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Videl rushed home.  It seemed to take her longer to get there today.  She soared through the air smiling. 

"I am the luckiest woman alive…"  She said to herself in almost a whisper. 

She finally reached Satan city…her home…for now.  She ran up the walkway to her front door and walked in. 

"DADDY!!"  She screamed. 

"What is it sugar beet?"  Hercule came running into the room. 

"Um…"  Videl stopped. 

'How am I going to tell dad?  I'm his little girl.'  Videl smiled. 

"Oh, nothing…uh, just wanted to tell you I'm home that's all."  She laughed nervously. 

"Good, how was Erasa's?"  Her father asked. 

"Oh, great…matter of fact I said I'd call her when I got home." 

With that Videl ran upstairs into her room and began to dial Erasa's number.

"Hello?"  Erasa answered. 

"Hey…"  Videl began.

"Ooohh, Videl!  Tell me!  I want details!  What happened at Gohan's?"  Erasa asked excitedly.

Videl smiled on the other end of the phone.

"Well, nothing much…I'm just GETTING MARRIED!"  Videl screached but immediately lowered her voice.

"AHH!  MARRIED?  REALLY!!  OH Videl!  Congratulations!!"  Erasa screamed on the other end.

"Thanks."  Videl said.

"So, how did that happen?  You just started dating!"  Erasa asked. 

"Well, a lot can happen in a day.  Besides it's not like we're getting married right off.  We're waiting until after school is over."  Videl said.

"You have to tell me, did you two…"  Erasa began.

"NO!  It's me and Gohan…he'd never try anything like that."  Videl explained.

"Well, did anything juicy happen or was it just out of nowhere.  Hey wanna get married because Gohan isn't the type of guy who would just say that you know…he's sweet, and cute and sensitive and shy and…you're not just playing a joke on me are you?"  Erasa asked suddenly.

"No, I'm completely serious.  As for the juicy stuff nothing much."  Videl said sneakily.  She wasn't sure how much to tell Erasa…she was the school gossip after all and she didn't want everyone to be hounding her and Gohan. 

"Erasa, no mentioning this yet ok?  I know how you are but Gohan and I just started dating and the last thing I need is for my dad to find out from a newspaper article that his little girl is getting married."  Videl begged. 

"Sure."  Erasa said disappointedly.

"Thanks."  Videl said.

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