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Pairings: Naruto x Sakura x Naruto x Hinata x Naruto and others

Info: This story follows after Sasuke left leaf to join Orochimaru. Naruto and gang manage to get him back and I'm taking it from there.

English is not my first language; please inform me if there are any mistakes I'll correct them.

NOTE: in this fic I made it as Shikamaru never passed the chunnin test.


Every present could only stare in shock and awe at Naruto and Gaara after their fight with the sound nins. Everyone was finally starting to understand why Tsunade gave the mission to the 2 genins...if one could call them that. The only ones who had a hard time actually accepting the fact was Chuichi and to a smaller extent Sasuke. He was slowly starting to understand what Naruto was trying to say to him. Power come from hard work and friendship is a form of power.

Chuichi on the on the other hand was pissed that someone who was considered to be dead last back at their academy days was now easily at the level of a jounin level shinobi.

'I can't believe that the dead last could be sp strong...what the hell did he do? Godammit! I'll show everyone that once a dead last, always a dead last." Vowed Chuichi.

"So is everyone ready to leave?" asked Naruto to the rest of the genins.

Everyone just nodded while Chuichi just glared at Naruto. Naruto was oblivious to this but the rest of the genins including Gaara saw this and made the decision to plummel him to the ground if he ever law a finger on Naruto.

Yoheii the journey back to Lord Yoheii's mansion was uneventful except for the question everyone asked Naruto and Gaara about the fight.

One they reached the mansion Lord Yoheii greeted them warmly and told them to stay for dinner before they started their journey back home to Konoha

"So Naruto, Gaara I trust that the mission went well?" asked Lord Yoheii.

"Hell yeah!! We kicked butt, that will show them not to mess with Konoha!" answered an exited Naruto while Gaara just nodded.

"Good, good anyway we'll start eating when Miyuki gets here. She was very exited when I told her the 2 of you were here, and she said she was going to look her best before she came down." Said Lord Yoheii.

The moment Miyuki's name came on Sakura's and Hinata's ears perked up immediately while eying Naruto for his reaction.

"Huh Miyuki-chan is coming here? Alright!!" yelled Naruto happily. Gaara just gave a small smile as an answer.

'Miyuki-chan!!! Naruto how dare you call some girl "chan" other than me!!" thought Sakura and Hinata at the same time.

Soon the dining room entrance opened and a servant announced that miyuki had arrived. Naruto and Gaara immediately stood up and started moving to great miyuki. All the genins stood gaping like fishes as they saw miyuki. And true as Naruto had said she was very beautiful, but what shocked them was that miyuki was in a wheelchair and her legs were not moving as she pushed herself towards Naruto and Gaara.

"Naruto-niichan! Gaara-niichan!" Yelled Miyuki.

Naruto immediately ran towards miyuki and engulfed her in a hug while Gaara stroked her hair and started pushing her wheelchair to the dining table.

Everyone was still staring in shock, as they could not believe that the daughter of Earth country's Lord was in a wheelchair. But the ones who were affected the most with Miyuki's arrival were Sakura and Hinata, as they were jealous of the relationship that Naruto had with Miyuki.

Once everyone was seated Miyuki looked around and studied everyone. She might have been disabled but she was very smart and observant, and she wanted to know what kind of people her 2 brothers had for friends, whether all those present were worthy of being considered her "brothers" friends. And from what she saw, she concluded that all of them except for a select few were able to be considered true friends. But for the select few like Chuichi and his team and Sasuke they might need a little prodding in the right direction.

Miyuki also made a mental note to talk with Sakura, Hinata and Tenten about their feelings for her brothers, Now she could not have her future sisters-in-law hiding their feelings from their loved ones now could she, after all everyone could see that these 3 girls were eying her brothers but the 2 dunces could not see it for themselves.

"Hey everyone this is miyuki! She's the daughter of Yoheii-sama."

Everyone soon introduced themselves and the feast was soon in full swing. After a while the topic of how miyuki came to know about Gaara and Naruto and why she called them her brothers arose.

