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Chapter 1

Raven found herself in a dazed state as the Titans sat in a diner, ordering their dinner. It had been months since Beast Boy had fought her father and saved her and her gem, but questions still flowed through her mind. 'What's so special about this gem? Why didn't anyone tell me about it before? Shouldn't I be able to…sense it?…'


'My mother gave it to me…when I was just born…could she have known my father would come back to get me?'

"Rae? Hello? Anyone in there?"

'No, she couldn't have…but then, how will I get to know what this gem is?'


"WHAT?!" Raven hissed, snapping out of her trance.

"Order your food," Beast Boy said, smiling at her. "Heh, she's just doing some deep thinking." He told the terrified waitress, who had taken a huge leap backwards as Raven screamed.

"I'll just have herbal tea…" Raven muttered, eyeing the waitress.

She nodded and scribbled it down on her notepad. "And for you?" she asked, pointing at Beast Boy.

"I'll have the tofu special."

The waitress stared at him in shock. "Y-You do know what that is, right?…"

Beast Boy put on a triumphant smile and cracked his neck. "Yep, and I'm gonna eat it." he replied, stretching out his hands and letting his fingers crack as well.

Wide eyed, the waitress wrote down the order. "Alright, I'll be right back with your orders."

Beast Boy turned to Raven and smiled. She merely raised an eyebrow.

"Beast Boy, what is this 'tofu special' you have been talking about?" Starfire asked, a curious look on her face.

The little green boy smirked once again. "25 pounds of tofu." he answered plainly.

Starfire and Raven's jaws dropped.

"And BB's gonna eat it all!" Cyborg added, grinning.

"If he does it under an hour, we win the new Gamestation3, and it's not even released yet!" Robin went on.

The three boys looked more excited than they had ever been in their lives.

"25 pounds?" Raven repeated. "You can't do that."

"Yes I can!" Beast Boy protested.

"Oh, I forgot the fact that you eat like a pig, hmm….maybe you can after all."

"Let us not fight about this!" Star said, as Beast Boy glared at Raven, who smiled at him in a flirtatious way.

"You'll get sick." Raven replied, ignoring Star, a bit of worry in her voice.

"Awww, is Ravey worried about her wittle lover boy?" Cyborg teased, bursting into laughter.

Raven's eyes turned blood red as she shot Cyborg the death glare, and he shrunk down in his seat. Beast Boy put his arm around Raven, and she nuzzled her head against his shoulder. "I'll be fine." he whispered into her ear, kissing it after he finished.

Starfire felt Robin's hand in hers, and she smiled over at him. For whatever reason, whenever one of the couples started flirting, the other felt as if they needed to also. This left Cyborg to make gagging noises, and toss out jokes and teases, which the couples ignored, knowing he was only jealous.

"How come you guys didn't order anything?" Beast Boy asked the three sitting opposite he and Raven.

"We are here to cheer you on!" Star said, her eyes sparkling, and a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Or coach you…you could say." Robin rephrased.

"That means if you feel you can't do it anymore, I'm here to SHOVE THAT TOFU DOWN YOUR THROAT TO GET THE GAMESTATION!" Cyborg laughed evilly, causing Beast Boy to scoot closer to Raven.

Amazingly, the service in the diner was great, and the 25 pounds of tofu were delivered to the table only ten minutes later, along with Raven's tea. Raven simply blew on her beverage as she watched Beast Boy strap a napkin around his neck and pick up a fork. The waitress had a tray like table, which heald the other 24 pounds of tofu, each in it's own HUGE bowl, and one pound sat in front of Beast Boy.

"Okay, the only rule is that you have to eat it alone, and do it under an hour. If that is done, you win the new Gamestation 3, along with 10 free games, and you don't have to pay for anything you ordered here," the waitress said dully, holding a stop watch in her hand. "Ready, set, go." With that, she clicked the start button, and the timer began. She set it down on the table as Beast Boy started chomping away at the tofu.

"GO BEAST BOY!" Starfire cheered, jumping up and down in her seat.

"EAT THAT TOFU, MAN!" Cyborg shouted.

Robin merely took the timer into his hands and watched it tick away, knowing that watching Beast Boy would become boring after time.

"I can't believe this…" Raven muttered, rolling her eyes and taking a sip of her tea.

Beast Boy took the bowl into his hands, tilted his head back, and swallowed the remainder of tofu within the bowl.

At that, Cyborg jumped up and handed his friend the next bowl, telling him to hurry or he'd have to spoon feed him the rest, painfully.

"You act as if your lives are on the line," Raven said in a monotone. "It's JUST a game system."

Robin and Cyborg shot her evil glares, and then quickly turned back to Beast Boy, who had already finished the second bowl, and already got himself covered in tofu. Raven's face cringed up at the smell of the food coming from the newly placed bowl.

After fifteen minutes had passed, Beast Boy only managed to eat 8 of the bowls. To Cyborg, he wasn't going to make it, which gave the robotic man a reason to panic and shout at the tiny green changeling.

"I'M GOING AS FAST AS I CAN, DUDE!" Beast Boy shouted.

"DON'T TALK, JUST EAT! EAT FASTER! GO!" Cyborg yelled frantically.

Robin and Starfire inched away from their friend, and looked to Raven for advice. She merely sat next to Beast Boy and watched him.

Somehow, she knew he could do it. She had stopped making comments about it. If it was something important to him, it was important to her as well. She smiled at him, despite the monstrous way he was eating.

A half hour passed, and Beast Boy only had five bowls left to eat. His pace had slowed greatly, and his heart was beating quickly as he tried desperately to finish the twenty first bowl. His stomach was full, too full, and he was starting to feel sick.

