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"Miss Ella. Miss Ella Rose! You get that little southern hide of yours off that horse and out of those breeches right now. Ya' here?" cried Mamie at the youngest Perry child. It had been nine years since the mistress had died leaving Mamie to rear the Master's six daughters. When Mrs. Perry had been brought home by the Lord Ella was only seven years old. Though she had her older sisters to look up to Ella never seemed to realize what was expected of her as the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner.

Ella laughed to herself; Mammies pointless cries grew fainter and fainter as she raced across the field on her white thoroughbred Sea Wind. If one was not familiar with the area at the site of Ella and Windy one might think, "what a strapping lad, he will make a fine solider in our Calvary once he is grown." Indeed, with her hair pulled up under a cap, riding astride one could easily mistake her for a boy.

She entered the Hurst estate from the back through the fields. "Aham", Ella called in a voice far deeper than her own. "My my my, if it isn't young Miss. Ella Rose." replied Aham with a smirk on his face. Aham had worked for Ella's daddy before he was sold to Mr. Hurst and was always able to see through Ella's disguises. "How'd you know it was me." she demanded, with the air of a debutante. Laughing Aham replied, "You don't worry about that Miss. The young master is waiting for you by the pond though I believe." "What's this about the young master Aham?" , Ahams niece Mary inquired with a crooked grin. Mary had been Mrs. Perry's personal maid. But once she died Ella's father couldn't bear the sight of her and had sent her to work at the Hurst's along with Ahem. Ella could feel fire rising in her cheeks and with that jumped the fence and raced off to the pond.

Ella's heart did a flip as Joseph's face came into view. She halted Windy and was lifted from her saddle by his strong arms. He took a rose from his pocket, kissed it then brushed it to Ella's lips. "A rose for my rose", he said whimsically.

"I don't understand why you wear that old hat", Joseph said reaching up an twirled a piece of Ella's golden hair that had fallen loose around his finger. "Nothing can hide your beauty." Reaching up he took off her hat letting her wild locks fall loose. He surrendered to temptation and ran his hands through her hair. It was her hair that had first intrigued him. His family sat behind hers during church and he would stare at the base of her neck the whole service, longing to know what it felt like.

They walked around the pond for a time then took a seat on the bank. Ella's head rested lovingly on Joseph's shoulder. All this time Joseph had never removed his hand from her hair. Tilting her chin ever so slightly she could she into the depths of Joseph's eyes. His eyes had the look to them that they only had when he was with her. They seemed to cloud over as though when he saw her she was indeed all he saw and he was oblivious to the rest of the world. "Your coming tonight aren't you?" Ella asked knowing full well the answer. "Of course I'll be there love, but I'd rather keep you here the way you are then see you all dolled up, and uncomfortable at the party tonight." Joseph said. This is what Ella loved about him, he loved her for the way she naturally was. Ella reached up and brushed his cheek with her fingertips. Joseph leaned in and just as they could feel each others breath on there hungry lips they heard something.

"God damn it Ahem, what is it!", Joseph demanded of the field hand. "I'm sorry young master sir, but Mammie just came over and she's fit to tie, you'd better get home before she catches you here Miss. Ella!" Quickly Ella swung up on Windy, "Thank you Ahem!" But before she good gallop off Joseph grabbed her reins and swiftly kissed her. Time seemed to stop just then for Ella, she fought the urge to jump of Windy and kiss him back. She was brought to reality by Ahem yelling at her that she better get going. Ella dashed off, looking back only once to blow a kiss back to Joseph.


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