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Saving Him

Chapter One: The Start of it All


Robin . . . was he the only thing I could think of? I guess so, and I guess that was the reason I was able to bring him out of the dark. Out of Slade's powerful hands, and back to us. I, Starfire of Tamaran, am here to tell of this fight, for it was one of our most important and hardest, and it deserves to be known to everyone. This is when it began, on that dark winter night . . .

 The snow fell softly, and in small amounts onto Jump City. A city protected by a small band of super heroes and heroines known as the Teen Titans. This group consisted of 5 teenagers, who all stayed and lived in a large 'T' shaped building, on a small island just outside of Jump City.

Activity at Titans' Tower was pretty minimal at this late at night; after all, it was about 1 in the morning. If you were looking from outside, all you would be able to see was light shinning from one window, and the movement of shadow like images in another, larger window.

If you looked closer, you would see that the room with the light shining through was the room of the Teen Titan leader, Robin, who was talking to the air around him.

"Another dead end, this is completely useless!"

Robin slammed his fists down onto the table that was littered with different articles. If one was to look closer they would realize these articles all had one thing in common. The name 'Slade' appeared on each.

Robin sighed, glancing at the clock near his untouched bed. Maybe it was time to call it a night.

Pressing the button on the side of the door, it slid open silently as the light from his room flooded into the dimly lit hall. He closed the door behind him and made his way out to the kitchen area, realizing that he was hungry. After skipping out on dinner again, he wasn't all too surprised.

As he neared the living room, kitchen area, he took notice that the TV was on.

'Who would be up this late watching TV?' Robin wondered to himself as he made his way into the room.

Leaning over the couch, he spotted a sea of red hair. 'Starfire!'

"She must have fallen asleep watching the movie." Robin whispered to himself as he gazed down upon her sleeping form.

Suddenly a breeze the floated through the room sent shivers down his spine. Looking around, he spotted a window in the large room that was completely open, exposing the cold night air.

"Who would open a window, especially when its below freezing outside, I highly doubt it was Starfire," Robin muttered as he went to close it, locking it tightly.

On his way back over, he grabbed a blanket that hung over a chair, bringing it over to the couch where Starfire still lay sleeping. Robin quickly unfolded it, placing it gently over top of her thin frame.

"Robin . . ." Starfire muttered softly in her sleep.

'She's dreaming about me' Robin concluded silently as he watched her body moved up and down with every breath. 'She's really worried about me.'

Suddenly, a barely audible sound of footsteps reached Robin's ears as he quickly turned around, walking a few steps foreword.

"Who's There?" Robin demanded, as the footsteps grew closer, then all the sudden stopped.

But as soon as that happened, a familiar, haunting voice reached Robin's ears from his right side.

"Working late again I see Robin."

"Slade," Robin growled as he whipped around.  And there, in all his evil glory, stood Slade, directly in front of the still sleeping Starfire.

"We meet again Robin."

"What do you want?" Robin asked, his voice rising.

"I think you know what I want." Slade replied, his tone patient as always.

Starfire suddenly began to stir as Robin and Slade glanced over at her.

Starfire, unaware of Slade's presence, slowly opened her emerald eyes and glanced around taking quick notice to Slade, who was standing only and arms length away from her.

"Starfire!" Robin yelled as Slade began to grin.

Slade quietly and swiftly pulled out a small needle like object and stabbed it into Starfire's arm.

"Now my dear, back to sleep with you." Slade whispered as Starfire lay back onto the couch, unconscious, but to Robin, it looked like he may have killed her.

"SLADE!" Robin yelled, "What did you do to her?"

"Now Robin, there's no need for you to get all worked up, I've just put her back to sleep, that's all."

Robin growled as he lunged at Slade, who just moved out of the way. Robin stopped short of falling right onto Starfire's unconscious form.

"Robin, you really should be a little more patient." Slade taunted as Robin lunged at him again. Slade just moved aside once again, right in front of Star's body.

"Stay away from her!"

"I see we will have to finish this another time."

"No, we will finish this now!"

"No, you see Robin, I've just obtained my objective." Slade quickly picked up Starfire's body, holding her in his arms.

"WHAT!?!?!?!" Robin's eyes grew wide.

Suddenly, Slade pulled another object from his person. It appeared it be some small of bomb. But as it hit the ground, a bright light filled the room.

When Robin was able to see again, Slade and Starfire were gone, and in the floor was a burned engraving, making it so Robin wouldn't be able to hide it from the other Titans. He quickly read the words allowed


If you ever wish to see your beloved Starfire again, I suggest that you follow the exact directions on the map. I'll be waiting here for you. Come alone, or she will suffer for each person you bring along.


Robin clenched his teeth in anger as he quickly printed the map that was on the TV screen before turning it off. How could he have been such a fool? Slade's objectives were to take Starfire, with the knowledge that Robin would follow his directions, and Robin would have to be alone, meaning no interference from any of the other Titans, unlike at the Tower where he could be teamed up on.

Suddenly, the other 3 Titans burst into the living room, and amazingly, they hadn't heard the commotion earlier. 

"Robin, what happened?" Raven asked as she looked around the room, noticing a few knocked over things.

"Yah, Raven called us out here because she sensed some disturbance." Beast boy added as he also noted the few knocked over items.

"Star, wasn't in her room, do you know where she is Robin?" Cyborg asked.

"Slade." Robin growled.

"What do you mean?" Raven asked.

"Slade, he was who you sensed, he came and took Star, and he left me this little message, that is well . . . now burned into the floor." Robin quickly showed the message to the trio as he brought the map on the huge TV screen once again.

"I can't believe him! How could he go so low as to take Starfire!?" Beast boy yelled, outraged as he finished reading the note.

"Because he wants me." Robin added quietly as the other three turned to look at him.

"Well let me have the honor of blasting him to the next planet!! Cyborg emphasized his point by bringing his sonic arm gun.

"We need to control our emotions," Raven added her wisdom to the trio of boys. "Letting our anger take control is no way of saving Starfire, understand?"

"Yes." The three bowed their heads in defeat, knowing that Raven was 100 percent correct, getting worked up wouldn't solve a thing.

"So, Robin," Robin turned as he heard Beast Boy call his name. "Are you really going to go after Star alone?"

"I'd rather go alone, then risk her being harmed because I brought you guys along."

"We understand, don't we boys." Raven turned to face B.B. and Cyborg who nodded.

"I need to go, now, before Slade has a chance to hurt her." Robin quickly nodded his good-bye and dashed quickly out the door before anyone could protest, holding tight to the printed out map.

"Robin! Wait!" Beast Boy yelled, about to go after him when a hand was placed on his shoulder. Beast Boy turned to see Raven shaking her head signaling for Beast Boy to allow Robin to be alone.

'Hang on Star, I wont let him lay a hand on you.'


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