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A Child Shall Guide Them
Chapter 8

After making arrangements with Miroku, Inuyasha headed back to Kagome's time. He had no idea how to break it to her or Sui. Sui... Sadness filled him. He didn't want to leave her. After finding he had a daughter, he had been shocked, but now she seemed to fill a void. Just as Kagome does. As Kagome always had.
Reaching the house, he let him self in and called out for everyone. Shippo was the first to arrive. He miss Shippo just as much. After spending so much time together, to two seemed to bond and had strong feelings for each other, not to mention mutual respect.
"Hey Inu!" Shippo smiled and threw himself on the couch. Kagome and Sui, entered not to long later, Kagome snapping at her to let her put up her hair. Sui giggled and ran, half of her hair in a ball and the other hanging freely.
"InuYasha! Help me!" She shrieked running to him. Kagome glared at him.
"Feh. No way. I'm not getting in between the two of you." He said with a smile, picking her up anyway. Sui giggled again and stuck her tongue out at Kagome.
"I'm going to rip the tongue out of your mouth if you don't stop putting it out." Kagome threatened as she walked to InuYasha and kissed his cheek. Sui pushed Kagome's face away with a loud, 'eww'. Kagome rolled her eyes and gave the brush and pins to InuYasha.
"Fine, you defend her, you put up her hair." Rolling his eyes, Inuyasha carried Sui to the couch and sat her down in front of him. Concentrating hard, he managed to pull her hair up, tuning in and out of Shippo and Kagome's conversation about Shippo's latest girlfriend.
"Done!" He proclaimed triumphantly. Shippo and Kagome laughed at how happy he was because he could put up Sui hair. Soon, InuYasha joined them. Sui, not knowing why everyone was laughing, joined in to. Looking from Kagome to Shippo to his daughter and seeing how happy they all where and how much he loved being with them. His laughter faded and he stared at his lap, twisting his hands nervously together. Once everyone had stopped , the tension he was projecting was felt and Kagome moved to sit next to him.
"InuYasha? What is it?" She grabbed his hands and he looked up at her.
"I-" he broke off. Should he just say it? Thinking it over, he realized that it would be easiest. "I have to go away for awhile." Kagome just stared at him and Shippo looked confused. Sui was the one to speak up first.
"What do you mean?!" she yelled standing and facing him. "It's almost my birthday! You promised to be here. You said you wanted to. So why are you leaving? Why!" Her fists in balls and tears in her eyes, she ran to her room. Concerned, Shippo followed, without so much as a backwards glance. When Shippo disappeared behind the wall, InuYasha looked to Kagome. Her hands were balled into fists and were pressing against her lap. She was staring into her lap.
"What are you talking about?" She let out a laugh that contained no humor and all pain. "You can't be leaving, not now, not when we are so close to being a family, to finally being happy. I wanted so much, so much, for it to work out. But I guess we don't always get what we want." A small unwanted sob escaped and Kagome brought her hand to her mouth, as the tears poured out of her eyes. When InuYasha reached over and touched her cheek she jumped and looked up at him.
"Kagome..." he pressed his hand against her cheek. His eyes shined with feelings as she stared in to them. "I want you to know, no matter what, I do lo-" As more tears filled her eyes, she pressed her hand to his mouth.
"No! Don't say this now. Not right before you go. I don't..." Her words faded as InuYasha's hand moved from her cheek to her wrist. He removed it from his mouth and pressed a kiss on her palm.
He smiled sadly, his filling with tears. "I want nothing more than to stay with you. But, Miroku needs me. His family is under attack and I-" Kagome's eyes widened and she moved away slightly.
"Under attack?" she repeated with a sniff.
"Yea, I have to go. They're threatning to kill Sango's baby. I can't just stand by and let that happen." Kagome nodded and lips gently to his.
"I understand." He smiled when she kissed an escaped tear away. When she pulled away, she intertwined their fingers and placed her head on his shoulder. For a while they simply sat there, together, holding hands, wishing that it was always like this. That things could be this simple. When InuYasha pressed a kiss to the top of her head, tears filled her eyes again.
"Kagome..." he whispered.
"InuYasha, this might be selfish, but, I want you here with me. I don't want you to leave." InuYasha pulled his hand from hers and wrapped his arms around her. A thud from the hallway, was the reason the separated. Shippo had placed a suitcase on the floor and held a bag.
"I heard." He said simply. "I'm coming with you." InuYasha shook his head.
"No." He voice was rough.
"I am going. You can't stop me." InuYasha walked to Shippo and grabbed him by the collar.
"Your not going, kid." Shippo glared at him.
"I am! I can help. I am not a kid any more."
"I'm not going to put you in danger." InuYahsa eyes were soft in spite of the edge in his voice. Shippo understood, but he needed to help, Miroku was his friend to.
"Inu, you said that you can't just stand by and let it happen. Well, neither can I. So put me down and just accept the facts. I'm coming." A smile formed on his face and InuYasha realized that Shippo really was something.
"Okay." He set him down and Shippo threw his bag on the floor.
"Mom," InuYahsa knew by the pain in his voice, Kagome was crying. When Shippo walked to her, InuYasha stepped form the room to allow them privacy. When he ended up in front of Sui's room, he knew he had to say somehthing before he left. Knocking, he waited.
"Yea?" her voice was small and a sniff followed. Opening the door, he entered and sat on the bed next to her.
"Sui?" She peaked out from her covers, her bottom lip poking out. In the blink of an eye, she was in his arms, hugging him as if she'd never let go.
"I'm gonna miss you." she said softly.
He ran his hand over the ball he had just earlier place in their. "I'm going to miss you to."
"I love you, Inu!" She sobbed into his chest. He smiled and tapped her shoulder. She looked up and he smiled.
"Can you keep a secret?" Her eyes brightened and she nodded. "Well I know for a fact, that you have a father. He might not come to you for a while, but he's out there." She smiled and gasped.
"Of course!"
"Is he as cool as you?" InuYasha smiled.
"Actually, he is just like me." Sui smiled and pressed a finger to her lips.
"It's a secret!" He made her pinky promise not to tell and then kissed her cheek. He knew that her smiling face was one of things that would keep him together while was away. One of the things that would be pulling him back home.

Two hours later, Kagome and Sui walked Shippo and InuYasha to the well,to say their final good byes. Once at the well, a silence filled them all and no one seemed to know what to say. Out of frustration, Kagome stomped her foot. Her son and the man she loved where leaving. She had to say something. If she didn't she would regret it. But nothing would come out. When Shippo and InuYasha muttered goodbye and began to lower themselves into the well she paniced.
"No!" she said loudly and sharply. "Wait." InuYasha pushed him self away from the well and gathered Kagome in his arms. "Your going to come back, right? Tell me you will." In answer, he kissed her soundly.
"How could I not. I'll be back here the first chance I get." Knowing that if he didn't go now, he wouldn't be able to, he released her and stepped over to the well. InuYasha nodded to Shippo and she watched her son jump into the well and disappear.
"See ya, wench." Throwing a smug smile and a kiss over his shoulder he jump and disappeared from her view. Her world seemed to dim. He was gone. Just like that. Tears filled her eyes and she said the only thing that came to mind as she grabbed Sui's hand.

The End


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