The Guardians

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Chapter 1: Shocking and Horrible Surprises

There was a soft knock on Ginny's bedroom door.

"Come in." she replied. She was trying to focus on finishing her summer assignments early, for her family was leaving for Grimmauld Place in a few days time. She promised her mother she would have most of it, if not all of it done before they departed for the rest of the summer.

"Gin, mum wants you to come downstairs." Ginny looked up from her transfiguration textbook to see a worried looking Ron peering through the slightly open door.

"Ron, what is it?" She asked nervously. "Has something happened; is it Harry?" Ginny tried to keep herself from imaging the worst. The last thing any of them (especially Harry) needed was another tragedy.

"No. Harry's fine, Gin. Just come downstairs, Remus is here; he wants to talk to you about something."

Ginny did not have to be told twice. She knew that if Remus was here, that it was something urgent; otherwise he would just wait until they arrived at headquarters. She silently followed her brother down the creaking staircase to the sitting room where Remus, accompanied by Tonks was sitting with her parents and brothers. As she entered the room, everyone stared at her with identical gazes, one that she could not interpret properly.

"Ginny, why don't you sit down?" Remus Lupin suggested. He looked just as troubled as Ron, but Remus was much better at concealing just how worried he was. Ginny figured this was due to the fact that he had experienced much more grief in his lifetime than most of the people occupying the room.
Ginny peered around the room taking in the expressions of her family. Her mother was crying silently on the sofa and her father was attempting to comfort her; her father wore a grim expression that was mirrored on Fred, George and Ron's faces.
"What's going on?" Ginny asked the room at large, as she took a seat next to Fred.

Everyone turned to Remus, and Mrs. Weasley began sobbing again. Ginny looked at Remus meaningfully, encouraging him to go on; she could no longer bear the silence.

"Well," Remus began, "Professor Dumbledore has informed us of a new prophecy; one by Sybil Trelawney."

Ginny raised her eyebrows in disbelief. "Professor Trelawney? We all know she's a giant fraud…" There was no way, that this was what everyone was so upset about. To believe Trelawney's predictions of all things was ridiculous.

"I thought so too for a very long time, Ginny, but she's made a fair few true predictions in her time." He responded. Every ounce of his tone suggested that he believed it, which was beginning to convince Ginny.

Realization clicked into Ginny's head. "The prophecy in the Department of Mysteries last year…was that one of them?"

Remus nodded his assent, but it was Ron who responded, "Yeah. It said it on the shelf where the prophecy was before Harry picked it up. You must not have seen it." Ginny was still surprised; Trelawney never seemed very credible at her lessons.

She broke the short silence, after absorbing what she had just heard. "So what does this have to do with me?"

"She's made another prediction, quite recently; involving you." Replied Remus, staring gravely at Ginny.

"What is it about, exactly?" Her voice was barely more than a whisper; her heart rate had accelerated to a much more rapid pace than normal.

"Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss the details of the prophecy with you." He sounded apologetic, but Ginny wasn't swayed.

"But you know what it is, don't you?" Ginny pleaded.

"I am only able to tell you that you are not in immediate danger. And there are ways to keep you safe. Which is why I'm here. There is ancient magic that protects Harry whilst he stays at his aunt's house. Harry is undetected by Voldemort and his followers while residing under that roof. You too will be safe there, as long as Harry is still able to call it his home." Remus paused as he surveyed the Weasley family. It occurred to Ginny that this was their first time for them, as well as her, hearing this half of the news. He continued, looking back at Ginny now, "Tomorrow evening, Tonks and I will be back to transport you and your things to Privet Drive. Can you be ready by 7 pm?"

She nodded firmly. "Have you told Harry?" The more important question to ask however, was if Harry's aunt and uncle knew. But she was sure Remus would pick up on that part of the question.

"Yes, and his aunt and uncle have been informed. I'll warn you though; they aren't thrilled, but we were expecting that. We've had a talk with them about how important this is. They are aware that they don't really have a choice."

"Just like with Harry." Ron and Ginny said in unison. She turned to look at her brother; he smiled weakly at her, and she returned it a trifle more enthusiastically. She had to show them that she was strong and that this wasn't as terrifying as it seemed.

Remus regarded the entire Weasley family once more, "We've got to go finish making preparations. We'll see you at seven, tomorrow night." And then added, looking at Ginny one last time, "Try not to worry too much. I know it's a lot to grasp." They all said their goodbyes to Tonks and Remus and with a soft pop from each of them, they apparated out of sight, leaving the room eerily silent.

All eyes were on Ginny. They all seemed to be waiting for her to show any sign of fear, but she refused to. It wasn't that she did feel frightened; she did. Probably more than any of them realized. But she knew that if she was going to leave them the following evening, she had show more of her strength than her weakness.

Her mother broke into a fresh wave of sobs. She seemed to be at a loss for words as she walked across to where her daughter was sitting to envelope her in the signature Molly Weasley hug. Her father, joined in not long after, and gradually Fred, George and Ron did too. Ginny could no longer hold back the huge waves of emotions that were hitting her all at once. She cried silently on her mother's shoulder.

That night Ginny lay in bed unable to fall asleep. She was overwhelmed by everything that she had learned only a few hours before. Her life had changed in an instant without a single warning of what was coming. She felt nervous at the thought of leaving her family for an entire summer, but anxious at the same time to get to Harry's house. Just like the rest of her family, she was worried about him. He had experienced a huge loss only a few weeks before, and now he was locked up in a place he hated more than anything, with people who did not care one bit for him. She hoped that her arrival would lift his spirits at least slightly. He would probably have preferred Ron or Hermione, but in any case, she knew that her presence would be much better than any of the people he was currently with.