"Well you see I was born this way and my mother dies giving birth to me. As you can see I have never had the need for anything as my father provided me with everything I could ever need. But even though I had material possessions I never really had the freedom to do anything for my self or had the freedom to even go out on my own. So one day I decided to screw everything and sneak out of the manor to explore the area on my own. I managed to do just that and I was having real fun. But when I was just about ready to go home I was kidnapped by a bunch of missing-nin bandits who were planning to kidnap me for ransom, and by being out there without any protection I had just made it easier for them." Miyuki paused as if trying to push down a memory while Naruto and Gaara immediately went beside her and comforted her.

"Miyuki you don't have to do this." Said Naruto in a voice barely above a whisper.

"It's ok Naruto-niichan I want t do it." Said miyuki reassuring Naruto.

After they caught me I just expected them to ask for some ransom and let me go, but they had other plans. They tried to force themselves on me and I started screaming but before they could do anything Naruto and Gaara-niichan found me. They were in the area for a mission and they heard my screaming so they came to see what was going on. Once they realized what was going one they took action. Naruto-nii managed to carry me away while Gaara-nii stalled the bandits. Once we were in the city limits my father's bodyguards and shinobi's found us and took me to my father. And the moment I was safe that was when I saw how powerful my brother's were they went berserk and killed all the bandits before my father's people could do the job. But that was one hell of a fight, the 2 of them ended up destroying the buildings in the surrounding area. And from that day on I have declared them as my brother's" Explained miyuki with a smile.

'Wow Naruto-kun you're so amazing. I just wish I could tell you how I feel about you. I know Sakura-chan also like s you now, and I know that I won't stand a chance if she tells you how she feel's about you." Hinata thought with a sigh.

'Naruto I'm sorry that I ever doubted your relationship with miyuki. But don't worry I'll make it up to you soon enough." Thought Sakura.

'Gaara-san I knew I made the right choice when I chose you. I used to think that you were just a cold blooded killer but you just proved that I made the perfect choice.' Tenten thought with a blush.

"Chuichi-san can I speak to you for a moment, Sasuke-san you too." Called Miyuki.

The 2 of them immediately followed the wheelchair bound miyuki to the gardens outside.

"Chuichi-san the reason I called you here is to give you a warning. Do not go against my brother. I can promise you that won't live to regret it." Said miyuki with a cold voice.

"What how dare you threaten me. That dead last will never amount to anything and I'm just reminding him of his place. And I'm warning you don't ever threaten me ever agai...Oof!! "Before the words could leave Chuichi's mouth he was pressed down to the ground by 5 jounins belonging to Yoheii-sama.

"Chuichi-san I advise you to never speak that way to my daughter again if you value your life. I can have you killed right now and it would be of little consequence to me or my country. And as for your issues with Naruto I suggest the same thing, I have come to consider Naruto and Gaara as my own and I will not have some no good second rate shinobi punk insult those that I hold dear. If you continue this behavior I will take action and you age can be dammed. I wonder how Konoha and your parents will react to know that you have made the entire earth country your enemy because of your stupidity." Said Yoheii.

Chuichi visibly paled with that statement before he got up and ran away to the rest of his team inside the manor.

Sasuke was wondering as to what miyuki would have to say to him after that little spectacle she just pulled.

"Sasuke-san the reason I called you here is because I know what has been going on in your life. And although you have had it tough it is nothing compare to what both my brothers have been through in their life. So that does not give you a reason to be as pain to everyone around you. Naruto-niichan told me that he offered you his hand in friendship and in training, I suggest you accept it. Do not take the easy way out of everything." With that Sasuke left and she had her servants call the 3 people she needed to talk to the most about her brother.

"Hello Sakura-san, Hinata-san, Tenten-san." She greeted the 3 nervous girls.


Ok some people asked me as to why I was bashing Chuichi's character. Well I just wanted someone new other that Sasuke to bash so I came up with Chuichi. Don't worry he won't be playing a big part in this fic; he is just a crash dummy for the fic. And you most probably won't be seeing him after the exams.