Title: TLC

Author: Snacky

Email: onlinefishin@yahoo.co.uk

Disclaimer: Same as the one in the bed ridden chapters. I don't make any profit from this Fic.

Summary: Jack caught the flu, let email. Sequel to Bed ridden.

Author's note: Well, I was surprise by all the kind feedback.... And how many people who though this should be continued.

This Fic is dedicated to all you good people who were kind enough to feedback!


Date: 10-06-03 12.04.19

From: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Subject: Flu!

To: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net

This is all your fault!! :-(

I'm soooo bored, get on the messenger, you owe me!!

*Hint, hint* There's a new game boy game out that I want.



Date: 10-06-03 10.05.45

From: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Subject: Flu!

To: Daniel Jackson greek_tragedy@fastmail.net

Hey Danny boy, are you coming round later, keep me company?

Anything interesting happen at the base today, am I missing anything?



Date: 10-06-03 10.07.53

From: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Subject: Flu!

To: T'Murry Tmaster@fastmail.net

Hey T,

Got the flu, what's been going on then?

I have some new videos in I bought this week. I'm not going anywhere; do you want to come round to my house?

I got the fridge stacked. You can stay the night, I'm sure you won't catch the flu!



Date: 10-06-03 12.35.21

From: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net

Subject: My fault?!

To: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Dear Sir,

I'm sorry Sir, but to coin a phrase from Cassie 'I owe you naff all!'

The flu has been going around, a number of personnel are off sick, Hazards of working in close contact I guess...

I'll be on messenger later, if not you can ring me.

I'm going to spend the time off catching up on some work that is yet to be done.

Hope you feel well soon,



Date: 10-06-03 13.12.34

From: Daniel Jackson greek_tragedy@fastmail.net

Subject: sure

To: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Hey Jack,

I heard about you being off sick earlier from Sam. Sorry to hear it but I've been needing time off, I'm not ready to get back yet.

I'm having so much fun with these artefacts. I haven't seen anything like them before, It's amazing!

Nothing bad has happened yet! Sam's getting work done and Teal'c is off world helping Bray'tac.


P.S I will come over at about 21.00 for a while to see how your doing. Don't give me the flu!


Date: 10-06-03 13.24.53

From: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Subject: I'm Wounded

To: T'Murry TMaster@fastmail.net

T, You left without saying goodbye!? I'm counting on a good excuse when you get back!



Date: 10-06-03 13.25.32

From: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Subject: RE: sure

To: Daniel Jackson greek_tragedy@fastmail.net

Snooze!!! You lead the most boring life Mr. Jackson, I swear!

I'll try to be awake when you come round.

I'm surprised the base is still standing to be honest.

At least I don't have to do any meetings for a while! - I would do the happy dance but I'd probably just look like a turtle on it's back at the moment.

Anyway, see you later

Bring me a present!


P.S Don't give me the flu! I'll try!


Chat Log Date: 10-06-03 13.27.42

Flu free MajorC@fastmail.net

Colonel knows Best: gonefishin@fastmail.net

Colonel knows Best: Boo!

Flu free: Ah! You scared me!

Colonel knows Best: Careful!

Flu free: How you feeling?

Colonel knows Best: Fine, Just Fine, Dieing very slowly and painfully

Flu free: Trying to get sympathy?

Colonel knows Best: No, Just stating the facts

Flu free: Right

Colonel knows Best: Naff all?!

Flu free: Yes?

Colonel knows Best: What is happening to that girl? Or more importantly, you? I can't believe you used it!

Flu free: You won't be saying that when it becomes your new favourite word

Colonel knows Best: True...why are you online anyway? What happened to all your work?

Flu free: I'm on a break

Colonel knows Best: Are you!!...Slacking off?

Flu free: Don't be silly!

Colonel knows Best: :-D

Flu free: *claps*

Colonel knows Best: I know it's amazing, in just a short few days I've become the simley expert.

Flu free: What does Daniel think?

Colonel knows Best: He's never online anymore, I have a sneaky suspicion he's blocked me.

Flu free: You finally learnt how to black now, have you?

Colonel knows Best: Yes...Did it all on my own!

Flu free: :-D

Colonel knows Best: What?

Flu free: Nothing

Colonel knows Best: No, no... If you want to say some thing, say it

Flu free: How do you know?

Colonel knows Best: Come on, what were you going to put?

Flu free: What a clever boy you are!

Colonel knows Best: !

Flu free: lol

Colonel knows Best: yea yea

Flu free: didn't mean to offend you

Colonel knows Best: not offended! 'Clever boy!' still young

Flu free: lol... now that I have chatted to you does this mean I don't have to email you?

Colonel knows Best: Slacking off!!

Flu free: Fine, I'll email you.

Colonel knows Best: Good, see that you do.

Flu free: I'll do it right now, then I've got work to do, right after lunch of course!

Colonel knows Best: Of course! Wait, you're leaving now?

Flu free: Yes, Bye Sir

Colonel knows Best: But I'm bored

Flu free: Bye!

Colonel knows Best: I'm Ill!

Flu free: BYE!

Colonel knows Best: I order you to stay!!!

Flu free: Bye!!!

Colonel knows Best: I'll ring you!

Flu free: I won't answer

Colonel knows Best: You have to!!!!!!

Flu free: Bye....

------MajorC is Offline------


Date: 10-06-03 13.38.19

From: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net

Subject: Email...

To: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Hi Sir,

Bye Sir,



Date: 10-06-03 13.40.21

From: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Subject: The cheek!

To: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net

When I said Email It implied paragraphs, not post it's!

I'm going to focus all my energy on Daniel now! He's the favourite; You've lost you chance.

When I get back I'm coming for your gadgets!


P.S Email before you go to sleep! The ill get nighty nights


Date: 10-06-03 17.22.11

From: Daniel Jackson

Subject: RE: sure

To: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

To Jack,

Dr. Jackson actually, Remember that.

My work may be boring to you but at least it's better than trying to beat you high score on Pac man...

Much to your surprise I'm bringing you a present, I'll let you guess what it is...


P.S Happy dance? How old are you?

I got a mental image, not a pretty sight jack, I swear, sometimes you scare me!


Date: 10-06-03 22.54.11

From: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net

Subject: Night!

To: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Dear Sir,

Shouldn't Daniel be the one to give you your nighty night now?

E-mail's an email Sir, no matter how long!


P.s Night, night! Hope the bed bugs bite!