"BB, you're dying on me, HURRY UP!" Cyborg shouted, jumping to his feet and pounding on the table.

"Cyborg, he can do it, he's got 13 minutes left, and only 4 bowls after this." Robin poined out.

Cyborg looked anxiously over at Beast Boy, who looked up from his bowl just as his stomach let out a loud noise, signaling it was way too full. Beast Boy moaned a little, just as Cyborg picked up the spoon and began shoving huge amounts of tofu into Beast Boy's mouth.

"CYBORG!" Raven yelled, reaching up and pulling Cy's hand away from Beast Boy's mouth. She carefully popped the spoon out, and gave it back to Beast Boy. "Listen, I know it hurts, but we really want you to win this. Please, try." 'That was something I never thought I'd say.' Raven thought. With that, she kissed Beast Boy softly on the lips.

It was as if a burst of energy filled him, and quickly, Beast Boy began eating again. He flew through the next three bowls quickly, and was almost done with the final bowl, when his time rounded off near 3 minutes.

"Hurry!" Robin yelled, as he and Cyborg got to their feet.

Beast Boy shoveled the remains of the food into his mouth, making his cheeks puff out like a chipmunk's. He chewed quickly, and swallowed, dropping his spoon in the process, and falling back down onto the booth.

Robin quickly stopped the watch. "58 minutes!!!"


"Congratulations, Beast Boy!," Starfire started. "You have eaten nauseating amounts of tofu in under an hour! That is something to be very proud of! Maybe next time you can try one of my puddings!"

Beast Boy's face turned pale at the mention of food. Raven noticed this and became afraid that he was getting sick already.

Their waitress came back over, carrying a large box, which contained the GameStation3. She handed it to Beast Boy, who stared down at it breathlessly.


Beast Boy let out a burp, which was followed by a million "EWWW"s, and caused the waitress to walk away again.

Cyborg wasn't phased by Beast Boy's belch. He stretched himself across the table and snatched the box from the changeling's hands. "It's finally ours!"


"And it's graphics are supposed to be the best yet! It's got the neatest controller with over 15 buttons, and-"

The sound of Robin and Cyborg's endless rambling about their new system seemed to never end, as Raven watched Beast Boy close his eyes and wish that the T-Car would magically arrive at home. The constant motion wasn't helping to settle his stomach in the least. It only made it harder for him to keep all the food he consumed in.

Starfire hung over Robin's passenger seat and stared at the box with the boy's as the T-Cat drove through the busy Jump City. "Robin, may we switch seats so that I may play around with the many buttons on the dashboard?"

"No, Star. Keep your hands off my baby." Cyborg said strictly, he then went back into the deep conversation he was having with Robin about the saving methods of the system. Star sank back into her seat, a disappointing look on her face.

Raven saw this as the perfect time to have a little convo with Beast Boy. "Beast Boy, how are you feeling?"

Beast Boy looked over at her with eyes filled with dread and pain. "It's hard to hold it all in…" His stomach let out a painful noise again and he cringed in pain. "You were right, I shouldn't have done it…."

"No! Beast Boy, you accomplished your goal! You were right to have done it!" Raven said quickly, trying to keep her boyfriend's spirits up. "Even if the task was very…senseless" she muttered to herself.

Beast Boy rested his head against her shoulder and Raven blushed deeply. "I'll take care of you when we get home, alright?" Raven asked.

Beast Boy simply nodded. He then tried to fall back asleep.


The instant they had gotten home, Cyborg and Robin set up the game station, and were instantly sucked into a new fighting game. Beast Boy lay on the couch watching the two play, wishing that the camera positions would stop spinning. His stomach let out another monstrous noise, and he curled up into a ball and started moaning in pain. The two boys didn't seem to notice this at all, or so Beast Boy thought.

"Raven, your babys cryin." Cyborg spoke up.

Raven walked into the room and shot Cyborg another death glare. "Wow, that's two in one day, next time she might actually kill you." Robin whispered into Cy's ear. Raven merely approached the crumpled up Beast Boy, concern written all over her.

"Beast Boy, are you alright?"

Beast Boy shook his head, and Raven noticed the pale color of his face once again. "So…nauseous…."

Raven took a seat next to him and put his head in her lap. She gently stroked his hair, and he reached up and caught hold of her hand. She smiled at him, and he returned it, despite his severe pain.

Although the presence of Raven made Beast Boy happier, it didn't take his pain away. He had been whining for the past hour, and Cyborg couldn't take it anymore.

"BEAST BOY! ENOUGH!" he yelled. "You're starting to sound like a women in labor."


Cyborg turned his head and looked over at Beast Boy. "Are you trying to start something, little dude, cause it certainly seems like you are."

"Whoa whoa whoa, Cyborg, calm down." Robin said, jumping between the two.

Beast Boy glared at Cyborg as Raven rose from the couch. "C'mon Beast Boy, let's get out of here." she muttered, shooting another death glare at Cyborg.

"Man, that's two in a row, next one might kill ya." Robin whispered as Beast Boy stuck his tongue out before leaving the room.


"Raven, are you sure this is….ummm….ok?"

"Beast Boy, for the thousandth time, nothings going to happen."

The two lay in Raven's bed, cuddled against each other, slowly falling asleep.

"Alright….I'm just…uh…"

"Nervous, I know," Raven finished. "You don't have to be, we'd never do that until….well, until after marriage."

Beast Boy smiled, thinking about marriage to Raven. He wanted to spend his whole life with her. His love for her grew each and every day. "I love you, Raven…"

"I love you too…"

The two then slowly drifted off to sleep.


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