Note: this is rated PG13 on the safe side, I don't own anybody here, and be warned if you haven't seen the episodes of when the Sutherlands are stuck in the mine and onwards they may contain spoilers. Note:2 This story is set between after Hayley sees Brodie and Alex kiss and before Hayley smashed her car putting her life and Brodie in danger Note: 3 Warning this chapter is short.

Starring: Jade Sutherland, Kirsty Sutherland, Kane Sutherland, Seb Sutherland, Dani Sutherland, Rhys Sutherland, Max Sutherland, Kit Hunter, Robbie Hunter, Beth Hunter, Scott Hunter, Irene Roberts, Hayley Smith, Tasha Andrews/Russell, Sally Flechter, Flynn Sauders, Leah Patterson, Jesse Macgregor, Alf Stewart, Colleen Smart, Noah Lawson Alex Paulos, VJ Patterson, Matilda Hunter and Henry Hunter

Guest Starring: Eloiuse, Brodie Hanson, Nick Smith, Vinnie Patterson, Shelley Sutherland, David, Inspector Carter, Dylan Russell, Morag Stewart and Channa Kansa, **************************************************************************** ******************************************

Legally Beautiful

Summary: Someone tries to sue and send Hayley, Tasha and Jade to jail for been beautiful can they with the other hot babes of the bay and the rest stop her. With Inspector Carter and David on their sides can they convince the world that Been Beautiful is not a crime? Dylan Russell Returns and Tasha find out that Dylan is her brother. **************************************************************************** ******************************************

10:00am Court Trial 36

It was the next day and everyone was waiting for the Verdict.

"We have reached our verdict" The young blonde women said, the paper was passed up to her "We the Jury find the three girls.." Their was a pause, tension started raising Jade squeezed David hand even thought Rhys was near by she didn't catch the glimpse of hurt on her father, Irene held Tasha and Hayley hands hoping that they were innocent. "Even thought Tasha had hurt me and Jade i find annoying I hope their innocent" Matilda said The entire Sutherland/Hunter family waited, Leah, Jesse, Alf and others were on the edge of their seats, Morag bit her lower lip. "Not Guilty" she said with a smile since she was scared that she might go down with the three girls. Everyone whooped even Morag whooped. Everyone started hugging each other Rhys forgot the little thing with Jade and David and patted his daughter back. He was scared that things wouldn't go right and for while it wasn't but then Channa took the stand and changed everything. "Court is dismissed" Morag said over all the loud voices Maureen and her Lawyer sulked and left the room. Channa walked up to the proud Sutherlands/Hunters and friends, Jade saw him "Hey thanks if you didn't get on the stand we would of lost" Jade said "Well that what I do best" I replied smiling Jade leaned over and gave him a small kiss so did Tasha and Hayley.

"Come on guys we need to go and Celebrate Jade, Hayley and Tasha innocence" Dani yelled everyone cheered and headed towards the Diner where it was set up. Morag came up to Alf "Well for once you did something right" Alf joked Morag swatted him, it was just like the old times when Alf and Morag were little they used play everywhere and Morag used pretend she was a Judge. The Blonde Jury came up to Jade before she got into the car Rhys was driving "Hi I just wanted to say well done, I was afraid I would end up going down just like you would of" she said "Hey no biggie, I hope it never happens again" Jade said "I don't think we will have to worry about that" she replied.

A/N I told you it would be short, did you think it was good? Next story is Saving Dani Sutherland Someone kidnaps Dani and demands 6 million dollars in return, but its Kane that goes out and risk his life to save the girl he raped Bringing Dani and Kane closer then ever as brother and sister but that if they can escape. But their more, Jade tries to visit Josh, Kirsty goes out of her mind that her husband and sister could be dying. Kit and her friend Kelly from Stalker starts a club especially for teens with the same problem like them. Max and Leah goes out to the graveyard where Eloiuse and Vinnie were buried to try and find some clues.