…I wrote this while I was bored in school. It was going around in my head for a while, so I finally got my Happy Bunny notebook and wrote it down. It turned out…kinda good. For a first Saint Seiya fic, I mean. It's based in about the area it was in when I wrote this…Ikki hasn't come back yet, they haven't burned down the coliseum, and they're still looking for the rest of the Gold Cloth. Bear with me…

As a note, I've read the first manga and seen a few (read: two and three fifths) of the original episodes, but most of my info comes from the Knights of the Zodiac dub, so I don't know if I got everyone right…particularly Hyoga and Shiryu…And, although I'm not sure, but I may be using a dub name for the Princess/Athena and some others…Be gentle…-_-…

Disclaimer: I don't own Saint Seiya/K.o.Z, Shun, Sienna/Athena/WHATEVER HER NAME IS! *ahem* However, I do own Auriga…Er, I think…does he show up? *blinks* Eh…I own this guy. And yes, it IS a constellation! *points to constellation book* See see? Either a chariot driver or a shepherd. ^_^ Don't hurt me…please…


Chapter 1: Abduction

Shun coughed roughly a few times, gazing out the window as the helicopter lift up from the mansion grounds. Despite the fact that he felt utterly wretched at the moment, he bitterly wished that he was on it.

He pulled the flannel blanket around his shoulders and made his way back to the bed. The mansion was an awfully quiet place when you were all alone in it, as he was at the moment, and he wasn't sure he liked it.

Wasn't it just his luck to come down with the flu on a day like this? Not only was it gorgeously sunny outside, but they'd gotten word on where the Black Knights could be hiding the rest of the Gold Cloth. It wasn't anywhere near…Somewhere in a large range of caves along the western coast of Sicily.

Despite his cough, naturally he'd wanted to come along and help. Sure, he was tired. Yeah, he was stressed out. Okay, okay, the coughs kinda hurt…But that didn't mean he couldn't help.

That got him double-teamed by Sienna and Seiya. His fellow Knight had insisted that his energy was too weak to fight, that he'd only be putting himself in danger. Sienna had felt his forehead and chastised that anyone with a fever that high had no business going outside, let alone to a damp, dreary place like Sicily. They'd both practically force-fed him cough medicine and made him stay in bed, assuring him that they could handle this problem without him.

Shun lay back against the pillow, an annoyed part of his mind wondering if the reaction would have been the same if it had been Shiryu or Hyoga.

Sienna hadn't gone along with them, of course. But she and Tatsumi had gone to a business meeting in Sapporo and wouldn't be back until late. There weren't many other servants to start out with, and most of their shifts had either ended already or not started yet, so he was the only one in the whole place.

He leaned over to the bed stand and started some music to drown out the silence. He reached down and pulled the covers to his chin, coughing a bit as he listened.

"…It's way too quiet here…" he muttered to himself, closing his eyes. "I'm gonna…go nuts…"

He slipped into a sickness-and-drug-induced sleep. But he only slumbered for about and hour before a deafening BANG!! from downstairs shot him awake.

It took him a moment of blurred vision to dissenter the source of the sound. It was the heavy front doors being thrown open, and now there were unfamiliar shouts and laughs coming from the level below him.

Pulling a blanket around his shoulders to ward off the chills, he slipped out of bed as quietly as he could. He kept low to the ground, creeping out the door and into the hall. Part of the second floor looked over the main hallway, and it was easy to look around the corner and through the banister of the grand staircase.

Below him were about 5 unfamiliar men searching it, clothed in dark outfits and armor. Some would disappear down own hall and come back unsuccessful in whatever they were after, then somebody else would go back where they'd been.

Standing in the open doorway was a tall, thin knight that Shun'd never seen before. His armor was a dark navy blue, and the major part of it was draped around his right shoulder and tied around the waist, like a shepherd's cloak. He held a short whip-like object in one hand, and long, black hair extended from under his helmet.

"Remember, leave as little evidence as possible!" he shouted in a deep, royal-sounding voice. "There's no reason for them to know we've paid a visit…Until they realize the helmet's gone!"

