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I Couldn't Possibly Be.....

Chapter Four: What A Hectic Day......

I had a dream during my stay at the Ryou mansion. It was about Yugi and me...

Kind of weird... We were in what appeared to be a small black hole with Jounouchi, Seto, Ryou, as well as everyone else.

We were, okay I was walking down this black hole. Yugi was at my side scared for some reason. He clinged to my jacket with panic written all over his face.

As we walked Jounouchi approached us crying for some reason, blood on his hands. Then...... Then I saw Seto. On the black floor lifeless. Ryou, Bakura, Malik, and Marik.....all of them, dead, not moving. Yugi began to wail, cursing because he did not know what was happening to all his friends. Why they were all dying.

Then I woke up. Yugi was shaking me yelling for me to get up because breakfast was ready.

"Oh, really?" I asked holding my head, and stepping out of bed.

"HAI!" he smiled and dragged me downstairs. Everyone was there including someone whom I haven't even met yet. She had short mouse brown hair and I didn't like the look she gave me when Yugi was latched onto me. I think it's safe to conclude that she likes him..... I think...

I sat down and ate quietly. That was until Marik asked me the most stupid question that made me spit out my rice all over Malik.

"WHAT!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!" I yelled at him with such fury in my voice. I think I might've broken the chopsticks in two.... I probably did. Oops....

Marik repeated himself, "I said, quote, "Did you, Yami, and you, Yugi, get it on last night? It's just a simple question." Marik stated ever so calmly.

"What?!" the girl asked slamming her hands down on the table.

"Don't worry, Anzu. Nothing happened between me and Yami last night." Yugi said sipping on his miso.

"Good. Nothing better happen to my little Yugi-kun." She replied also sipping on her miso.

When she called him her Yugi-kun I felt jealous. VERY JEALOUS! 'Oh no you don't wench.....' I thought and glared in her direction. She smirked back knowing she had gotten me jealous by calling Yugi that.

"I was thinking today that me and Yugi can go to the park. And I was hoping - !" I was cut short when that Anzu girl spoke up.

"To take us right? Sounds like fun. Let's go guys." She said and got up to go to the door.

"WAIT!" I called out, but she was already out the door. "Huh?" I said as I noticed Yugi was missing. 'She is so on my hate list.....' I thought bitterly.

"Ra..... Why did Yugi invite her over here? He knows we can't stand her...... And look at Yami, he can't either. Just look at his face.... HA!" Malik said laughing. "She took Yugi and he didn't even notice it!"

"But Malik, Anzu has Yugi practically wrapped around her little bony finger." Bakura replied.

"If she wasn't so rich I'd give her a poundin'!" Jounouchi said cracking his knuckles. "I just don't want to get sued, ya know?" he said and everyone else nodded their heads saying yes.

I rolled my eyes, "Now I see......" I said and got to clearing the table.

Ryou got up first. "Don't worry Yami. We'll go keep and eye on her. We'll make sure she won't do anything." He said and grabbed Bakura.

"OH NO! I'm NOT going!!!!!" he complained as Ryou dragged him out the door.

I sighed and began to clean up. 'So Anzu is her name, eh?' I thought as I took the dishes into the kitchen. 'I wonder if Yugi has known her for long? Seems like he doesn't even pay any heed to her lovey-dovey crap.'

I shrugged and put the dishes into the dishwasher and started it up. "Might as well go and see what they're up to..." I said aloud and went out after cleaning off the table. Everyone had gone by then to keep Anzu away from my Yugi.


'Did I just think of him as MY Yugi!?!? I must be going crazy right?' I thought and sat down for a quick breather.

After a couple of breaths I stood up and quickly walked out the door, towards the park.

They were all there swinging on the swings and twirling on the merry- go-round. 'Just like little kids.....' I thought and went on a search to finding Yugi, when Malik popped up beside me.

"He's over there by the fountain." Malik said with a serious tone. I jumped back startled. "What the - ? Where'd you come from?" I asked sweatdropping.

"Over there, discreetly, by the merry-go-round." Malik said shifting his shades and his, I think, ear piece. 'Okay, is he trying to play secret agent or something?' I thought.

"NO! I SAID NOT TO DO THAT MARIK!!!!!!!!" Malik all of sudden screamed. I jumped ten feet into the air and came landing down on my head holding my fast beating heart.

"WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?!" I got up and screamed in Malik's ear.

"Marik did something stupid! I TOLD HIM NOT TO!!!!!!!!!! OH MY RA!!!!!!!!!! He's in for it now........" Malik yelled then stormed off.

I sweatdropped once again, but laughed as he tripped trying catch Marik. Then I saw Yugi over by the water fountain, with a look of, "I don't want to be here". Anzu was chatting away about something and Yugi's chin was held up by his palm. He seemed very bored considering he looked like he was about to fall asleep at any moment.

