hey" would do, but it seemed to take hours for him to find the right keys. Just when the three letter word was presented and his finger was about to make contact with the enter button, a message from Dylan himself popped up. Breathless, Marco read it.

Idylan: Hey Marco

BaddaBoom: Hey Dylan

Masking Marco's excitement was difficult, and his fingers seemed to fly over the keyboard now.

Idylan: What's up?

BaddaBoom: nothing much, just finishing up Kwan's homework assignment

Idylan: Sounds exciting.

BaddaBoom: Sure, if watching paint dry also appeals to you

Idylan: Haha!

BaddaBoom: How about you? What have you been up to?

Idylan: Hockey practice. Brutal

BaddaBoom: ahh.

Idylan: So anyway, how is . . . everything working out for you?

It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that what Dylan meant by "everything" was, for lack of better words, Marco's gayness. Hesitating, he bit his lip and tried to think of an acceptable reply to that. "Great"? That would be a lie. "Horrible"? What was he, a drama queen? Marco glanced back up at the screen and saw Dylan had sent him another message.

Idylan: I know it's hard, Marco. If you need someone to talk to, well, I've got experience.

Again, Marco was stumped for something to say. He didn't want to say anything stupid. Sucking up all of his bravery, he casually entered the next message and hoped Dylan wouldn't think he was pathetic.

BaddaBoom: I'd really like that.

Idylan: How about tomorrow after school? We can take a walk or go to the library or something.

Marco couldn't believe his luck.

BaddaBoom: That sounds great

Idylan: 'kay. See you tomorrow, then.

BaddaBoom: Bye

With a slightly dreamy sigh, Marco x-ed out of the box and quickly moved back to Ellie's.

NOLabels: So are you going to talk to him?

NOLabels: Marco?

NOLabels: Oh I see how it is

Grinning, he typed in the message:

BaddaBoom: Sorry. Was talking to Dylan. Am going to meet him after school to talk. Night.

After saying goodbye to Ellie, Marco signed off. He went and collapsed on his bed, thinking about his and Dylan's conversation. It would be great to have someone to talk to. Even better to talk to someone who knew what it was like.

Besides, there were no romantic feelings involved, were there? Sighing, he flipped over his side and tried to go asleep, excited about the next day.


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