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Along Came A Spider

Prologue: PAIN

I lay here in this bed sleeping…dreaming…dying. Not dying in the physical sense, oh, no. My body is still alive, although my arms cannot move no matter how much I try, and my legs…well, I still have yet to learn if I still possess my legs, although I'm quite sure I do. My chest heaves with every effort of breathing, the wound between my lungs sending waves of pain through the nerves in my torso.

I don't feel any of this of course…that is one of the few good points about being in a coma. I just remember that this was how I felt when I had been felled...when I had been defeated…when I had lost everything.

But I am far from physically dead. It would take much more than these minor wounds to kill one such as myself.

Don't misunderstand, though. I am dying. Dying in the most horrible fashion. It is my soul that creeps towards the dark abyss that is death. My soul is what decays as I lay here motionless.

I have lost all hope…all because of him.

He is the one that caused all that my mind and body now suffers through. Our clash of opinions led to it and consequently led to the breaking of this body, but despite this…I still believe…I still know that I am right…that my self-appointed destiny is one of truth.

I knew my choice was, and still is, the right one.

The regret at failing all those I sought to free from their enslavement haunts my dreams as I lay in this numbing sleep, adding more to the pain in my heart.

I swear on my life, despite the helplessness I feel, that when I awaken and am fully healed, I will fulfill me destiny and purge myself of this sadness and pain…even if it means killing him.

For I am Millions Knives and I will release by brethren from the shackles placed upon them by the ignorant humans…and if my 'dear' brother Vash gets in my way once again, I will not hesitate to destroy him.

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