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"A Few Words of Warning" by ReggaeShiko-tama

(Yami Yugi writes a letter to Tea while Yugi is asleep)

Dear Tea,

Tea I know. Please do not be shocked or throw away this
letter before reading it through to the end. I am not writing this to
berate or to admire you but to give you a few words of warning. Yugi and I
even though we share the same body are two different people entirely. I am
from an ancient resurrected for reasons still not fully known to me. While
Yugi is a young descendant and despite his great strength and determination
is a little boy with a (hopefully) bright future ahead of him while I am a
spirit who no matter what I do in reality is dead to this world and truly
has no future. I am telling you this to warn you that even though I am
still slightly uncertain as to which one you have feelings for that no
matter what one of us will most likely be hurt. If it is Yugi, go ahead
tell him when you're ready. But Tea, if it is me please, move on with your
life and forget it. I am dead; yes I know that I am in Yugi's mind and when
I speak through him I seem alive. But dear Tea I died a long time ago. You
cannot make a life with a dead person who cannot even remember his past.

Please Tea, read my letter and try to obey it's warning.

But in the end it is your decision. BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. If you
refuse to heed my letter and you don't have feelings for Yugi, be careful
of what you say or when you are OLD AND GREY you will sit sadly wherever
you are and think\say "Why did I not heed Yami Yugi's Letter and followed
his "Few words of Warning".

Yours Sincerely, Yami Yugi.

(Yami Yugi Keep this in a RED envelope in Yugi's Jacket. He has requested
Yugi not to read it and so far Yugi has adhered to his request. And NO he
has not given it to Tea yet.)