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Chapter 5: And Slytherin

"And what would you know about that weasel, your grades are so low you can't even be a prefect anymore." Malfoy sneered as he always did in these kinds of fights.

Ron turned an alarming shade of red, immediately proving to Harry that he had been right about Ron's reaction to losing his prefect status. If the redhead was ready to blow his top because of one comment now, then he must've taken it really bad when he first got the news.

"Maybe so, but at least I'm not a ferret deatheater wannabe." Ron yelled back.

And this would be the point where they draw wands....

Yep he was right, what a surprise.... These fights were becoming really predictable.

"Harry, can't you stop them? This is gonna end badly...." Hermione pleaded.

She had a point. Normally the two of them would stop Ron before the situation got too out of hand, but... "Hermione, you know more curses and hexes than anyone and you're a pretty good dueller, if you want them to stop, stop them, but leave me out of this."

"You're not even going to help Ron? He's you're friend."

Help him? Didn't she mean stop him from listening to his anger instead of reason.... again?

He remembered Ron looking at him with that same look of anger, jealousy and hatred he was giving Malfoy right now. No, he wasn't going to help him, or stop him for that matter. Their hatred was older than their years at Hogwarts and he had been dragged right in the middle of it, mostly because of his fame. Let them fight it out and get punished by themselves for a change. They would probably keep fighting with each other for the rest of their lives, just like their fathers.

He was so tired of fighting.

"I'm not gonna involve myself in their family feud, especially not now that Malfoy and I have a truce, well... sort of... But we have to sleep in the same room for the next three months and I'm not going to ruin our agreement now."

"You'll still have to sleep with Ron for almost two years." Hermione snapped at him. "Malfoy probably knows all kinds of dark spells, Ron could get really hurt."

"Malfoy probably does know dangerous spells, but that doesn't mean he'll use them now, and Ron...."

Hermione made a growl like sound in frustration. "I can't believe you. Of course he'll use them, he's a Slytherin, he'll use any advantage he can get."

"As I wanted to say before you interrupted me," Harry glared at her in annoyance. "Ron had an outstanding in practical defense, just like us, he'll know what spells to use to defend himself."

"If he remembers them in his anger." She snapped back.

"That's his problem. If he doesn't, maybe he'll learn something out of it, like keeping his temper in check."

She actually had the nerve to gape at him in shock and make him feel a little guilty at his words, even if he knew them to be the truth.

"Look, Ron wants to fight in the war after school and if he keeps reacting this way it's going to get him killed. He won't be able to afford to lose his temper on a battle field, especially not if it means he'll forget everything he has learned." How could he make her understand? For everything she had been through, for everything she knew, she had no understanding of what a real war was like, of how definite death was. "No more schoolboy fights which can be easily fixed by the nurse, no more detentions or points taken. It'll be serious and he'll die."

He felt a cold hand clamp around his heart as he realised that everyone who was now staring at the exchange of insults between two schoolboys would be sucked into this war the moment they left the school, if not sooner, and it didn't matter on which side they would be or if they had chosen to stay impartial, most of them would not survive. 

Hermione was still looking at him strangely. Maybe he had been a bit too cold? Did he have the right to take the last moments of childhood from them, just to make them see that in the future it wouldn't be a game anymore?

Those questions didn't matter anymore as Malfoy fired off the first spell, a rictusempra. The tickling charm was most likely just meant to embarrass, but as it speeded at Ron in the form of silver light the redhead put up a shield.

Harry heard Hermione sigh in relief, but the respite didn't last long as the shield wavered and disappeared, and Ron fell on the ground twitching, the teen had even dropped his wand.

Two seconds later the fight was over and a triumphant looking Malfoy stood over Ron, who was now in a full body bind. "Tsk, tsk, weasel, you're too easy, no challenge at all. Now lets see what you look like covered in warts, shall we."

Malfoy pointed his wand, but Hermione had already raised hers. "Expelliarmus!" The Slytherin's wand flew into her hand and the blond himself fell backwards.

Before Hermione could unfreeze Ron, she was already under wand point by Parkinson and Goyle, leaving Crabbe to help up Malfoy. To Harry's surprise, instead of indeed unfreezing Ron like she had planned, Hermione pointed her wand right back at them.

