CHAPTER 15 - Part II - Loving

Buffy walked over and flopped down onto the stool next to Willow. Picking up her soda, she took a swallow then looked around at all her friends who were sat at the table. Considering their decision to attend the party at the Bronze was a last minute thing, they'd been reasonably lucky with their costumes.

Xander and Anya had turned up as a doctor and saucy nurse. Naturally, the ex-vengeance demon had wasted no time in telling the rest of them that they would be putting their costumes to good use later that night as well, causing Buffy to wonder if they'd actually had them at home already.

Willow and Tara were cute in their matching clown outfits that consisted of a multicoloured all in one suit, white gloves and over-sized boots. They'd painted their faces with typical 'happy clown' looks and each topped off their garb with a large brightly coloured, curly-haired wig. Green for Willow and blue for Tara.

As for her, well, she'd chosen hers carefully. Mindful of what Angel had told her about what Spike's likes were, she'd kitted herself out accordingly…kind of. Being that she had to make a couple of alterations, her costume was entirely home made so as not to spoil something rented.

Taking another swallow of drink, she sighed and unsuccessfully tried to concentrate on the conversation around her. Although, it was full of banter and laughter, Buffy's mind once again wandered to the one question that seemed to occupy her mind completely…where the hell was Spike!

"He's late," she suddenly complained loudly, effectively ceasing all conversation at the table. Craning her neck to look at the entrance, she added, "Do you think he's going to show?"

All her friends rolled their eyes at each other in amusement. "It's only one minute past eight and for the hundredth time…yes!" Xander replied, his grin belying the snappy tone of his words.

Buffy immediately looked back at him and then glanced around at the others. "Sorry, I guess I'm a bit nervous," she admitted with an apologetic smile.

"We kind of noticed," Willow told her dryly. "What with all the fidgety-ness and stuff."

"I know but I can't help it," the Slayer replied, her eyes darting back to the entrance just in time to see the blond vampire walk in and look around the room. "Oh God, he's here."

Spike spotted her at just about the same moment and sauntered over to the table, his eyes never leaving her. "Hello," he greeted as he came to stop opposite her.

"Hey," she responded with a coy smile.

They stared at each other for a few seconds before he remembered the rest of the gang and reluctantly dragged his gaze away from the blonde vision in front of him to acknowledge the others at the table. "Anya, Harris," he said with a brief nod in their direction. Turning to the other couple also seated at the table, he paused, a small smile tugging at his lips as he took in the witches attires and fuzzy hair before he finally added, "Coco, Buttons."

Willow and Tara rolled their eyes good humouredly and said hello back before Tara stood and grabbed her girlfriends hand. "Come on, Sweetie, let's go and dance."

"With these shoes?" the redhead squeaked in horror as she gestured to her feet.

"Don't worry, we'll go with you and form a circle," Xander promised as he, too, stood. "But no handbags." Taking hold of Anya's hand, he urged her to get up and followed the two women out onto the dance floor and were soon lost amongst the crowd.

"Alone at last," Spike remarked as walked around the table. He was about to sit down on the stool that Willow had just vacated when he got his first good look at her outfit and a purely masculine appreciative smile made its way across his face. "Well, don't you look tempting," he drawled, holding out his hands to her.

"You like?" Buffy asked as she slipped her hands into his and stood up.

"Very much, love," he told her as he took a step back and opened his arms wider to give her body a slow, lingering appraisal from head to toe. Her hair was down with a pair of short red horns adorning her head. Her form fitting top was made of a red stretchy material and had a modest scooped neckline. She'd coupled this with a scarlet pair of impossibly tight, satin look, hot pants. Her bronzed legs were bare and seemed to go on forever until they reached the strappy, red sandals upon her feet.

With a lick of his lips, he lowered her arms and stepped back up to her again. "Feeling a little devilish tonight, pet?" Spike asked in a low voice as he pulled her arms around to encircle his waist, bringing her closer.

"Oh yeah," she responded with a wicked smile. "Definitely."

The vampire grinned then leaned in to capture her lips in a hard kiss. His hands released hers to travel along her arms, up to her shoulders then down her back to her rear where his touch came across something unexpected.

A tail!

The thought of different ways he could use that later had him squeeze her backside hard and pull her even closer against him so that she was left with no doubt whatsoever what effect she was having on him.

"Wanna go to my place?" he asked urgently when they parted so Buffy could draw some air into her starved lungs.

