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"Kyuu kyu kyu kyu kyuu!" With sang. This picture looks rather odd. A 500 year old bishounen singing merrily to himself. Makes you want to burst into laughter.

Daisuke sweat dropped. "It's a good thing nobody's watching," He turned his head down to the bunny in his arms.

"Ne, Dark?" Dark nodded his furry little head. Well, With's furry little head. All was explained last chapter.

"But what are we going to do about this? I have no idea! With won't be of any help. And you can't talk!" Daisuke complained. He slumped back against the wall and sighed. Closing his eyes, Daisuke was about to picture the world as if nothing happened but-


-A gets-annoying-after-a-while voice interrupted. Towa bounced happily into the room with her feather duster in

her hand. She leaned back and forth, as if on sugar or coffee.

"Hello Dai-chan! Emiko and your Jii-chan went shopping! But I stayed home to keep you company! Wasn't that great of me?" She cried hyper-ly. The red- head nodded and stroked Dark's head calmly. Well, everything looked calm next to Towa at the moment. Speaking of Towa, she looked around and saw- guess who-With. Or as Towa saw him, Dark. "Hello Dark~!"

Dark the little bunny wabbit was a bit surprised that Towa didn't notice that Dark was in a separate body than

Daisuke. Okay, separate and wrong. With stood up and blinked cutely.


Dark slapped his forehead. Then 'ow'-ed. Thing is, it came out as 'ow' and not 'kyu'. But it seemed only Daisuke and himself noticed because of Towa's high pitch squeal and With's quiet gagging as Towa practically squeezed the life out of him.

"Daisuki! Daisuki kyu!" With choked as he was given a death-hug. The death- hug stopped as Towa dropped her

feather duster and with a poof, she became a little pink birdie that now flew around the house tweeting.

Dark felt a very, very strong urge to kill With. Even more than when he destroyed Mr.Osuwari. However, Dark in his current body had much less physical power than With, in that current body. Dark was about to throw a temper tantrum when he had an idea. Rubbing his paws together, Dark quietly snickered.

/If With can transform into me, then I should be able to transform into me too!/

Dark's concentration would not be broken. He would concentrate on transforming into the real Dark until he met his goal! ...But may have been interrupted in the process when Daisuke let out a small squeak as he saw the glowing bunny in his arms. He got up and let Dark hop off. Once fully transformed, Dark put his hands on his hips, cocked his head to one side and said,

"Yo, Daisuke!" with a huge grin. "See how smart I am?" Daisuke nodded and hugged Dark.

"I'm glad you're back, Dark!" He chirped. Dark pet him on the head a few times and turned around to With.

"And you, TOY-KILLER. I'm not finished with you yet!" He yelled with a vein on his head. The limbs-for-ears-rabbit poked his tongue out.

"Daisuki! Daisuki! Kyu!" He pointed at Dark cutely. "Tomadachi~!" And he glomped the kaitou. Now being hugged/glomped twice in a short amount of time, Dark got a bit annoyed and gently pushed With off.

"I see you learned a new word, but I do not feel like being hugged by a rabbit that looks like me right now!!" Dark exclaimed as his eye twitched. Panting heavily a few times, he calmed himself down. He sat down on the chair With previously used to hide from. Daisuke also grabbed a chair and sat beside Dark.

"At least With's vocabulary improved." Daisuke said sheepishly. His former pet shrieked the word 'Tomadachi' and jumped on Daisuke, knocking him over in the process. Flailing his arms, Daisuke yelling was muffled by With on top of him. Since With was in Dark's body, he had Dark's strength. So obviously Daisuke wasn't able to get With off of him. Dark sighed and yanked With off of his friend. With whined and sat cross-legged, then pointed at Daisuke.

"Tomadachi! Tomadachi! KYU!" He shrieked needlessly. The red head and the kaitou covered their ears. Towa, noticing the shrieking, flew into the room and saw two Darks. That sent her whack and she flew, also shrieking loudly now. Oi, talk about fan girl!

Daisuke tapped Dark on the shoulder with a free hand, using the other one to cover up an ear still. "Hey, Dark! Let's get out of here before we get deaf!"


Daisuke pulled Dark's ear up to his mouth and said loudly enough for Dark to hear, "Let's get out of here." Dark did the same to Daisuke and replied,

"And go where?" They switched positions again.

"I don't know. Satoshi's house?"

Dark pulled away a short distance. "No way! I don't want to go to Creepy boy's house! Plus that bastard Krad will do anything to kill you and I'm not about to let that happen!"

"Aww, Dark! You're so sweet!" Daisuke chirped, Towa and With still needlessly shrieking in the background.

"I wasn't trying to be!" Dark grabbed Daisuke and placed him on his own back. Daisuke's reply was 'eh?'. "Well we don't share a body right now, so I'm going to have to carry you!"

So with Daisuke on his back, Dark marched off to the door. He opened it by kicking it, and he and the red head on his back headed outside the house- where there weren't any freakishly annoying and loud shrieking people. Well, except for one person that shrieked, probably at seeing a boy on another boy's back. But they stopped soon enough when Dark threw an empty pop can at their head.

Tsk, tsk. Dark, you need anger management.


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