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Chapter 3: Illness


The gasp that escaped the three Bronze Knights was barely heard over the maniacal laughter of the demented Auriga, and the splash at weights around Shun's ankles dragged him to disappeared under the water.

Auriga turned on his heel, running with the Gold Helmet in hand, his motions mirrored by his only accomplice on the actual island.

"Get back here!" Shiryu exclaimed in the closest thing to rage Seiya'd ever seen in him. In a few seconds time he was giving chase.

Hyoga started towards the edge of the shallow bluff they were on at top speed. "You guys get the Helmet, I'll save Shun!" he called and, with the grace only a Knight could have, dove into the water.

Seiya nodded as Swan dove into the waves. The Pegasus Knight followed after Shiryu, now ready to give Auriga a taste of his Meteor Punch.

Hyoga swam for the place Shun had hit as fast as he could. It couldn't be too deep this near the shore, but Shun could only last without air for about a minute and a half.

He dove down. Shun was so close, only about 4 and a half meters (13.5 ft.) down, the ankle-weight lodged in a sandbank. His eyes were scrunched closed, desperately trying to keep in air, and he was hardly moving.

"Hang on, Shun." Hyoga thought, reaching for the weight.

He focused his energy as he touched the heavy shackles. In a few moments, they were frozen solid and starting to ice the sea around them. A few seconds later and they cracked clean open.

Hyoga grabbed Shun around the waist, hauling him to the surface. As he gulped in a breath, Shun coughed and sputtered in a barely-conscious state.

"I got'cha, kiddo." he muttered. "I got.wha?"

He back paddled quickly to avoid the side of a boat. A rope ladder rolled down the side.

"Hyoga!" a familiar voice shouted down. He looked up. Sienna was leaning over the edge of the ship, Tatsumi behind her. "Hurry, get him up here!"

Hyoga quickly obliged, carefully carrying the smaller boy up on one arm. Tatsumi, following Sienna's orders, pulled Shun on-board, using a small knife to cut the bonds on his wrists. Under the same instructions, he lay the boy out flat on the deck.

Hyoga knelt down and put and ear to Shun's chest. Then he carefully placed his hands on his stomach and struck down.

Shun sputtered a moment, coughing up a spray of water. Hyoga did it twice more before he was sure it was out of his system, then checked his pulse.

Sienna place a hand on Shun's forehead. He had slipped unconscious, and now he was shivering violently.

"Hyoga, get him to his room and out of those wet clothes." she ordered, then glanced behind her. "Tatsumi, get every blanket we can spare. There are chills setting in, I think he's going into shock."

~ * ~ * ~

Seiya was now face-to-face with Auriga. The older Knight had thrown the Helmet to his partner, who was now being chased after by Shiryu, leaving Seiya to face him. He was standing across from him, cracking his whip coolly in symbol for a challenge.

"You know." Seiya cracked his knuckles under his gauntlets. ".If Ikki were around, he'd tear you to pieces for what'cha did to Shun. But since he's not, I'll just hafta do it for him!"

"You're welcome to try." Auriga snickered.

Seiya lunged forward with his Meteor Punches flying. Auriga cracked his whip several times, blocking almost all of them (one got his right shoulder) and a final snap caught Seiya in the chest, throwing him backwards.

He sat up with a slight groan. "Okay.didn't expect that."

Auriga snickered, stretching his whip almost lazily. "There's far more than that in store, boy." he snapped his whip seven times in different directions. Seiya realized just a bit too late that he was tracing the stars of the constellation Auriga and tried to get out of the way.

"Chariot's Whip!" the blue-skinned Knight laughed, his whip flying forward as though it had life in it.

Seiya rolled out of the way, but the rock behind him wasn't so lucky. It split clean in half, dropping to the ground in pieces. The Pegasus Knight pushed himself to his feet, dodging another whip-crack and producing an effective, if sloppy, roundhouse kick to his opponent's head.

Auriga stumbled back under the force of Seiya's cosmos. The Pegasus lunged forward and connected a hard right with his stomach. "That one was from me." he glared, stepping back. "And these are for messin' with Shun!"

The wave of Meteor Punches nearly flew from his body, plowing into Auriga and hurling the blue knight back into the stone edge, which nearly crumbled on top of him. The sheepherder's cloak-like armor was nearly shattered into pieces.

"Seiya!" Shiryu bonded down from the cliff, holding the gold helmet. He observed Auriga with approval, nodding. "Not bad.Guess you didn't need my help."

Seiya looked serious. "We should get back to the ship."

"Not quite." Shiryu glanced at him. "We've got to get Shun's cloth back, first."

~ * ~ * ~

Shiryu and Seiya hurried through the twilight to the boat, each carrying half of the Andromeda cloth and Seiya with the Gold Helmet. Hyoga was waiting there to meet them.

"You got it all back." he nodded approvingly. "And you gave the jerk a couple of knocks for us, right?"

"Where's Shun?" Seiya demanded. "How is he?"

".He's alive." Hyoga muttered, turning. "Come on."

He lead them to the only cabin that had been unoccupied on the trip up. Sienna was pressing a hot pad to Shun's forehead, trying to quell his chills. It wasn't working too well, his shivering was visible form the doorway.

"Shun!" Seiya exclaimed, nearly dropping the half of cloth he carried. They set their loads down and hurried to the bedside.

Sienna looked up at them, pulling another blanket up over his shaking form. "He's unconscious." she said quietly. "Between the shock of near-drowning, and the cold and everything else that's happened to him.I'm afraid whatever he had earlier has at least tripled in strength. It might have even developed into pneumonia, or something even worse."

She stood, brushing off her skirt. "The best we can do now is let him rest and try to keep him warm until the chills break."

~ * ~ * ~

Shun slept through the night and didn't wake in the morning. For that matter, he didn't wake up the next morning, or the one after that. Even after moving him from the boat back to his room, he was out cold for the next four days.

Needless to say, the others were starting to get worried.

".Can't we do anything?" Seiya asked once again, the morning of the fourth day.

Sienna sighed. "His temperature's back down and he's breathing normally again. There's nothing left we can help with. All we can do now is.wait for him to wake up."

They were quiet a moment, until Hyoga gave a very low chuckle. "What's so funny?" Seiya glanced at him.

"Nothin'." the blonde Knight shrugged. "Just a stupid, random thought."

"What kind of thought?" Shiryu pressed on.

Hyoga sighed, glancing to the side. "I was just thinkin'.you know what Ikki would do to us if he really did come back and found out we let Shun die of something stupid like hypothermia?"(1)

"Don't even joke." Seiya snapped.

Hyoga raised his hands in defense. "I told you it was a stupid thought."

"He brings up a good point, though." Shiryu nodded. "What're we gonna do if he never wakes up?"

"If who never wakes up?"

Heads snapped around. Standing in the doorway, a blanket draped over his shoulders, looking tired but happy, was a certain green-haired boy.

"Shun!" everyone in the room rose at once.

"You're.You're alive!" Hyoga exclaimed, sounding pretty lame to his own ears.

"You had us worried sick!" Seiya gasped. He put his hand on Shun's shoulder, as though to make sure he was really real, then reached forward with the other one and tweaked the smaller Knight's nose. (2) "You little twerp!"

Shun laughed a bit. The others around him had to join in after a moment, simply happy things were back to normal.for a while, at least.


(1) Actually, this is what I though when I was writing this.I had to have SOMEBODY say it.^_^

(2) Tweak tweak! I made an OC in my head once that had a habit like that! She called Shun 'squirt' and 'twerp' and tweaked his nose like that. ^_^

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