"God, yes!" she gasped, still clutching onto him.

Releasing his grip, Spike eased her back from him and took her hand then turned to the exit. He'd barely taken a step before she halted him. "Wait, I need to get a couple of things first and say goodbye to the guys."

For a moment it looked as though he wasn't going to listen and drag her out anyway, but then he gave her a curt nod and said, "Alright, but make it quick, Slayer. Don't really want our first time to be in the middle of a cemetery, but it will be if I don't have you soon."

Heat immediately suffused her body, his frank words and intense look cranking her own arousal up several notches. Unconsciously, her hand drifted up her side to tug at her neckline in an effort to cool down.

"Buffy," he half moaned, half warned as his tortured gaze followed the movement. "Shift your tail now or we'll be showing your mates a Halloween party trick they'll not soon forget, luv."

Part of her was tempted to push his buttons further, but her rational side finally spoke up and started telling her legs to move. Turning away, she bent over to pick up a paper bag from the floor by the side of her stool. Hearing his sudden harsh intake of breath, she smiled to herself then stayed bent over for a few more moments and wriggled her derriere for good measure. At his pained groan, she decided to stop her teasing and straightened up. Turning back around, she caught a brief glimpse of his game face before his human features slid back in place. "Found it," she said cheerfully as she held up the bag with an unabashed smirk.

"About time," he grumbled, his eyes briefly flicking down her body before he cleared his throat and looked away. "Now, let's find the Scoobies and get the hell out of here."

Chuckling, Buffy nodded and headed out onto the dance floor to locate the rest of the gang. They found them with surprising ease due to the wide berth they given because of the witches feet. Buffy double checked that Willow and Tara were still okay to stay at her house that night for when Dawn returned from Janice's the next morning and then suddenly found herself being forcibly dragged away by an impatient vampire. With a yelled 'goodbye' and quick wave, that the others returned with obvious amusement, she was soon outside and being marched along the sidewalk in double time.

"Caveman, much?" she asked dryly as she tried to extricate her elbow from his unrelenting grip.

"Nope. Demon much," he replied shooting her a grin and a wink.

Shaking her head, she let out a wry chuckle. "Same difference." His answer was to growl low and hasten his pace. "See? I rest my case," Buffy commented glibly and laughed when he growled even louder.

Several, almost running, minutes later, they finally reached his crypt and he threw open the door. Pulling her inside, he kicked the door shut behind them, then, without missing a beat, picked her up and threw her over his left shoulder causing the Slayer to let out a little 'eep' of surprise. Ignoring it, he headed over to the trapdoor that led to the lower chamber and jumped down, holding onto her firmly.

When they reached the bed, she expected him to carry on with the manhandling and dump her unceremoniously onto it. She was therefore surprised when his right hand moved up her thigh, over her bottom then came to a halt on her back. Leaning forward slightly, he then began to slowly slide her down the front of his body…inch by agonising inch, their bodies not once losing any contact. Cool leather, smooth cotton, rough denim and underneath it all was the unyielding hardness of his body. By the time her feet touched the ground, the intense friction had Buffy breathing heavily, her body awash with tingling sensation.

"What happened to impatient and demony?" she asked, trying to calm her breathing.

"Time for that later," Spike murmured as he dipped his head and began planting soft kisses along her neck and up to her ear. "Promised myself I was going to take this nice and slow…and you know how I hate breaking my promises."

Her answer was a sharp intake of breath and the thrust of her body against his as Spike latched onto her earlobe and sucked hard. "God, I want you," he groaned hoarsely when he released her ear and continued his journey along her jawline.

"You've got me, Spike," Buffy whispered just before he claimed her lips in a slow, drugging kiss. Striving to be a close as possible, Buffy tightened her arms around his neck, the paper bag falling unnoticed from her grip to the crypt floor.

As the kiss deepened, Spike's hand slipped under the hem of her top to first run up and then down the heated flesh of her back. The realisation that she wasn't wearing a bra slammed into his brain and straight down to his groin. Moving his hand around to her stomach and up, he pulled his body away from hers slightly in order for him to reach his goal unhindered.

Gently cupping her left breast, he then gave it a slight squeeze, the action eliciting a small moan of pleasure from the woman in his arms. Wanting to hear the noise again, he repeated the action and then lightly brushed his thumb across her hardened nipple. Breaking the kiss with a gasp, Buffy let out a louder groan and pushed her chest more firmly into his hand.

