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I was a perfectly matched set, they said. Mirror twins, one left-handed, one right. That was when they still thought I was normal.

I spoke in unison and if one body hurt, both cried. They said 'we' were especially close, but would develop separate personalities when 'we' got older. They didn't understand.

I coped with them calling me two different names...the left-handed body was Catherine..the right-handed one Charlotte.

I coped with them referring to me as two separate people.

I could multi-task, so it was okay. It made me feel schizo though.

I only had the one mind after all.

Then, when I was twelve, I learned to move stuff with my mind. My parents freaked. They took both of me to a specialist. After all the poking and prodding the diagnosis was simple: Cathy-body was a mutant.

There was a lot more poking and prodding and analyzing after that. They said Cathy-body'd been a telepath since the beginning, and had bound 'us' up somehow. Made me one instead of two.

The telekinesis was the giveaway, otherwise my folks might have stayed deluded.

There were shrinks after that. Two years of them coaxing and cajoling...they wanted Cathy-body to let Charlie-body's mind go.

They didn't get it either. If there were an extra mind in me, I wouldn't have held it prisoner. It was only me in there.

After that came the mental institution, the drugs, the sessions. But only for Cathy-body.

It was disorienting, having one body there, one body at home, it's a wonder I stayed sane at all.

Worse, my parents insisted on acting as if Charlie-body was all of me and everything was normal. As if I wasn't half-doped up and screaming in my heads.

Then, one night, they gave me something stronger than normal. Cathy-body screamed and writhed and foamed.

I don't remember much of what Charlie-body did that night, but when I was myself again there was blood all over Charlie-body and my parents were dead.

I can't say I regret it. I'm still pretty hazy about it.

Not long after that, they moved Charlie-body to the institution too. They say that the drug caused a temporary split. That Cathy-body really did let Charlie-body's mind go for a little while.

I think they're the crazy ones.

There's only one of me.