Still Harry didn't do anything. He knew he should help Hermione, but he also knew that it would make the situation much worse if he interfered now. It would end with a full battle between two sides, a lot of hurt people and many points taken.

But he wouldn't walk away either. He saw only one solution, it would be a blow to his pride and probably make him look like a coward, to both sides, but he didn't care anymore, it was better than the alternative.

He flicked his right wrist to make his wand shoot into his hand, causing more people to point theirs at him and he saw most of the DA members draw their own wands to back him up if needed.

"Finite incantatem." He said as he waved his wand at Ron. He picked up the fallen wand and waited for the Gryffindor to stand up before giving it back. Of course it was immediately pointed at Malfoy and the other Slytherins.

Harry looked at his classmates standing around him in a circle. Two sides with their wands drawn and the spectators.

He raised his wand....

And put it back in its holster as he turned around and made his way out of the middle of group of stunned looking teens, feeling very grateful that they moved out of his way.

"Harry!" Ron yelled after him. "What are you doing?"

"Well, what do you know, the golden boy is a coward." Malfoy jeered at him.

Harry snorted at them both as he turned back, but not in humour. He had really, really had enough of this. "I won't be a part of his pathetic skirmish between the two of you. Grow up!"

With that he turned around once more and left the cafeteria to go back to his dorm.

He couldn't help but think that had this been a real battle in a real war, every single one of them would've been death. Not just the instigators or the ones who joined in, but also the spectators.

At least now he knew what to change in the DA. Until now they had just practised spells and that had gone very well, but none of them knew anything about a real battle. He wasn't just talking about the use of such childish spells either.

Ron's shield had been worthless because of his lack of focus, again the redhead had let his anger rule him. Hermione should've revived Ron immediately, not let herself get distracted, and what was up with her disarming spell? It had barely pushed Malfoy to the ground, even if she had taken his wand. As for the rest of the DA, they knew better than to cause such a small fight to evolve into an all out battle.

Malfoy had done very poorly too, even if he had won, the Slytherin hadn't paid attention to his surroundings at all, letting Hermione disarm him easily with an almost powerless spell.

Now he snorted at himself. What was he doing?

Of course they didn't know how to fight in a real battle and of course they used childish spells. They were still children, all of them.

They hadn't had training by Mad-Eye Moody and Dumbledore for a month. They hadn't had 'Constant Vigilance' drilled into them every time they had done something wrong. They had been on nice vacations to far away lands, just like they should have been.

The old retired auror was really starting to rub off on him with his paranoia if he was starting to think like this, but it had been worth it. For the first time since he had learned that Voldemort was after him, and especially since he had learned that the final battle would almost certainly be between himself and the Dark Lord, he had a feeling that maybe, just maybe, he would be able to make a small difference in the future.

Even if he wouldn't dare to get his hopes up, wouldn't dare to believe he could possibly survive, he would do anything, absolutely anything, in his power to take Voldemort with him when he died.

He hadn't been a child for a long time now, the summer had made that very clear, and he would do anything in his power to make sure that others could still enjoy their childhood, even if it meant pushing his friends away even more because otherwise they would just get dragged along with him again.

He would protect them any way he could and no one else would die or suffer because of him.

That thought made him feel both like a load had fallen of his shoulders and incredibly sad for some reason, of course there was the ever present wave of guilt too.

And it was that familiar feeling that made him speed up as he walked to the dorm, already fingering the small knife in his back pocket.


"Harry?" Hermione started, interrupting his reading as she sat down across from him at the table. "What happened yesterday? I mean, normally you would have blown up at Malfoy or at least have stood up to him."

"Maybe, but that would've started a big fight and you know it."

"I don't like you like this." Harry glared at her when she said this. She had that thoughtful look on her face that told him she was trying to make sense of something, most likely him. "Last year your temper got you in a lot of trouble and I'm glad you've gotten it under control, but now.... You've become so cold. You hardly talk to us anymore, hell I hardly see you anymore. You don't join when the others are playing football...."

"I've changed and if you don't like it.... tough luck." He interrupted her preaching, before going back to his book, ignoring her.

"Yes, you certainly have." She said, her voice so low he had barely understood it. He didn't respond this time, instead focussing on the text in front of him.

There was an uncomfortable pause and Hermione picked up her own books. Both were trying to work despite the tension, but Hermione apparently was too wired to read.