As if he'd just been waiting for some kind of sign from her, Spike removed his hand then grabbed the hem of her top and jerked it up exposing her breasts to his hungry gaze. "Beautiful," he rasped before dipping his head to take one of the dusky tipped mounds into his mouth.

Buffy's eyes closed and her head dropped back as his tongue laved long, slow licks back and forth over her highly sensitised nub while his free hand came up to roughly knead and caress her other breast.

Whirls of sensation spiralled through her body sending a sudden rush of fluid to her core. "Spike," she groaned, tugging at his hair. "No. Stop."

The vampire stiffened and looked up from his ministrations to stare at her in surprised concern. "You…don't want this?" he asked falteringly.

Buffy opened her eyes and, upon seeing his worried features, immediately regretted her choice of words. "Yes, I do," she told him softly. "But I want to feel you. All of you. Without any barriers. So I know it's real."

A relieved smile spread across his face and he gave her a brief kiss. "It is real, Buffy, but if getting naked is the proof you need, I'm not gonna complain."

She laughed then took a step back out of his embrace and stretched her arms up above her head. "Well, what are you waiting for then? Go ahead and prove it."

Eyes briefly flashing gold, he shed his duster and let it fall into a heap on the floor before moving to do as she asked. Informing her that he wanted her to leave the horns on, he then stripped her top off in one fluid movement. Trailing his hands down, he paused to caress her still sensitive chest then moved on to the waistband of her shorts and tugged them open with ease. Sliding his hands around to her sides, he pushed the material down her legs and let out a groan as he saw the red, lace thong she wore. Giving the material a chaste kiss, he then removed her underwear as well.

Buffy looked down at him kneeling at her feet and smiled then toed off her sandals and kicked her shorts away. "Your turn," she told him as she backed up to the bed and sat down on the edge.

Spike stood up. "Aren't you going to help me?" he asked with a twinge of disappointment.

"Uh-uh," she negated with a slight shake of her head as she lifted her legs and shifted further into the middle of the bed. Making a show of stretching out on her side, she then propped herself up on one elbow and looked him up and down. "I'm gonna watch you."

Spike tilted his head and stared back at her, a slow smile forming on his features. Beginning with his boots, he unhurriedly removed each item of his clothing. Keeping his eyes locked on her face, he watched the play of emotions as she avidly followed his every, deliberate move. By the time he'd stepped out of his jeans, she was flushed and breathing heavily, the scent of her arousal hanging in the air surrounding him completely. Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply, her aroma making his already painful erection even harder.

"Come here," she said softly. "Let me touch you."

Opening his eyes, he saw she had moved onto her knees and walked over to the bed then climbed on so he was kneeling next to her. Reaching out, he took hold of her hand and placed it, palm down, against his chest before letting go. She, in turn, took his hand and repeated the action against her own chest.

Slowly, but surely, they began to explore each other's bodies, their tender touches soon becoming firmer and bolder as their desire for each other grew. Urging her back down onto the bed, Spike began his sensory assault on her body in earnest. Stroking and caressing. Licking and probing. Not one part of her body remained untouched as he brought her to completion using his agile fingers and talented tongue. Then, before she'd barely had time to come down, he settled himself between her thighs and entered her for the first time.

Once fully sheathed in her hot, tight embrace, he stilled and looked down at her flushed face. "Love you," he rasped as, of its own volition, his body began to move within her in the age old rhythm.

Buffy grasped the back of his head and brought him down for a long kiss. "Love you too," she gasped as they broke apart, her declaration causing Spike to increase his steady tempo.

Lost in a world of sensation, each powerful surge of Spike's hips, drew moans and murmured words of pleasure from both. Bodies sliding slickly together, Buffy eagerly met his every thrust, urging him to go faster…deeper. Together they climbed higher and higher and it wasn't long before Spike's even movements became more and more erratic as he strived to bring her to release while desperately trying to hold back on his own.

A hitch in her laboured breathing told him she was near and then she was crying out his name and digging her nails deeply into the taut flesh of his back as she fell over the edge for a second time that night. Feeling her release triggered the vampire's own and he surged into her one last time, his head falling back as he let out his own impassioned roar of fulfilment before collapsing onto the satiated body beneath him.

Eyes closed, they came down slowly, enjoying the sensation of still being intimately joined until Spike gave her a soft kiss then reluctantly moved off of her. "Don't want to crush you, pet," he explained as she whimpered out a protest.

