A Child Shall Guide Them

A young girl strolled casually through the children's section of the public library. Brushing a piece of her long black hair from her eyes, Sui bent over to look at a book. Reading the back she smiled. It was about dogs. Boy, did she love dogs. At the sound of a boy's laughter behind her she turned around. A few of the kids from her class stood behind her, shaking in silent laughter. She sighed a little. Taking a deep breath she focused on the leader and said,

"Go away, Vord! I don't have time for you." Turning around she grabbed the dog book and a few others, not caring what they said, and walked away. Or, she tried to walk away. Vord gripped her arm. She glared at him.

"Who gave you permission to leave, dumpling head?" Vord's goons laughed at the name. Most of the children in her school called her that because of her hair. She always wore it up in two bus with the rest falling through. Sui rolled her eyes. Boys were so dumb. Digging her nails in to Vord's arm, she smiled when he let out a yelp dropping her arm. That was about all her extra long nails were good for. Protection. As Vord lifted his leg to kick her, a man with long black hair, wearing a strange red outfit, touched his shoulder. At the sight of the man's grim face, Vord let out a whimper and darted away from Sui.

The man let out a slight chuckle.

"Feh. Chicken."

With a slight bow Sui thanked the man for saving her from the kick. But when she expected him to nod or smile in welcome, he glared.

"Alright you stupid little demon. Show yourself. I can sense your aura." His eyes narrowed. She blinked confused. She walked forward and placed a hand on his forehead.

"You okay?" The man snatched her up, and held her from her shirt collar. He sniffed her. Disgusted she kicked at him, hitting him in the chest.

"Oi. Wench. That hurt." Holding her eyes level they glared at each other in fierce anger. His gaze moved slowly from her eyes, to her forehead, to her hair, stopping on her dumplings. Lifting a hand he touched one. With a hidden curiosity he started to pull one of the booby pins form its place. That's when the girl let out a tense shriek. As the hair fell out of place, Sui rushed her hand to the spot were the dumpling disappeared. Covering something. An ear. But humans don't have ears on top of their head...

* * *

Kagome raced from her table to where she heard her daughter shriek. She was scared to death. Reaching the children's section she took a turn and saw the most surprising thing of her life. Her daughter was being held, by the collar, by a man. But not just any man. The one man she never expected to see again. The man who ruined her life but also gave her, her greatest joy. The man who fathered her child. Walking over to him she cleared her throat.

"InuYasha. Unhand my child this instant. InuYasha spun around. Only then did she notice what her daughter was doing. Holding the top of her head. Her ears! Her daughters eyes filled with tears. She was humiliated.

"InuYasha. I asked you to let go of my child." InuYasha opened his hand making Sui fall to the ground. Hand still firmly on her head she jumped up and ran to her mom. Sui grabbed Kagome's leg and held tight. InuYasha looked from Kagome to Sui. He cleared his suddenly dry throat.

"K-Kagome?" She forced a slight smiled and nodded. Walking over to her, he reached out in the need to touch her, as if to see she is real. Kagome stared at his hand as her eached out. It got really close almost on her when,

"Sit." InuYasha slammed to the ground. His, 'stupid wench' muffled by the carpet. He glanced up and watched as Kagome and the young girl disappeared into the ladies restroom.

'Some things never change.' He smiled a little.

* * * * *

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