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Warnings: Swearing, plush toy death *cough*, and slight Dark/Dai hints.

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/Dark, calm down!/

//That damned little rabbit's gone too far!//

Seeing as this makes no sense, maybe a little recap will clear things up.

You see, Dark has (or should I say, 'had') this special plush toy that meant a lot to him. It was in the shape of a bird and had this nice smell

to it. However, With did not find the smell very nice, and tore it up. Dark, who found out when Daisuke told him, became furious with the

small white furball. Now back to the angriness of Dark.


//Don't interrupt, Daisuke. This is personal.//

Daisuke transformed into Dark, against Daisuke's will, of course. Dark ignored the protests coming from the younger boy and stomped off,

looking for the rabbit who destroyed his favourite toy. Yes, I also wonder why the kaitou Dark Mousy would have a plush toy.

"With," he called, trying to block out the anger in his voice. "With, can you come here for a minute?"

With poked out his head from behind a chair. "Kyu?"

Dark narrowed his eyes. The anger has returned to his voice. "Don't 'kyu' me, furball."

/Dark, you aren't going to hurt him, are you?/



//I'm lucky Emiko and your grandfather aren't here. Or I'd have some explaining to do.//

/You still will! Dark, don't hurt With!/

Blocking out Daisuke's voice from his mind, Dark advanced on With. The rabbit tilted his head questioningly.

"Kyu?" he said.

"Don't get cute. You annihilated Mr.Osuwari and you shall pay!" Dark growled and made a fist. Daisuke blinked mentally.

/You named a toy Mr.Osuwari?/

//Shut up. I was younger.//

Daisuke held back a giggle. If it was anyone other than Daisuke, Mr.Osuwari would've probably been labeled blackmail.

"Now, without any further interruptions," Dark said while cracking his knuckles. "I will avenge Mr.Osuwari!"

Dark picked up the chair With was behind and tossed it to one side, leaving With wide open. With panicked and ran around wildly, not

noticing he was actually running in circles and not getting any further from the angry kaitou. While running, With jumped, hoping to bounce

away, but instead leaped head first into Dark's head. Daisuke could hear the 'crack' when they collided and through Dark's eyes, could tell

that the rabbit and the kaitou both fell unconscious.


//Yeesh, where am I?//

No answer from Daisuke. This came as a surprise to Dark. Daisuke was one who would usually answer people, unless he felt sad.

//Wait...Could I have killed With!?//

He forced his eyes to open. At first it was blurry, but he blinked to make everything adjust. Everything seemed larger than usual. He

turned his head to a side and the kaitou gasped at what he saw: himself.

//Gah! What am I-hey, I never noticed how good looking I am...//

Picking himself up, the kaitou mentally grumbled to himself at how short he felt. He walked over to 'himself' and poked the other Dark.

//Maybe Daisuke's playing some kind of trick on me.//

When he got impatient when he didn't know what was going on, the phantom theif tried speaking outloud, but to his shock, came out a:


//Ack! What the hell?//

Dark decided that trying to speak wasn't a good idea. He didn't want to go around 'kyu-ing'. That's what the evil furball did.

//Hang on...//

The kaitou hesitantly looked down at his feet.

//Eww, they're huge! And covered in fur...//

He looked at his hand and cringed. At times like this, which there were rarely any of, Dark wished that Daisuke was with him. Maybe the

red head could think of an idea. Or at least explain to him why he said 'kyu', the worst word in Dark's dictionary.

As he heard a groan beside him, Dark turned to see Daisuke, eyes closed, sitting up with a hand on his head.


When Daisuke opened his ruby red eyes, the first thing he was was With, or so it seemed.

"With! Are you okay? I thought Dark would've done something bad to you." the young boy said, relieved that his other half didn't injure

his pet.

Dark looked around.

//Is Daisuke talking to me?//

He looked down at his hands. They weren't human hands anymore.

//Damnit! These are With's paws! That means I'm not me anymore! I'm With!//

"With?" Daisuke said, noticing his pet didn't answer him.

//But if I'm With, that means I'm not sexy anymore!//

Dark felt two hands wrap around him and pick him up.

"With, I'm glad you're okay. I'll make Dark apologize to you later." Daisuke said while winking. He stroked Dark's head and scratched

behind his ears.

//Mmm...More, more...//

Daisuke smiled but it didn't last very long once he saw Dark's body laying before him and 'With'.

"Dark?" he asked in disbeleif.

//Right here! Now do that scratchy thing again.//

Daisuke set With down and crawled over to Dark's body. He checked the kaitou's pulse. It was there, but there was something weird


"Wait. Shouldn't me and Dark share a body?" Daisuke asked himself. He shrugged and gently shook the kaitou's body. "Dark, please get


Pretty purple eyes fluttered open. Their owner sat up and blinked.

"Dark!" Daisuke hugged the kaitou when he saw that he was alive.

"...Kyuuu!" said the purpled haired theif smiling. Dark, who was in the body of a small rabbit, fell over.

//This isn't happening, this isn't happening...//

"Eh? Dark, are you alright?" Daisuke asked the kaitou. 'Kyu' was a word, if you could call it one, that Dark hated. So hearing that come

out of Dark's mouth was a rare thing.

The 'Kyu'-saying-Dark brought up his arms and hands up to his chest, like most rodents do, tilted his head, and said the K-Y-U word again.

At this point, Daisuke was starting to get a little worried. Dark, still fallen over, tried to put the peices together. If he was in With's

body, then who was in the Dark's body?

//That damned With is in my sexy form! He doesn't deserve to be in my body, that vermin!//

Dark got to his paws and bounded up to Daisuke. Without thinking, he went to talk again, but instead of Kyu, something else came out.

"Daisuki!" Dark could not believe he just said that. Daisuke looked down at Dark who was currently thinking about hitting his forehead. It

wouldn't matter if he did. He was in With's body anyway. But in his true body, he would never hit himself. He was too gorgeous to hit.

"With, what is it?" Daisuke asked.

//Stop calling me With. Now, how am I going to explain this to him?//

And then it hit him. Not literally, like he was thinking about doing a few moments ago, but in metaphorical terms. As in, he got the idea. Dark pointed a paw at himself.

"You." Daisuke said. Maybe the rabbit was trying to tell him something. Explanations would be nice, after all the confusion.

Dark wondered how he could show Daisuke his name. He looked at With, who was, in Dark's words, in his sexy body. Dark pointed at With.

"Dark?" asked the red haired boy. The rabbit nodded. "You Dark?" He nodded again. Daisuke put it together in his head. After a moment,

he blurted out: "You're Dark!?"

Daisuke received another nod.

//You finally get it.//

"So, does that mean that," Daisuke looked at the kaitou's body, inhabited by a small rabbit by the name of With. "You're With, aren't


"Kyu? Kyuuu!" cried With as he scratched his head with his foot.

//He's ruining my body! Now I have to beat that rabbit for Mr.Osuwari and my body!//

Daisuke sighed and picked Dark up as he did before. "I have a feeling we're all going to have a hard time fixing this." He started scrating

behind Dark's limb-like ear, obtaining a sound from him. It was between a purr and a whimper.

//Ah screw it! Mmm...feels good...//



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