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Starring: Jade Sutherland, Kirsty Sutherland, Kane Sutherland, Seb Sutherland, Dani Sutherland, Rhys Sutherland, Max Sutherland, Kit Hunter, Robbie Hunter, Beth Hunter, Scott Hunter, Irene Roberts, Hayley Smith, Tasha Andrews/Russell, Sally Flechter, Flynn Sauders, Leah Patterson, Jesse Macgregor, Alf Stewart, Colleen Smart, Noah Lawson Alex Paulos and VJ Patterson.

Guest Starring: Eloiuse, Brodie Hanson, Nick Smith, Vinnie Patterson, Shelley Sutherland, David, Inspector Carter, Matilda Hunter, Henry Hunter, Dylan Russell and Channa Kansa. **************************************************************************** ******************************************

Legally Beautiful

Summary: Somones tries to sue and send Hayley, Tasha and Jade to jail for been beautiful can they with the other hot babes of the bay and the rest stop her. With Inspector Carter and David on their sides can they convince the world that Been Beautiful is not a crime? Dylan Russell Returns and Tasha find out that Dylan is her brother. **************************************************************************** ******************************************

The Sutherland house was a lot more crowded then it was about a week ago, Seb and Kane slept in Jade and Kirsty bedrooms, Dani, Matilda and Kit slept in the same bedroom. Max, Henry, Eloiuse and Scott slept in the same room, Rhys and Beth slept in their rooms with Shelley sleeping down on the couch Everyone was ether in the kitchen or in the Living room. Then a boy around Dani's age knocked on the door the family turned to see who it was. "Dylan!" Max cried out in surprise "Dylan what you doing back!" Dani asked "I know you aren't really my family but I thought I might visit" he said Jade and Kirsty showed up, "Sorry that I missed your wedding" he said to the twins. "Hey That okay" Jade replied He saw Kane and Seb, "This must be your new husbands" Dylan "Yep sure is" Kirsty replied. "What happened? Weren't you going out with Nick?" Dylan asked Jade "Long story" Jade replied. "It is my imagtion or has this family grow bigger since I last came?" Dylan asked. "Yup we sure have" Dani replied "Beth is married to Rhys, Robbie, Kit, Matilda, Henry and Scott are her children." Dani said "Shelley and Rhys still divorced?" he said "yeah we are but I am living here for a while" Shelley spoke up. "Why don't you come in instead of standing in the doorway" Beth replied "Okay" he said entering then a girl around Dylan age entered the room "Hey Tasha" Max said.

"Hey Max" Tasha replied "Should we tell them?" Max asked the sisters. "I think we should we kept a secret from Tasha before and you saw what happened" Dani said, "What are you talking about?" Tasha and Dylan asked "Dylan, Tasha meet your siblings" Dani said to both of them Tasha and Dylan stared at each other "Tasha, Dylan, Dylan, Tasha" Kirsty said. "Sorry? I am not following you?" Dylan said confused. "Dylan your mother had another child which was Tasha maybe if you went to Flynn he could explain it better" Jade said "I think I will, I will just leave my stuff here" he said not taking his eyes off Tasha. He walked out "Wow I have a brother is he bad?" Kirsty asked "Well he did" Seb quickly covered Max's mouth before he could go on. "No he not he a very good guy, before the confusion that the bay thought Dylan was the Sutherland's brother which he turned not to be, Kirsty and Dylan went out together" Seb said. "Oh" was all Tasha could manage to say. A knocking came to the door "Hello anybody here" a woman around her fifties

"Well yeah like about 50" Kirsty said. "Here I have a letter for you" she said giving a letter to Dani, she gave Tasha and Jade the evil eye for some reason. "Uh thanks" Dani said "My pleasure bye I gotta deliver another letter" she said and then walked out. "Why was she staring at us?" Tasha asked Jade "I don't have a clue" Jade replied. "Maybe you did something wrong" Kane replied "I don't even know that woman" she answered. "That Son of a Bitch!" Dani said harshly to no one. "You right their sis?" Kane asked "Read" Dani replied shoving the paper said him "Okay" he replied. "What? Who the hell does this women think she is!" Kane said in a outburst. The entire family looked to Kane to Dani. "Has she gone yet I am going to give her a piece of my mind!" Kane yelled walking out with the letter "Wait up! Kane I am coming too" Dani yelled she followed him. "Okay what was that about?" Kit asked. "Whatever it was it was obviously had to do with the letter" Beth said. "And has to do with the women who entered" Max replied. "Or maybe Dani went of her rocket" Scott said "Scott Kane went after her so Dani hasn't gone of her rocket it has to do with the letter" Kirsty said.