'Okay, time to confront Anzu and tell her to stay away from MY Yugi!' I thought and walked over to them. Yugi immediately perked up. 'Good he misses me.' I thought and smirked down at Anzu. "I need to talk to Yugi....." I said then added, "ALONE." Anzu's face held so much shock and she was about to protest when Yugi said, "SURE!" and jumped right up to my side. "Be right back Anzu!" Yugi said and dragged my off to a remote place of the playground.

He stopped with a halt and turned around to face me. "So? What do you want?" he asked me.

"Well, um, I actually wanted to tell that Anzu girl off." I said as I held my head. I felt a blush creep up my face slowly all around.

"Y – you did? Why in the world w – would you do that?" Yugi managed to stammer out, a blush on his face.

I just shook my head then answered, "Well, because. Yugi I – !" Anzu all of a sudden popped up out of nowhere asking, "Are you guys done yet?" in that oh so sweet friendly voice. Now THAT can give you Goosebumps. 'DAMN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' my mind screamed. 'AND JUST WHEN I WAS GOING TO TELL HIM THAT I LIKED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

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She had that Ra for saken smile on her face and she looked upon me with a need to hunt..... and kill.... Scary. She looked at Yugi then me. I said, "We'll talk later okay Yugi?" I asked then stormed off, but not before flipping Anzu off to where Yugi couldn't see it and only she could. She just glared and did nothing.

Yugi looked bored again from I could see as I left. I just know Anzu is killing him with all her nonsense. I still glared at her as I left them and headed towards were Ryou and Jounouchi were sitting. The monkey bars. Of course they were on top talking, so naturally I climbed up.

"Oh look. We have a guest." Jounouchi said and smiled.

"It would seem so..." Ryou replied also giving me a warm smile.

I smiled back and then asked Ryou a question. "So, how exactly did Yugi become friends with HER?" I pointed over to a half dead Yugi and an Anzu chatting her ugly head off.

I rolled my eyes and Ryou answered, "It's because he was bullied and Anzu stood up for him. It was before any of us really knew him. After that he hung around her like a lost puppy. After a couple of days, she started taking advantage of him. Pushing him around, making him but things for her, stuff like that.

"He really didn't see that she was doing it until it was too late. She had already had him wrapped around her little finger. We came and rescued a little, but not quite. He still thinks he owes a debt to her, ya know?" He sighed and closed his eyes, leaning back.

Jounouchi was the next to speak, "Yeah. First it was me, den Honda, Ryou, Seto, Bakura, Malik, Marik, Otogi, and my sista Serenity. Even after all dese years, he STILL clings ta HER." Jounouchi replied with a cringe. Then he leaned back along with Ryou.

"I see..." I said looking up at the clouds. "He's too kind, if you ask me." I stretched out and laid across the bars.

"Yes, but he wants to be friends with everyone. He also doesn't want to make people angry or sad, am I right, Jounouchi?" Ryou replied and nudging Jounouchi's his elbow.

"Yup, everyone who crosses his path....." Jounouchi sighed then chuckled a bit. "Dat's how we became friends!" His chuckle turned into a laugh in an instant. "He was being nice to me and I was just a brat about da whole situation. I just shoved him down and he kept tryin' to be my friend...... And well, I'm here today!" He had a sad smile on his face. "Don't treat him like I did Yami. I'm warning you. Not being mean or anything...." Jounouchi said throwing his hands up defensively and sweatdropped.

'Believe me Jounouchi.... I won't. He too precious to me than for me to go and do that to him.......' I thought then said, "I won't. Scouts honor." I said with two fingers next to my heart. "Promise."

Later that day Anzu invited herself over and of course Yugi couldn't refuse. She had to room in my bed so I went to Yugi's room. Now THAT got her angry she didn't come out for dinner that night. She stayed cooped up in a tiny room all by her lonesome. 'She deserves it.....' I thought then smirked.

"Yami? What's wrong?" Yugi asked concern upon his face.

"Nothing, nothing. I was just thinking about stuff." I said then smiled down upon him, which in turn made him smile right back. "OKAY!" he said and continued eating.

"Hey Yug, why did you invite Anzu over this morning?" Jounouchi asked right out of the blue causing Seto to nudge him in the stomach. "HEY! What was THAT for??" Jounouchi asked turning to Seto who kept silent. "Because, that was a rude question." Seto answered in a monotone voice.

"Well," Yugi began not even looking at Jounouchi or anyone for that matter when he spoke, "she actually invited herself over. I didn't call her. She called herself and said she was coming over for the day." He finished and began to eat again.

