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Chapter Four: The Price For Being Late and Healing a Wound.

When being said that this 'something' Robin saw could send anyone into rage was a little wrong. But it was enough to send our masked friend into a rage big enough to do some pretty big damage.

Robin's arms dropped limply to his sides as he spotted Starfire lying on the ground, the only above light that was on shone on her limp form. Robin could see blood on her arms and legs, but her face was hidden from view by her long red hair.


Robin raced foreword, almost within a few arms reach before a familiar evil villain stepped between him and his goal.

"Slade, what have you done to her?!"

Robin stood waiting for an answer as an uncomfortable silence fell through the room.

"You were late Robin, and I will not tolerate my new apprentice to be late. She was the one to pay the price for your lateness."

"It's called the weather Slade! And you specified no time in which I had to arrive!"

Robin yelled back, furious at Slade for harming Starfire for something so stupid that had nothing to do with her.

"Yes, I did specify a time, you were just too blind to see it. At the very bottom, it stated that you had approximately 12 hours at the most to arrive here to save your damsel in distress."

Slade responded, patient as always with a smug grin on his face.

'Everything is going just as planned, it's only a matter of time before he will become my apprentice.'

Robin clenched his teeth in anger; Slade was going to pay big time for this, how dare he hurt Starfire for his mistake.

'I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you Star. This whole situation is all my fault.'

A small moan drew both the attention of Slade and Robin the figure lying on the floor.

"Star!" Robin yelled, still mad at the fact that he couldn't reach her, her eyes flickered to his.

"Robin. . . .I knew you'd come for me. . ." She wanted to say more, but she once again returned to the comforting darkness that had a held of her moments before, consuming her pained filled body.

"How touching. It's just too bad that in a matter of time she wont be having you as her protector anymore."

"You can just kiss any thoughts that I would EVER become your apprentice 'goodbye'. I would never willingly become a follower of you."

"But you seem to be forgetting something. I possess that which is most valuable to you, and its not like she's indispensable."

As if on cue, about 20 of Slade's Robots appeared behind both Robin and Starfire, forming a complete circle around the three.

Robin looked around, counting, and thinking of a way to get Starfire and run before something happened to either of the two titans.

Raven and Beast Boy stood on opposite sides of Cyborg, who lay on the table in his room where he slept at night. Cyborg lay face down, and his back plates were open, exposing his metal insides so Raven and Beast Boy could work to fix him.

"All I need is to do is rewire a few things and then I'll be ready to plug him in to reboot him, and that should take just about all night. By then maybe Star and Robin will be back."

Raven said in a tone that was more hopeful than her normal dreary, monotone voice. But as soon as she'd used that more happy voice, the window in Cyborg's room shattered, as Beast Boy jumped back.

"Oh no, not again!"

Raven quickly raced over to Beast Boy. "You're not hurt right." Raven quickly checked Beast Boy over.

"Don't worry so much Raven, I'm fine. But since when did you begin to care?"

Beast Boy asked, curious as to what her response would be.

"What? Is it illegal to make sure that one of my team mates isn't injured because of something I did."

Raven asked as she began to pick up the bigger pieces by hand.

"Raven, why don't you let me do that while you finish fixing Cyborg?" Beast Boy asked as he bent down next to her and also began to pick up the pieces.

"Because it was my fault that the window shattered in the first place."

Raven said as she and Beast Boy both went for the same piece, their hands brushing together slightly. Raven quickly pulled away and blushed lightly.

'Why did I begin to feel this way when my hand brushed against his?'

"RAVEN! Are you ok?"

Beast Boy asked in alarm as Raven looked down and noticed she had been clutching a piece of glass to tightly, causing it to cut open the palm of her hand, making her bleed.

Beast Boy quickly grabbed her hand, causing her nerves to light on fire. "This is pretty deep, you must have really been thinking hard."

"Yah." Raven blushed and quickly looked away.

"You stay here, I'll go get something to bandage that up."

Beast Boy raced out of the room as a green cheetah before Raven could protest. As carefully as she could, she ripped off the bottom of her cloak, wrapping it around her hand.

'I have to finish my work on Cyborg. Besides . . . if Beast Boy touches me again something else may explode, and this time it wont be the window. And I don't want Beast Boy to get hurt. Wait? When did I start to feel this way? When did I begin to care about Beast Boy so much?'

With these questions weighing on her mind, Raven quickly went to work connecting the last few wires before closing Cyborg's metal plates. But as hard as she tried, her hand still throbbed with pain. Finding an outlet, Raven quickly plugged Cyborg in and as soon as she did, systems began to run again, telling Raven she'd fixed him properly and now she would just have to wait till he got up.

'Man, I figured he would be back by now, I hope nothing happened to him.'

Beast Boy quickly came back into the room, looking around for Raven, whom he found cradling her damaged hand where she sat in a chair along the wall.

"Sorry I'm a little late, with your healing powers we never need any of this stuff, and so I forgot where it was."

Beast Boy apologized as he looked at the bloody piece of cloak wrapped around her hand. He quickly raced over and grabbed her hand, pealing off the piece and tossing it to the ground.

"Let me bandage that properly for you."

With that, Beast Boy began to cleanse and bandage the wound with great care.

'This is bad, I don't know how long I can control my powers. This is going to be a long night. Just keep Focused and don't loose control.'

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