Chapter 11; Why?

'I wonder why I am doing this.' Genki thought as they stopped to let the horses rest after having them run at a quick pace all morning. It was the afternoon and they had stopped at a small lake to get a drink and rest. He stared down at his hands which were wet with water that he had been using to wash the blood from off his skin and clothes. 'I don't understand why...why I have so much hate in my heart...'

"Genki..." Senki stared at his brother worriedly. "Your not acting like yourself at all. Why did you do that? They are...were...your friends, weren't they?"

"They were."

"Then why? Why the past tense?"

Genki sighed, closing his eyes. "I don't want to be hurt again."


"Last time I came hear, I was happy. They were my friends, I thought that we would be together forever...but we weren't." Genki opened his eyes and stared down at his hands which were shaking. "With my own two hands I was forced to combine them, which is rather an equivalent to killing them. No–wiping their very existence out, a fate worst then death. With these own two hands...I destroyed the best friends I ever had."

"But their back! So why....?"

"I don't ever want to do it again!" Genki's voice turned angry as he clenched his shaking hands into trembling fists. "Now that their back...what if I have to kill them again?"

" the reason your so angry at them an defence mechanism to distance yourself so you don't hurt them?"

Genki laughed a little ruefully, and shook his head. "No. Senki, you should know better then that."

"Then why?"

"Once upon a time I loved the monster world. I would spend much of my waking hours thinking about it, and about going there–but now...."


"Now I hate this world—and everyone in it."

Senki stared at his brother a little frightened. "Why would you?"

"Because this whole world betrayed me! Used me!" Genki could feel his anger rising and fought to keep it under control. "I had fought so much, cared so much, shed so many tears for this world and the creatures living on it. I suffered–I killed. I did things and saw things that has left permeant deep scars on my heart and my reward for it all—was to be tossed out as soon as my usefulness was over. The only reason why I was ever brought here was for me to kill my friends, use my energy to combine them into that damn Phoenix. After that–I was no more use and sent away. I was not even allowed to stay even a minute to see the rewards of all those tears, all that suffering, all that slaughter! No....this world got rid of me as soon as 'my job' was done. It did not even give me a choice in coming here...if I had known what I would have to do and what would happen then...I never would of came. I don't want to kill anyone anymore...and I don't want to be used by anyone anymore."

"You blame them....your friends...."

"Yes. I blame Suzo, Tiger, Golem, Hare and Mocchi for leaving me, for making me kill them, and I blame Holly for bringing me into this world in the first place. If she had never unlocked me then..."


"I blame this whole world. This whole world used me....I trusted this world...but it betrayed me. My friends promised that we'd always be together but it was a lie. I don't ever want to be betrayed like that again."

Senki knelt down next to his brother reassuringly, and hugged him. "Don't worry. Even if this world betrays, uses and abandoned us, we'll always have each other. I'll never leave or will I ever betray you."





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