"Is that charms?" She asked, breaking his concentration again. "You should really be working on your muggle classes. They start in only a few days and I've hardly seen you work on them at all. You do realise that if you don't get a passing grade here you'll have to go through this all over again next year and probably repeat your seventh year because you failed your N.E.W.T.s."

Harry glared at her over the top of his book. Even when he was actually working she found something to rag on him about. "I know that."

"Then why aren't you working on the assignments for those classes?" She scolded him.

He sighed, irritated, and lowered his book. "Because I already finished them."

"You did?" She looked astonished. "Wow, I'm impressed."

Harry gave her a tight smile. For a second there he thought she wouldn't believe him and would continue nagging.

"Harry, why have you been so distant lately?" She asked softly. "Is this because we couldn't spend the summer with you? We apologized for that, I mean, I was on vacation with my parents and Ron and Ginny were in Egypt with their brothers and with you not being allowed to leave the house..."

"I know and I'm not mad about that." He cut in to stop her babbling. "I just want to be left alone. I don't want to talk about my emotions or listen to you telling me what I should or shouldn't do." He knew he was being harsh, but it was the truth and he tried very hard to keep his tone as soft as he could.

"Is that why you volunteered to share a room with the Slytherins?"

He looked up at her face and he knew he had hurt her, but the thing was... She hurt him too, every time she asked him how he felt, every time she wanted to know about his nightmares, every time they talked. But he would not lie, not to her. She had stood by him even more than Ron and had at least tried to understand him. He just couldn't talk to anyone right now and least of all her, because she knew exactly what to ask to get the strongest reaction.

So he answered, truthfully. "Yes."

"You can't close yourself off like this, you need to talk to people. Talk about You-Know-Who, the coming war... Sirius...."

He immediately locked himself down again, not allowing the emotions that her words called up to surface. "I'll talk when I feel like it."

At that moment he spotted Dung and he remembered he still hadn't asked for those cigarettes and with all the stress of his studies and friends he could sure use some. It was also the perfect way to get away from Hermione and her questions.

"We'll talk later Hermione, right now I need to ask Fletcher something." He said quickly, stuffing his books in his bag and making his way towards the raggedy looking wizard, who was actually looking better than normal. He figured it was the lack of drink, because the man didn't have his usual blood shot eyes and didn't smell like a liquor store.

"Hey Dung," He glanced around to check if anyone could hear him. "that offer still standing?"

"Hmm, the one about playin' supplier? Sure, what do you need?" Mundungus said in an equally soft tone pointed his wand to his black pipe, muttering an 'inflamare' to light it.

"Think you can get me some cigarettes? I took enough money with me, so I can pay you back immediately."

"You smoke?" For a second the ginger haired man looked surprised and Harry instantly regretted asking for it, the man would probably tell on him and when Remus found out..... "Don't worry, won't tell a soul. 'ow many do you want? I can get some to you about once a week or so."

"Two packets should be more than enough. You won't tell Remus, will you?" Harry asked worriedly.

"Nah, like I said, won't tell a soul. You already 'ave enough people messin' with your life."

Harry smiled brightly. "Thanks Dung, you don't know how much it means to me to hear someone say that."

"Your welcome 'arry and try to stay out of trouble this year, hmm."

"I will." He picked up his bag and went back to his dorm, planning on working on the last assignment for his art class, making a drawing with ink. Good thing he was used to working with it, he would just use his quill to trace the pencil.

As he walked he thought back to Dung's words. At least now he knew why the man had offered to supply him with anything he needed. He had no reason to leave the premises now, not that he had been planning on doing that for any reason and especially not for a smoke, but he was known to skip around certain rules. He had to hand it to Dung, that was one of the smartest and sneakiest ways of keeping him out of trouble he had seen so far.

And he even got some cigs out of it.

Arriving at the dorm, he ignored Malfoy, who was lying on his bed reading something, and picked up the sketchbook he used for his class assignments, his syllabus, a pencil and an eraser, and made himself comfortable on his own bed, sitting with his back against the wall and his legs propped up to support the sketchbook.

He leaned his head back against the wall and thought about what to draw. His last assignment, as he had read in his syllabus, was to draw a composition that had a horizon and shadow to create dept and had to be made with ink. In the end he decided to draw a street, viewed from above, with taller and shorter buildings and a road in between both sides (I actually made this for art class 6 years ago ^_^). He picked up the ruler he used as a bookmarker in his syllabus and started with a basic composition.