Shun understood well enough now, but there was a small flaw in this guy's plan. The Helmet wasn't in the mansion. Sienna never went anywhere without it, just to make sure the Black Knights couldn't track it down so easily. Not to mention, they still had a Bronze Knight to deal with.

Leaving the blanket on the floor, he slid down the hall to the sitting-room that Sienna would go to sometimes to play the piano. It was also where she kept their cloth boxes.

Three of the four were empty at the moment. Seiya, Shiryu and Hyoga had all worn theirs to Sicily, of course. Shun stopped at the very end, pausing a moment in front of his own box, then pushed off the heavy stone lid.

It only took him a few moments to don the pink armor. The Nebula Chain jingled to life at his touch, greeting him, ready to fight. He gripped it, warding off the cough that was trying to force its way out of his parched throat. Taking a deep breath, he stepped out of the room.

Two of the black-cloaked figures were bounding up the stairs as he came to them. It was almost funny, the looks on their faces as the Chain leapt forward and knocked them head-over-heels down the stairs.

The thin, blue knight shot his head up as two of his servants came tumbling down. He glanced up, where an easily identifiable knight in pink armor stood, silver chains rustling around him.

The dark warrior narrowed his eyes. "What." he snarled. "Are you doing here?"

"Excuse me?" Shun raised an eyebrow, his voice cracking a bit against the soar throat. "I should be asking you that! Who the hell are you?!"

The man smirked, reading the weakness in the boy's voice. The fool…

He began up the stairs, advancing on his opponent. "I suppose I should introduce myself, shouldn't I?" his grin widened. "I am the Knight of Auriga, the chariot driver."

He was now in the Chain's range, and producing enough malice towards their user that they lunged out and attacked him. He snapped his whip twice, killing the momentum in mid-air, then snatched up one end in each hand. Shun gave a startled noise.

"Surprised? Yes, I suppose you would be." he pulled the chain in as he walked up the stairs, shortening the distance between himself and his prey. They crackled with a combination of energy and electricity, but his armor seamed well-warded against such methods. "These chains draw their power from you, correct? But now it seams…you don't have much of it left…"

He gave the chain a sharp pull with all his might, yanking the disorientated Shun head-first down the stairs. Auriga side-stepped his fall, letting him tumble down the staircase and to the floor below him, pulling the weapon out of his hands.

Shun sprawled face-down on the floor, winded a moment. Before he could move to pull himself off, Auriga jumped nimbly off the staircase and struck him in the small of the back. Shun cried out in pain, feeling a rib crack.

"Pathetic." he sneared, stepping to the ground. He cracked his whip in the air, kicking Shun in the chest. "I thought if I ever got a chance to fight one of you I'd at least have a challenge…"

Shun made a low growling noise, pulling himself to his feet. He lunged forward and connected a punch with Auriga's cheek, but the dark Knight just laughed.

"Don't be foolish, boy." he laughed, grabbing Shun's wrist. "I know you're nothing without that chain!"

He roughly yanked the boy's arm behind his back, forcing him to his knees. Shun let out a soft cry, feeling the pressure threaten to snap bone at any moment.

"So…" Auriga snickered in his ear. "Why not tell me where the gold helmet is hidden, hm? I may go easy on you…"

Shun bit his lip, trying to hold a glare on his features. Auriga frowned, pushing his arm higher until you could almost hear the bone crack. "Come on now, talk!"


Auriga glanced up. The five black-clothed fighters he'd brought with him were standing around them in a semi-circle, awaiting his orders.

"The Helmet isn't here, sir." the lead reported. "We've searched everywhere."

"What?" Auriga growled, shoving Andromeda to the floor. The pink-armored knight let out a strangled gasp, but didn't have time to move before the back end of Auriga's whip came down at the base of his neck, leaving him in a crumpled heap. "What do you mean it's no here?!"

"It isn't here, sir. They must have hidden it elsewhere."

Auriga glanced down at Andromeda, now close to strangling him and leaving his friends to find the lifeless corpse. But then he stumbled upon a much more…profitable idea.

