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*The Wishing Well*


Chapter 1

A wish

The crisp, night air penetrated Harry's pajamas like a sharp stick through a flobber worm, leaving the boy to shiver and wrap his arms closer to his body to keep in his limited body heat. His invisibility cloak lay in the grass next to him, discarded there after Harry had made it safely out onto school grounds. He obviously wasn't supposed to be here, but he didn't care. Harry sat by the bank of the lake, staring out at the reflection of the moon on the dark mass of water; a white pearl in a tar pit. Harry didn't really have a good reason for being out here, unless you counted finding a bit of peace a good reason. Either way, your opinion wouldn't matter. If Filch or, God have mercy, Snape caught him out at a time like this, there'd be hell to pay. Peace just wasn't a priority here at Hogwarts. Safety and learning were.

Harry searched the bank for a good rock. This last year, Voldemort had stepped up his activities. Thus, Hogwarts security had been beefed up. More wards. Aurors patrolling outside the gate. Canceled Hogsmeade visits, and no Quittage.

Harry's hand found a good stone and, with a flick of his wrist, he sent it flying out over the lake. One. Two. Three, four, five. Six skips. Not bad. Still, last Tuesday, he'd gotten eight, and the week before that he'd sworn he'd gotten at least eleven, though it was dark and he may have been wrong. Yes, he'd been out here every day since near the start of the term, skipping rocks and freezing his ass off. Sometimes, it was to vent over a failed test or bad day. Other times it was to laugh and smile about a great day with his friends, a good grade, or a misfortune falling on Draco. Often, it was just habit, something he did every night to relieve the stress of the day. But he held no secrets here. The banks had soaked up his bitter tears of loneliness. The water had soothed his nerves after another dream of Voldemort. The stones had felt his hand wrap around them tightly, shaky with anger at the unfairness of life. The lake knew him like a brother, and he welcomed its consolation.

Harry's hand found another rock. It followed the other one out over the lake, skipping through the waves. Five. It was still a good throw and the rock hadn't been perfectly smooth. For a while after the death of his godfather, Harry had drifted through life. That summer had been hell on Earth. He'd worked like a dog not just because of his aunt and uncle, but because it was something to do. He'd blamed himself for what had happened, and still did, but the summer had been hard on him. Night time was plagued with nightmares filled with guilt and regret. Day break brought chores to do and attempts to try to forget what had happened. It never worked. The start of the term hadn't been much better. His room mates had repeatedly woke him from a nightmare in the middle of the night. At first, it had been looks of concern on their faces, but as the days wore on they turned to glares, annoyance, and want for sleep.

Then, he'd found this place. It had been there all along, just waiting to offer comfort and solitude. Now his life had taken a direction again. Now he slept here, under the curtain of stars to wake at day break. He always hated that he couldn't stay to watch the sun rise, but he had to get back to his dorms before people noticed he'd been gone. Then a hectic day would follow, with him running every which way to get everything done. But now……… Now the night was his. One, two……… three, four. Five again. But the skips had been longer and the stone had made it a ways before it sunk.

Harry leaned back and propped his hands behind his head. His mind drifted around, thinking deep thoughts, or thinking nothing in particular, it didn't matter which. That was the beauty of the lake. It didn't ask him to do either. It had no expectations of him.

Then, the mermaids began singing their lullabies. The melodies washed over Harry like waves, stilling the beast in side his soul that lashed out in hatred at the world. There, under the stars and moon, caressed by the mermaids lullabies, Harry fell asleep, dreaming dreams of peace.


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