As his eyes strayed forward in thought about where to place the side road, he noticed Malfoy had headphones on and held an old walkman in his hand, listening with concentration, pressing the buttons now and then, even mouthing some words while scribbling down something. From what Harry could tell, Malfoy was practising French, that was after all the only class that had gotten a walkman for loan.

He couldn't help but smile at the sight and could barely hold back a snigger. Who would've thought that Malfoy would ever use a muggle machine, let alone know how to work with it?

For about half an hour the two of them had been working in peace, ignoring each other completely. Harry had finished the basic sketch and was ready to start adding details, when the door opened. He looked up at the distraction and saw Parkinson enter.

The blond girl threw him a single glance before walking over to Malfoy and tapping his shoulder to gain his attention. Harry looked back to his sketch, trying very hard to seem like he wasn't looking at them through his eyelashes and listening to every word they were saying. No one had ever accused him of not being curious.

"What is it Pansy? Can't you see I'm busy?" Apparently Malfoy could be just as nasty to his fellow Slytherins as to anyone else. The blond boy turned off his walkman with a click of the button and sat up on his bed, his legs dangling over the edge.

"No need to snap at me, it's just, we still can't figure out how to make this thing do fractures." She held out one of the small calculators that had been given to everyone who would need it and handed it to Malfoy, but apparently he didn't know how to either, because after a few minutes of fumbling he cursed and stabbed it in the direction of the waiting girl, who took it back.

"There was a reason why I didn't choose math, you know." Malfoy said, sounding annoyed.

"You still have to use one for chemistry class though." She countered

Malfoy glared at her. "I know that." He paused for a second and his glare softened. "Did you ask Blaise?"

"Yes, but she could get it right either."

If they had been anyone else, Harry would've offered some help, but they weren't and he stayed quiet. If they wanted his help they would have to ask for it.

"Potter... I know you're listening." At Malfoy's words Harry looked up, keeping his expression guarded. "Why don't you do something useful for a change and tell us how to work this stupid thing."

He could have taunted them about knowing more than them or about them having arithmancy and still needing his help with maths, but instead threw them a very cold look. "I thought I had made it very clear I don't take orders, especially not from you."

"Fine." Parkinson turned around to leave. "I'll tell Blaise to ask Mandy for help."

"Parkinson." Harry called after her, continuing after she had turned back towards him. "You could've just asked."

"You want me to beg for your help?" She sneered at him. "To go on my knees?"

He glared at her with a ferocity that surprised all three of them, surprise that was quickly hidden behind the blank masks he knew so well on the faces of the two Slytherins. "I think you got me confused with the other parselmouth." His tone was as ice cold as his anger at them for even thinking he wanted something like that. "I don't want you to beg, I want you to ask, like you asked Malfoy here." He jabbed his head at the blond boy on the bed across from him. "If you want my help you'll at least have to be polite."

Parkinson seemed to struggle for a moment before walking back to him. "Well, will you help us then?" She looked like she had eaten a lemon, but she had asked.

The magic word, 'please', was a bit too much to ask apparently, but Harry let it be. If he wanted any interaction with the Slytherins that was at the very least civil, he would have to compromise and pushing them was not an option, he would still have to sleep in the same room with three of them for another three months after all.

"I said so, didn't I?" He answered and held his hand out for the calculator, which she handed to him. He put his drawing equipment on his pillow and jumped off the bed to sit down at the small table under the window. Parkinson sat down next to him and Malfoy laid on his stomach on his bed and was very busy pretending not to be following every word of the forcedly polite explanation.

When they were finished, she took back the calculator and stood up. "Thanks Potter."

"You're welcome Parkinson."

Maybe, just maybe, there could, somewhere in the future, just be a small chance they would be able to follow the sortinghat's warning from the year before after all.

"Look Potter, I don't know what's going on in that empty head of yours, but just because you're acting weird doesn't mean I won't still make you pay for what you did to my father." Malfoy threatened in a strangely subdued kind of way, before turning his walkman back on.

Or maybe not.

For our Hogwarts is in danger

From external, deadly foes

And we must unite inside her

Or we'll crumble from within

(A/N Good ending, neh? Don't worry, I promised the first day of classes, so here it comes.)