Dani and Kane returned to the house. "Dani what happened?" Shelley asked as Kirsty said to Kane. "Babe why did you walk out like that?" "Here read" Dani said giving a piece of paper to Kirsty when she finished "Oh my god!" she said in an outrage. "Um hi I don't mean to irrupt" said a voice behind the three outraged teens. Dani turned a boy around 15 was standing their "Hi I am Channa Kansa and I was looking for a caravan" he said "Oh here you go" Shelley said giving him the keys to a caravan. "Number 5 is free" she replied "Thanks good day" he said then he left. Shelley stole the paper from Kirsty "I don't understand this piece of rubbish" Shelley said. Then Max, Henry, Kit, Matilda, Rhys, Scott and Robbie entered hearing the noises. "What going on Shell?" Rhys asked, "Read This!" Shelley said Rhys took the paper when he finished he had the same look that Kane had on. Max stole the paper and read it "Is this even possible?" he asked as Eloiuse also entered the house. "What?" Eloiuse asked Robbie took the paper and read it with his siblings look over his shoulder to read it. "I can't believe that" Robbie said "They can't do that" Henry replied "Since when was it a crime?" Matilda and Scott said at the same time. Eloiuse took it off Robbie and read it. "Please this is just bull" Eloiuse said. Jade and Seb entered "What Bull?" Jade asked as Seb took the paper and read it. "What in the blazing hell is this" Seb yelled louder then anyone else obviously because he was Jade Fiance. "Okay let me look" Jade said taking it. "Somebody wants me sued?" Jade said "You too" said another voice Tasha and Hayley were standing at the doorway. "Yeah" Jade said "How can somebody sue for someone been a hottie?" Henry said. "Should of know she would be at her old tricks again" said a voice behind Hayley Tasha and Hayley stepped inside so everyone could see the person it was the same guy from before. "That my old teacher from primary school, she complains about everything, once she got a teacher sacked for been more beautiful then her" He said. "Has this happened before" Jade asked "No it hasn't" he said, "I actually came down here to start a new life. But she had to wonder down here I don't even know how she knew that you were here let alone hot" Channa said. "It just seem like she comes all the time, I have a good life after I left middle school because I didn't have to deal with her, I mean she is the worst person I have met so far". "I don't get it what her deal" Kirsty asked "She is just an low life idiot who for some reason wants to see hot chicks sent to jail, Mind that she is a teacher a teacher-aid for that matter" he said. "She defiantly doesn't have a life" Kit asked. "If you had a happy life down, wherever why are you here?" Matilda asked. "Because I wanted to get a new one so I came down here, I am from Brisbane" Channa replied. "Oh okay you parents must have been nice to let you do that" she said "Yeah they were." He replied "Hi hate to break you two up but we have serious matters" Dani said. "I think I will let David know we will need a lawyer to settle this, and since he saved Kirsty but even thought didn't win the case for Dani he the best for now" Shelley said.

"Great I already feel like a Criminal" Jade said "Welcome to my world" Dani and Kane both said at the same time they both stared at each. "Wow Dani actually agreed to something with Kane" Kirsty said "Am I missing something?" Channa asked "Long Story" Kane and Dani both once again said again, the two burst out laughing. "But I didn't do anything" Jade said "Hey neither did I" Dani said with a hurt face "Sorry Dani" Jade said quickly "All forgotten" Dani replied. "So do you have a Girlfriend?" Matilda asked "Nope even thought I asked one out before but she rejected me" Channa replied "Aww! I am sorry but hey you will end up lucky soon, I am only 17 and Married to this protective Husband/ Father to be" Jade said "Father?" he asked. "Yeah me, and my twin sister Kirsty, and my brother well really cousin's girlfriend are Pregnant" Jade said. "Were you asking me out" Channa asked Matilda "Maybe, Maybe not" Matilda said teasing, "Yeah okay" Channa said. "You know that usually meant you were asking him out" Hayley said. "What you say I am new you are new I think we make a quite a couple" she replied "Well I suppose so, what about Dinner at" Channa paused "What about the Diner" Jade answered for the two teens "Yeah that tomorrow? At 7" he said "Sure" Matilda said. Unaware that another love bond was building Robbie and Tasha couldn't take their eyes of each other. "What about you Rob? Ask Tasha out?" Scott said catching in the act "Maybe" Robbie said blushing. "I sure would" Tasha replied "Okay Diner at 7" Robbie said "Hey brother pick your own time" Matilda said. "Guys this person made a court time tomorrow on the dot at 12 giving us not a enough time" Dani said looking at the letter again. ***************************************************************

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