I don't own Naruto or any of its characters.

Pairings: Naruto x Sakura and others

Info: This story follows after Sasuke left leaf to join Orochimaru. Naruto and gang manage to get him back and I'm taking it from there.


A young shinobi with ocean blue eyes say looking into thee horizon of his village, the sun was setting, giving out beautiful golden rays which made the boys blond hair shine like the halo of an angel.

But to the people of this village the boy was no angel, but a demon, a very powerful one at that. You see 12 years ago A very powerful fox demon called Kyubi no Kitsune attacked the village killing hundreds. The most powerful ninja, the fourth Hokage sealed the demon in a newborn baby. This baby is the boy with golden hair and blue eyes, his name is Uzumaki Naruto.

However this boy is nothing like a demon, he is perhaps the most trustworthy person you can meet. Because he has never known his parents and because the village loathed his existence, he had always tried to do his best to get people to acknowledge him. Now after his chuunin exams, his fight with Garaa and the mission to bring back Sasuke he was getting some recognition, but this was not enough as his own so called friends and mentor did not show him any signs of acknowledgement. The only one who knows or shows him any respect is Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba and Chouji, as they were with him when he went to rescue Sasuke.

But from the shadows a pair of fiery red eyes were watching the Kitsune with sympathy and care. "Soon my friend you not be alone anymore" the figure whispered to himself and disappeared into the shadows just as he appeared.