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Last time on Will you marry me?…

"Well, I'm bushed."  Trunks said sitting down on the couch.

"Boy."  Vegeta said curtly.

Trunks groaned and stood up and walked past his father into the G.R.  Vegeta turned and pointed to Goten and he did the same.  He turned to Pan and Uub also as everyone laughed.  Vegeta smirked and walked into the G.R. as well.

Everything was back to normal alright.

Now on Will you marry me?…

The day had finally come.

Gohan was in a spare room at Capsule Corp looking in a mirror fixing his tux.

Goten was sitting behind him smiling at his brother's nervousness.

A knock came to the door and Gohan tilted his head up.

"Come in."  He said making a face and taking off his tie to redue it.

Goku came inside and shook his head.

"Gohan, you're falling to pieces."  Goku laughed.

Gohan turned to his father with a worried expression.

"Dad, you're not helping."  He sighed.

Goten just laughed.

Goku walked up and gave his first son a hug.

"You'll do fine.  You saved the world.  This should be easy."  Goku grinned.

Gohan nodded with a smile.

"Right."  Gohan said determined, turning back to the mirror.

Goku just continued to laugh.

Goten tilted his head.

"Is Videl gonna be my new sister?"  Goten asked happily.

"Yep, kiddo."  Gohan said smiling at his brother. 

Gohan knew that at first Goten didn't like Videl because Gohan and Chi-Chi were the only people he had around and it seemed like Videl was taking away his big brother.  After the flying lessons that seemed to change though and he grew quite fond of the older girl.

Goten smiled.

"Are you gonna kiss her Gohan?"  Goten said making a funny face.

"Yes Goten."  Gohan said rolling his eyes.

"That's gross."  Goten said shaking his head.

"You'll like it one day."  Gohan said smiling.

"No I won't."  Goten said defiantly.

Goku and Gohan both laughed.

In another room Videl was having her hair done by Bulma's mother.

"You look beautiful dear."  Bulma's mother was saying as she began to trail off into her own wedding.

Chi-Chi was standing there crying.

"Chi-Chi?  Maybe you should go check on Gohan."  Bulma said.

"I can't.  He says I'll just fuss over him."  Chi-Chi shrugged.

Videl smiled at her soon to be mother-in-law.

"I thought you said you and Gohan were going to wait to get married?"  Bulma asked.

"We were but…I don't really know what happened…something just changed and we couldn't wait."  Videl said thoughtfully but smiled.

Chi-Chi continued to cry.

Just then a knock was on the door.

"Come in."  All four women said.

#18 opened the door with a smile.

"Nervous?"  She asked.

Videl shrugged and blushed.

#18 smiled and nodded.

"I just wanted to tell you you're father's waiting out in the hall so whenever you're ready he's right there."  #18 said.

Videl nodded and stood up.

"Thank you #18."  Videl said turning to the mirror.

"You look beautiful."  Bulma said admiring the young woman.

"Positively gorgeous."  Chi-Chi said with a smile and tears.

"Ok.  I'm ready."  Videl said.

"Good.  I'll go tell Gohan and we'll get you two married."  #18 said walking out the door.

"C'mon mom.  Let's take our seats."  Bulma said.

Chi-Chi gave Videl one last hug and followed them out.

#18 made it to Gohan's room and knocked on the door.

It was answered by Goten.

"Hey #18!"  He said happily.

He was dressed in a tux and looked very cute.  #18 smiled down at him.

"Hello Goten.  How's your brother holding up?"  #18 asked.

Goten laughed.

"He's a wreck according to my dad."  Goten said as he walked back into the room followed by #18.

"You ready?"  She asked Gohan.

He nodded with a smile.

"Is Videl?"  He asked nervously.

"She's definitally ready."  #18 said smiling.

Gohan grinned.

"Good.  Let's go."  With that they left the room.

The wedding was being held outside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Gohan walked to the front where his father put a hand on his shoulder and sat down next to Chi-Chi.

Gohan sighed nervously looking at all the people.  The music began and out came little Marron as the flower girl throwing pettles on the ground and slowly walking forward. With her was Goten who was naturally chosen for ring barrer looking at all the people with a tiny blush.  As they went people were taking pictures and commenting on how cute they were.

After the maid of honor, Erasa, came out the real wedding music began.  Then Videl and her father, Hercule began to walk down the aisle. 

Gohan and Videl smiled at eachother as she came closer.  Once she reached Gohan her father gave her a kiss and told Gohan to take care of his baby girl.  Then Hercule sat down with Goku and Chi-Chi and watched the rest of the wedding.

"Do you, Gohan Son, take Videl Satan to be your lawfully wedded wife?  To have and to hold through sickness and in health until death do you part?"  Dende asked.

"I do."  Gohan said looking at Videl with loving eyes.

Dende repeated for Videl.

"I do."  She said also taking Gohan's hand.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife…you may kiss the bride."  Dende said happily.

Gohan smiled and kissed Videl.

Everyone cheered and clapped for the happy couple.

"Everyone!  I know present you with…Mr. and Mrs. Son Gohan!"

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