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Wednesdays are No Sex days. It sure as hell wasn't my idea, but I'm resigned to the fact. No sex on Wednesdays. Kouji wanted one day a week where we could be regular friends again, "without any pressure to have sex" he'd said. I guess it was a pretty good idea. Considering Kouji's history and the fact that I'd called him a slut and all, the amount of sex we had probably got to him every now and then.

To his surprise, and no one else's, Kouji and I made a great couple. Of course I wasn't using him for sex. Of course I was madly in love with him. We were balanced. We were in harmony. We were too sickeningly involved for our other friends to be around without lots of eye-rolling-a sign of a good relationship if there ever was one. So, like any two members of a good relationship, we both made some compromises. For him, no more boys. For me, no more sex...on Wednesdays.

Sure. No Sex Wednesdays was a great theory. Healthy for Kouji's mind. Healthy for both our bodies. Healthy all around. What's one day when you've got six others?

Unfortunately, out of all the No Sex Wednesdays we'd shared in our time together, every last one of them was a complete and utter failure.

Oh, we tried. Each Wednesday we'd steadfastly go out to a movie, or hang out with our friends, or walk around downtown. We avoided our bedrooms, public bathrooms, private bathrooms, clubs, alleys, our friends' bedrooms, our parents' bedrooms, closets, kitchen tables, laundry rooms, every tempting place we could think of. Desperate to act like straight up pals, or at least like a normal couple, we wouldn't make out at parties-even though we were dying to. We wouldn't hold hands when we walked together-even though it felt against nature itself. He wouldn't even go down on me during the movies (I know, it's heartbreaking). We'd barely touch at all, so scared of triggering ourselves or each other.

Well, when you keep two crazy kids like us bottled up like that, there's only one word for what happens when the movie ends and the friends go home.


By 10:00p.m. on any given No Sex Wednesday, we'd be kissing like it was going out of style. By 10:01p.m. his fingers would fish out a condom from my back pocket. By 10:02 we'd be naked. Then, between 10:03 and the time when we finally collapsed from exhaustion, I'd be the happiest guy on the planet.

I kind of like No Sex Wednesdays.

We'd given up for the night last Wednesday when Kouji said, "Fuck."

"Again?" I asked. We were all snuggled up and drifting in and out of sleep, so this caught me by surprise.

He smiled lazily, "No. It's just that we ruined another No Sex Wednesday."

"Yeah," I said, idly tracing his lips with my finger, "Four times over." Kouji laughed when my finger brushed the ticklish corner of his mouth. He snatched my hand away so I kissed him instead.

He was mine. And the very idea of it made me want to roll around on the floor and giggle like a school girl. Six feet of lean, pale skin. Two huge, sexy eyes. That same lone-wolf attitude I'd loved since we were twelve. And all the black hair I could ever want to drown in. Finally. He. Was. Mine.

"Takuya," he said, " I really love you."

"I bet you told all the guys that," I said, even though my heart was threatening to push its way up my esophagus and out of my mouth.

Kouji ruffled my hair with a smile, "Only when I was pretending they were you."

"Bastard," I whispered, and kissed his dangerous smile.

"Kiss me again," his eyes didn't leave mine. They hadn't for hours. But I'm the same way. It's obscene the way we stare into each other. When his lips are barely parted like that I just want to crawl in his mouth and take him from the inside out. That's reasonable, right?

"I love you, too," I said.

Like a good boy, I did as I was told. My lips and his lips. I've waited years to add us together. Without a thought, my hands pulled him tight to me-that thin body leaving no empty spaces between us. None at all.