Holding out an arm, he smiled as she immediately moved into his embrace. Resting her head on his chest, she laid her arm across his waist and draped a leg over one of his as she let out a long sigh.

"You okay?" he asked, gently stroking her hair.

"Mmm, never been better," she replied, snuggling in closer to him. "You definitely do nice and slow really well."

The vampire chuckled and dropped a kiss on the top of her head. "So do you, love. I can't remember ever having it so good."

"Me either," she answered, her fingers absently tracing patterns over his abdomen and watching in fascination as his member immediately stirred back into life.

"Good," Spike growled under his breath.

Buffy rolled her eyes and lifted her head to grin up at him. "I heard that, Mr. Jealous."

"I'm not jealous…," he denied with a frown, then, at her dubious gaze, he looked away and added a muttered, "…much."

Buffy laughed at his petulant expression and reached out to turn his face towards her. "Look at it this way," she began, moving up to place a light kiss on his lips. "You may not have been first, but you get to be last and, in this case, that's the better place to be, don't you think?"

Despite the lightness of her tone, Spike saw the seriousness of her statement shining in the depths of her eyes. She was saying that this was it. For her, there'd never be another. He was all she wanted from now on. For all time. For good. Forever.

And, she was asking if that was okay with him!

A feeling of pure, unadulterated joy filled his unbeating heart. "Hell, yes!" he replied, grabbing the back of her head and jerking her to him so he could claim her mouth in a sizzling kiss.

"Wow," Buffy gasped when she was forced to break contact in order to breathe. "Guess that means we're going steady, huh?"

"Damn right," he growled then let out a sharp hiss as she suddenly climbed atop him, straddling his waist.

Grabbing his arms, she pinned them over his head and smiled seductively as she ground herself against him. "Wanna celebrate?" she asked huskily.

Spike chuckled and returned the pressure of her groin. "Like you wouldn't believe."

For the rest of the night, they celebrated their love again and again. Sometimes, fast and frantic, other times, slow and tender, sometimes both…but always with a verbal affirmation of their feelings.


Buffy flopped onto her back after their latest session of lovemaking and stretched lazily. "Anya was right, you know?"

Spike looked over at her blankly. "What?"

"Anya," the Slayer repeated turning her head to gaze back at him. "She said that vampires have amazing stamina and can go all night long. She was right. You do."

"Dare I ask how she knows that?" Spike queried with a raised eyebrow.

"From what she said, I think she dated a vampire once."

Spike let out a snort of laughter. "And how did the Whelp take that little slice of interesting news?"

"I think he was too embarrassed by the fact that Anya was giving me sex tips to take it in," Buffy informed him wryly.

Spike chuckled and shook his head. "Like you need any tips," he commented, his gaze raking down her nude body and back again. "One look at you in that outfit tonight and I was practically on my knees begging."

"Who knew dressing up as a soccer mascot would get you so hot?" Buffy remarked flippantly.

"A soccer mascot?" he repeated with a puzzled look.

"Yeah, you know, Manchester United? Red devils?" Sitting up, she turned and leaned over the side of the bed looking for the bag she dropped. Finding it, she opened it up and pulled out a ball and a video tape, turning back to show him. "Look, I even have a replica Manchester United soccer ball and Giles recorded the latest match for you off of satellite."

Spike looked at the video and ball then sat up and took them from her before leaning in to give her a soft kiss. "You did all that for me?" he asked in awe as he pulled back.

"Mainly," she replied with a smile. "There was also the added incentive of getting into your pants."

Spike grinned and shook his head. "You could've just asked, pet."

"Well, I wanted bribes as backup…you know, just in case," she replied with a slight chuckle.

Surprised to hear an underlying nervousness in her laugh, the vampire looked up from his gifts and stared at her averted features with a concerned expression. "Buffy?" he queried gently.

"Hmm?" she murmured, not looking up.

"Everything, okay, love?" He ducked his head to get a better look at her face and was shocked to see a tear rolling down her cheek and dropping onto the sheet below. "Buffy, what's wrong?" he demanded in concern as he reached out to cup her chin and gently coax her head back up. "Did I do something? Say something?"

"No, no, it's not you, it's me," she hastily assured him with a sniff. Wiping the stray tear from her face, she gave him a shaky smile and sighed. "I think everything's just hit me at once, you know? Glory, Dawn, Fen." She shook her head. "Nearly losing you."