The first day of classes was preceded by a growing tension in the wizards and witches. Now they would actually have to put everything they had learned in the last two weeks into practise, whether it was their schoolwork or new knowledge of all things muggle.

They had had two lectures by the muggle studies teacher, professor Franklin, on muggle education, habits and even machinery and electricity before they came here. That had been the reason why they had to go to Hogwarts in the first place before leaving for, or returning to, the muggle world.

But knowing it was a very different thing than living it. They would have to act exactly as muggles all the time, as not to raise any suspicions when they interacted with the teachers and other students of the school. This would be especially difficult for the wizard raised, even if most of the purebloods were planning on interacting with the muggles as little as was possible while sitting in the same classroom with them.

The cafeteria during breakfast that Monday was the noisiest it had been in the last two weeks and that was including the fight of the Thursday before. Everyone was discussing what classes they had, who they had them with and what it would be like.

Harry had stopped paying attention to the conversations around him almost from the start, he knew what muggle school could be like and his experience hadn't been fun, Dudley had made very certain of that. Of course he didn't want to think of that right now, he just wanted to make the best of the coming three months.

At Hogwarts he never had any problems like he had had at his primary school, mostly because he was pretty popular due to his fame and quidditch skills. Not counting the periods he had been shunned by the whole school of course, but those had always blown over with time.

He didn't care about being popular here though, he just wanted to fit in, wanted to make some friends, wanted to be normal, but not be bullied because he was short, skinny and had to wear glasses.

At least he wasn't famous here and could fall back into the anonymousness he had been so used to before he came to Hogwarts, both in- and outside of school. He didn't know what was worse, no one knowing or caring about him or everyone thinking they knew him and smothering him with attention.

After breakfast everyone who had class retrieved their bags and made their way to the other side of the school where the classrooms were.

They had been given the big tour a week before, so no one had much trouble with finding where they had to be, including Harry.

His first class that Monday morning was art and art history and he was looking forward to it. As he sat down in the very large, light room, with lots of windows and desks, he wondered if they would start with the art or the history part that day, but took out his sketchbook, despite not knowing what they were going to do, to work on an assignment he had read about in the part of the syllabus that was for the coming months.

He didn't look up while the class started filling up, at least not until his concentration was broken by someone speaking to him.

"Harry Potter?" His head shot up at the sound of his name, he hadn't recognized the voice so it couldn't be one of his classmates. So someone had recognized him? Here, in the muggleworld?

"Yes?" He answered the girl in front of him. He didn't know her, but she did have something familiar about her, maybe he had met her during the summer. She was dressed in the same manner as the group he had gotten to know when he snuck out of the house during his month at the Dursleys, with her bellbottom black jeans, dark blue tank top and many pieces of silver jewellery, including a small ring through her bellybutton.

She did look familiar, but not from this summer. She had short light brown hair and bright blue eyes, both of which were surrounded by a thick black line of kohl and eyeliner. He couldn't tell how tall she was since he was sitting down, but it was probably taller than him, just like everyone else.

She smiled. "You don't recognize me? No of course you don't, I wasn't wearing make up yet when we were ten." Again he tried to place her, but he still couldn't tell who she was.

"I'm Abigail Hunter, we went to school together, we sat together in class."

His eyes widened when he heard her name. "Abby? I don't believe it. You go to school here?" She gave him an amused look. "Yes of course you do. It's great to see you again."

"Nice to see you too." She sat down next to him, letting her bag fall onto the table with a bang. "So what are you doing here? Last I heard you were at St Brutus's Centre for Criminal Boys, or something like that."

Harry groaned. He always knew that lie would haunt him for the rest of his days.

"I don't go there, my family just hates me...."

End chapter 5.

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For 30 points: Now that Harry's connection with Voldemort is blocked by occlumency, what's going to happen to Harry? (The answer to this will be shown throughout the coming chapters.) Hint: I won't give you one, maybe next chapter if no one guessed right.

And this last question will be valid throughout the story.

Earn five house points for everything that actually contradicts the canon series, and I mean something that is really wrong and that I should correct.

:::Chants in a very (annoying) high voice::: "Feed me, feed me." :::Hides cinnamon role and cookies behind her back::: "I need more, pretty please with a cherry on top."

I am aiming for the 100 reviews with this chapter, especially because I really like the way it turned out. Greedy I know, but help a girl out, hmmm.