"…Well then." he smirked, "Let's get going…Bring the boy."

The lead raised his an eyebrow. "The boy, sir?"

"Yes…" Auriga narrowed his glare at the unconscious pink-armored knight. "I have plans for him…"

~ * ~ * ~

It was two hours later, close to mid-twilight, when Seiya, Shiryu and Hyoga returned from Sicily. They were a bit disheartened at what they had gained from their venture: Nothing. A whole lot of nothing.

"Man, that was a waste of time." Hyoga muttered sourly as they climbed the stairs.

Seiya mumbled in agreement, and even Shiryu had to nod. Seiya paused a moment by the closed door to Shun's room as the other two continued on to put away their cloths. He pulled off his helmet, shook his hair out, and knocked on the door.

"Hey Shun, we're back." he called. "How'ya feelin'? Any better?"

There was no answer. Seiya frowned, knocking a bit louder this time. "Shun? You okay?"

Still no answer. He furled his brow, turning the knob. "I'm coming in." he called, pushing the door open. "Shun?"

The green-haired boy was nowhere to be seen, but the room was a total mess. The bedclothes were mostly on the floor, and the pillows were in distant corners.

"Shun?" Seiya called, taking a step into the room and looking around. "Where are ya? Shun?"

He really wasn't there. Seiya raised a worried eyebrow, following after the other two knights.

"Hey guys." he called when he caught up with them in the sitting room. "Shun's not in his room. You seen him?"

"Nope." Hyoga shrugged, pulling off his right armband to place it in his box. "Haven't seen him. Where's he gone?"

"No idea." Seiya looked a bit perturbed. "He was sick, so he couldn't have gone far…I guess he might have fallen asleep downstairs or something…"

"He didn't." Shiryu was holding his helmet in his hands, his voice steady but worried. He was staring down at the last box on the row. "His cloth…it's gone…"

Seiya and Hyoga snapped their heads around and stared. The familiar Andromeda cloth box was standing open, completely empty.

In a few moments the three of them, still with most of their armor on, were searching through the mansion for any hint of where their friend had gone. But they hadn't been searching for more than fifteen minutes when a panicked voice was heard calling them.


The Pegasus Knight turned. "Princess?" he gasped, seeing the purple-haired girl and her bodyguard running towards him. "You're back already?"

Sienna's hair was windblown, and her eyes were wide in apparent fret. "Where's Shun?" she gasped. "Is he here? Please tell me he's here…"

"We haven't been able to find him." Shiryu appeared out of a door on their right, while Hyoga stuck his head out of one on the left. "Why? What's wrong?"

Tatsumi stepped forward. "This package…" he indicated the large, open box in his arms. "Arrived for the Princess at the corporate building in Sapporo."

The three knights leaned over and looked into the box. Shiryu's eyes widened. "What the…?"

"It can't be!" Seiya gasped.

"The…The Nebula Chain…" Hyoga whispered, lifting out the silver object. "And Shun's helmet!"

Seiya looked up at Sienna. "What's it mean?"

The Princess shook her head, digging inside the box to retrieve one more object. "This tape came with the package." she sighed, holding out the black cassette. "I haven't played it yet…"

With solemn glances, they crossed into the living room in an anxious silence. Sienna slipped it into the VCR and pressed Play.

A navy-armored Knight with long, black hair appeared on the screen, smirking impassively. It was something about the way he held himself, but Seiya just plain didn't like him the moment he saw him.

"Good evening, Gentlemen…Princess…" his smirk widened. "I know you're impatient, so I'll get straight to the point: I want the Gold Helmet."

Hyoga scoffed, but didn't actually say anything. The new Knight continued. "Naturally, I doubt you're willing to part with such a treasure so easily…" now an almost-evil flash appeared in his eyes. "But I think I have something that may change your mind…"

The camera moved to focus on something behind him. Sienna gasped and covered her mouth. Hyoga let out a low sound that was like a growl. Shiryu griped the upholstery of the couch like he was about to jump forward and attack. Seiya's eyes went wide and he jumped to his feet.


To Be Continued…