"You'll never lose me, Buffy," Spike told her firmly. "Here for good, remember?"

She nodded. "I know. And I know I'm being irrational but…I was just so worried when you left my house. I thought that maybe you'd go back to being all avoidy again but then you turned up and everything was perfect and I guess…I guess…" She paused and gave him another watery smile. "I guess I'm not making any kind of sense."

Spike nodded solemnly. "Didn't understand a bloody word, pet," he deadpanned.

Buffy sniffed and started to laugh. Leaning forward, she flung her arms around him and held on tightly. "God, Spike, just promise me you won't ever leave me," she demanded suddenly.

The vampire wrapped his arms around the Slayer and held her fast. "I promise," he whispered back.

Buffy pulled back to look at him seriously. "And I know how much you hate to break your promises," she said, reciting his words from earlier.

Spike nodded then leaned in to brush his lips against hers. Buffy responded immediately, letting out a soft moan and opening her mouth to deepen the kiss. Succumbing to their desire once more, they made love knowing that whatever happened in the future they would always have each other.



#8. Making Amends


Setting: An alternate reality set after the S5 finale 'The Gift' in which Buffy never dies.

Pairing: B/S. Aren't they all?

Length: Whatever you want, but it'll probably have to be a longer fic to get in all the story requirements.

Basic Plot Elements:

The episode 'The Gift' ends slightly differently. Everything is the same until the point when Buffy kills the Doc. (So, Spike falls off the tower and all that.) However, Buffy manages to stop Dawn from bleeding. (Either she kills Doc before he cuts Dawn, or she has the common sense catch the blood with something so that it doesn't open up the portal.) Anyway you do it, Buffy doesn't die as a result of the final battle with Glory, and she and Dawn and everyone else make it out OK. However, Spike considers himself to have completely failed Buffy because Doc got the best of him. He becomes withdrawn, depressed, drunk... You know, the usual. The catch is that Buffy's just starting to fall in love with him. He won major kudos for helping with the Glory business, and Buffy's starting to see him in a new light and so are her friends. But all her attempts to try to draw Spike into the group and her life fail because Spike's still beating himself up. He's willing to help with the slaying, but he doesn't think he's worthy of the sudden kindness he's been getting. Eventually, Spike's being so hopeless that Buffy calls Angel. In this phone conversation, it must be revealed that a) Buffy's now in love with Spike, and b) Angel's now in love with Cordy. Both Buffy and Angel must accuse each other of being out of their minds for their bizarre choices of love interests. And then they can't help but laugh at themselves for their strangely parallel ridiculous situations. The conversation ends up pleasantly, and Buffy and Angel both agree to get on with their lives already. Angel gives Buffy a particularly juicy tip in wooing Spike. What is it? Why, that's for you to decide, but make it good. Show Buffy winning Spike over, convincing him he did good, all that fun stuff. There need to be more light and funny stories out there. Willow is, under no circumstances, addicted to magical crack or some such nonsense. You might want some sort of Big Bad in this story, but it can't be Willow. Or any of the other Scoobies. Or Angel. If you decide to get this far, don't turn Xander and Anya's wedding into an angst-fest. Giles leaving or staying is up to you.


Either Willow or Tara nursing Spike's wounds while Buffy and Xander rush Dawn and Anya to the hospital. Whichever of the witches (or both) helps Spike eventually becomes his confidante and helps to try to explain to Buffy why Spike's suddenly got such cold feet. There just aren't enough good friendship moments in fics these days. Buffy 'tricking' Spike into a date in imitation of his own behavior back in 'Crush'. Spike is baffled as to whether he's reading too much into the situation or not. Whether he tries to call Buffy on it is up to you. Anya tries to give Buffy seduction tips. She then goes on to praise the sexual prowess of vampires, all in her typically blunt and graphic manner. Xander claims to be traumatized for life by hearing the words 'Spike' and 'sex' in the same sentence. Buffy tells the rest of the Scoobies about Angel and Cordy. They all think it's hilarious and burst out laughing, except Tara who demands clarification on who Cordy is. Tara's conclusion: "One of these days I'm going to have to actually meet these people. Even if it's only to find out why this is so funny." Upon Buffy's decision that she's in love with Spike, Dawn promptly gives her the "See, I told you he was hot!" speech. Extra bonus points for somehow fitting Buffybot in. Add whatever funny scenes you can. Oh, and smut's always nice.