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A/n: You guys wanted a continue, so here it is. A sequel to "An Angel's Hell" If you didn't read that one, you can still read this one. However, it makes more sense if you read that on first. There's a bit OOC, but I'm sure the first part was too. This can be interpreted as shounen-ai or brotherly love. I'll let you decide on that. Also note, the hikari and yami's body are separate from each other in this fic. i.e. Yugi and Yami are two different bodies.

Key: / blah / = hikari to yami; // blah // = yami to hikari

WARNING: Blood, character death, and angst stuff etc. More so on the prequel to this.


A Demon's Loss

~ First Person ~

It's so quiet. Usually I can hear my hikari's sobs.

I walk toward my hikari's room.

It's empty. // Hikari? //

/ *very faintly* g-g oodbye . . . /

// What's that suppose to mean? //

/ . . . /

// Where are you? // I walk downstairs.

I see before my eyes my hikari, and blood, lots of blood.

And a sliver blade near the puddles of blood.

"RYOU!" I yell.

No answer.

"Ryou, stop lying to me, wake up!"

No motion.

I check his pulse.

No pulse.

"No. . ."I whisper, "Ryou."

Why did you kill yourself?

"WHY? Answer me."

It was because of me, wasn't it?

I hurt you, I scream at you.

I don't deserve you.

An innocent hikari like you, doesn't deserve me,

A demon in hell.

I tainted your innocence.

The same innocence I had before I became this.

I wanted to stop, but I'm too damn stubborn.

I loved you, I didn't show it, but I did.

Instead, I showed you my hatred and my anger.

I didn't want to accept that I have grown to care for you.

I only wanted to protect you from others.

It was all my fault.

"I'm sorry, Ryou. So sorry, Ryou" I whisper.

~ Normal POV ~

He cradle Ryou in his arms. His blood drips on him.

"Aishiteru. Gomen nasai, Ryou."

He gently pets his snow white hair.

Softly, he kisses Ryou's pale white cheek.

"I'm so sorry, Ryou."

Then he lets go of Ryou.

~ Bakura's POV ~

"I deserve to be in hell for causing you your demise."

I grab the used blade from the puddle of blood.

I stab my self in the heart.

Blood spills slowly on to the floor.

That's how I feel, that my heart is bleeding.

But before I go, I will leave a message.

~ Normal POV ~

The doorbell rings. No one answers.

A knock is heard. No one answers.

Yami turns the doorknob. It was open.

Yami enters and Yugi follows.

"My soul cries for you Ryou" Yami reads the message in blood.

They spot the two figure drenched in blood.

"Ryou. . . he's . . .gone." Yugi stutters, "Bakura-san too."

The older one hugs the small one. May they rest in peace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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