"Why didn't you stop her?" I asked looking down on him with a raised eyebrow.

"She hung up the phone after saying, 'SEE YA!!' so I didn't a chance to." Yugi explained.

"Oh...... I see." Jounouchi said then kept quite for the rest of the meal.

Everyone quickly finished and soon went off for home. Ryou stopped me after everyone else left. He pulled me to the side and told me something very disturbing.

"Watch out..... Anzu could beat Yugi and you may not even realize it. Keep and eye on him." Then he left.

That hit me pretty hard. 'She BEAT him!?!' my mind screamed and I began to get angry. "Okay......" I said even though he was already long gone.

"I'll go and see how Anzu is doing." Yugi said running up stairs towards the "spare bedroom". It wasn't a real bedroom because it was so tiny, but it did hold a bed. That's it. A bed. Not much, eh?

"I'll come as well. Wait for me!" I said, but Yugi was already up the stairs and in the "bedroom".

Once I got there, Anzu was just sitting there, her arms wrapped around her legs. "Come on Anzu, come sleep on the couch. It's a LOT more comfortable than this. BELIEVE me." Yugi said trying to get her to come out.


"Please?" Yugi asked stretching out a hand.

She batted it away, "I SAID NO!" She screamed.

"Do what he says, this is HIS house after all." I finally had to say.

"Fine. Just leave me alone." She said, pushing us out of the way then ran down stairs.

"Feisty little bitch." I said rubbing my butt where I fell.

"It's okay. She's like that sometimes." Yugi said helping me up. "She gets angry a lot. She'll get over it, don't worry." Yugi said reassuring me, but it didn't fool me. After what Ryou told me, nothing could. I will just have to keep and eye on him tonight.

We went to bed shortly after that. I shared a bed with Yugi, our backs were together touching, considering feelings hadn't gotten out, but we both knew.

I fell asleep quickly, speaking no words. Just dreaming. Well, actually I hadn't dreamt anything. Well, I began to hear screams and soon woke up because of it.

They weren't in my dreams, but they were real. They also sounded like Yugi's!

'Oh no Yugi!!!!' my mind screamed. I rushed down stairs and found a horrible sight before me.

Anzu holding boiling water above him pouring it all over his body, burning him. I was stunned for a second then realized this was real. I quickly jumped on Anzu to make her quit and the water spilled everywhere on the floor.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?!?!" I screamed at her. I grabbed Yugi and showed her the burn marks. "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!!!!!" I screamed louder. "GET OUT NOW!" I screamed making her cower.

She said, "He wanted me to." She pointed to Yugi who was crying from the pain. I cradled him in my arms. "I don't believe you." I said in a low angry voice. Get out now bitch." I said even lower.

She quickly scrambled out and I turned towards Yugi. "Yugi, why did you let her do that to you?" I said shaking him.

I stopped when I saw his lips. They were all bloody and swollen, along with his nose and the rest of his body. "Oh my Ra..." I whispered, covering my mouth. "Yugi......." I said and pulled him into my embrace. "Please, tell what she did. Exactly how she did it.

"She came and dragged me – hic – out of bed and – hic – brought me downstairs and – hic – started – hic – beating me!!!" he said and collapsed into another fit of tears. All of the tears dissolving into my night shirt.

"Come on. Let's go get you clean up and get a much needed sleep." I pick him up bridal style and starting walking towards the bathroom.

I set him down on the counter and said, "Yugi please don't EVER let her come over again okay?" I said getting out the necessary supplies.

"Okay Yami......." He said, tears still falling down his cute little face.

"Yugi I need you to take off your shirt so I can wrap you properly." I said and he took it off. That revealed even more scars. I touched them tenderly from behind and he flinched.

"Are these new?" I asked and he shook his head. "I got these from my father about twelve years ago." He answered.

"I see." I said and began to wrap up his arms and neck. "Now be careful about these burn marks. If they start itching don't scratch, and don't unwrap them unless I tell you to. Is that clear?"

He nodded his head. "Good. Now.... Where is that ointment?" I said and went through the medicine bag. "AH! Here it is!" I said holding it up triumphantly. I turned towards Yugi ad his body was shaking. "Yugi..." I said hugging his lightly not to hurt his wounds. "I've been meaning to say this for a while now - !" I began, but was interrupted by him turning around saying, "I love you Yami!!" into my shirt.

"I love you too Aibou....." I said stroking his head as he cried. "Come on... We need to wrap the rest of your wounds." I said and kissed the top of his head.

"Okay!" he said and smiled up at me, tears still falling, but not from sadness, only from pure, sweet, innocent happiness.

I finished healing his cuts and soon we went back to sleep in his bed, only this time............

In each others arms.......


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