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Author's Note : This is an update to correct spelling errors (basically I spelled everyone but Jason's name wrong g>)

Iolaus was hyper with excitement. The cadets had been training very hard for an especially grueling obstacle course test set up by Cheiron. The training had paid off, and every cadet had passed the test. Tonight was a night to celebrate!

Spying Hercules and Jason in the courtyard, Iolaus decided to share the joy. In what could only be called the opposite of a sneak attack, Iolaus whooped a war cry and launched himself at the backs of his two unarmed friends. Herc and Jason quickly glanced at each other, then stepped to the side. Iolaus fell on his face in the space where the two had been a moment before.

Iolaus rolled to his back and grinned at the two boys laughing down at him. Jason offered him an arm up, and Iolaus sprang to his feet. He threw an arm companionably around each of his friend's shoulders and began to gush. "Just think of it. A whole night off, with no duty tomorrow. A dance in town, with

lent-ty of available girls."

Jason got caught up in Iolaus' fantasies. "I intend to find one of those available girls and occupy her time for most of the evening." He said this with a smirk and a wink to his friends.

"Too bad Cyanne isn't here, then even Hercules would be joining in the fun." added Iolaus. Jason jabbed him sharply in the ribs. Iolaus just never knew when to quit when he was ahead. But mentioning Cyanne the Amazon Queen didn't seem to darken Hercules' mood. "I intend to have plenty of fun. I might even ask Kora to dance." The blonde tavern keeper had caught Hercules' eye, and she seemed to admire him back.

"KOR- aaa.." choursed Jason and Iolaus, and the three of them walked off together with much pushing, shoving and general merriment.