The Jewel of Azarath

Chapter Five

Raven took a deep breath as the T-Ship landed on Azarath. She closed her eyes, not wanting to view the horror that may stand before her. Suddenly, a hand rested itself on her shoulder.

"It's alright," came Beast boy's voice. "Look."

Slowly, the empath opened her eyes and gasped. It was just as she left it. No fires, no signs of chaos at all. Her home planet was safe. She allowed herself to smile, just this once.

"Well, should we go look for your cousins?" Beast boy asked, extending his arm to his girlfriend.

"I'd love to."

Strangely, Azarath seemed to look like a desert. The streets were very tiny, and nearly everyone was dressed similar to Raven. They all had charkas as well, Beast boy noted. The green teen also noticed that Raven seemed happy, for once in her life. Her walk had a certain bounce to it that it normally didn't have. She seemed confident as she walked down the streets of her home, causing heads to turn where ever she went. At first, Beast boy was puzzled as to why so many people were staring, then he realized that his girlfriend was the daughter of the most ruthless demon who ever lived. It'd only be natural for a few heads to turn.

Raven lead the group up to a small house at the end of the village, explaining to them that this was where she had spent most of her life. "It's my aunt Ariella's house."

Starfire took the empath's hands into her own. "Friend Raven, I cannot wait to visit this family of which you speak! Please, introduce us!"

"Rae…uhmm….they're not…ya know….creepy, are they?" Beast boy asked, poking his index fingers together and staring at the ground.

Robin elbowed the changeling in the ribs. "Beast boy!"

"As nice as this lil chat is, ya'll, I'd like to get inside and out of this flaring heat!" Cyborg announced. "So Rae, get yer butt up there and knock already!"

Raven breathed a sigh and took in air sharply, then approached the door. She slowly raised her hand to knock, when the door was flung open and a blue haired girl practically tackled her.

"Raven!" Beast boy yelled as he darted over to her.

"Rae-Rae!" the blue haired girl screamed. "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S YOU!"

"Get-off-of-me…" Raven hissed.

"Oh, sorry!" the girl stood up and helped Raven back onto her feet.

"It's nice to see you too, Dove, but you needn't attack me…" Raven muttered, dusting herself off.

Beast boy stood in a daze, staring at Raven's cousin. She was tall, taller than Raven and himself at least. She had long, flowing blue hair, and sparkling light blue eyes. A smile seemed to be permanently plastered on her face. She was bouncing with happiness, almost more than Starfire always had!

"T-This is your cousin?" Beast boy stuttered.

Dove's eyes moved from Raven to Beast boy. "Whoa…are you aware that you're…green?"

Beast boy sweatdropped. "Y-Yeah…it's a skin condition…"

Dove remained silent for a moment, before bursting out. "THAT'S-SO-COOL!" Instantly, she rushed at Beast boy and hugged him. "You're a real cutie, you know that!"

Raven grit her teeth so hard that they made an eerie sound as they rubbed against each other.

Dove then noticed the other Titans, standing a safe distance away each with shocked expressions on their faces. "Gosh, there's more of you!"

"Yup, whole teams here to meet ya," Cyborg said, wiggling his eyebrow. "And I must say, it's a pleasure." With this, the android kissed Dove's white hand.

Raven's cousin burst out giggling. "What a sweetie!" She then turned back to her cousin. "Come on inside, Rae-Rae, and we can all get acquainted!"

So, the titans were dragged into the tiny Azarathean home, and seated on a giant couch. Dove, her younger brother, and her mother sat on a smaller couch, opposite of the team.

"Raven, dear, it's so great to see you," Ariella said, smiling sweetly. "I've been worried about you…" her face fell.

"I came back because of a vision, aunt Ariella. I thought you might know what it meant…" Raven announced suddenly.

"Rae-Rae, don't be such a drag! You can tell her about it later, for now, I wanna get to know your friends!" Dove exclaimed, winking at Beast boy, who blushed uncomfortably.

Raven sighed, then drew a breath. "Beast boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Robin." She replied quickly, pointing to each one of her team mates.

"And I'm Dove! This is my little brother Jai, and my mother Ariella! Nice to meet you all!" Dove chirped.

"Likewise." Robin said, smiling.

Starfire flew over to Dove and hugged her. "New friend, Dove, I wish to know all about you! Have you known friend Raven for long?"

Dove laughed, her cheeks lighting up. "Rae-Rae and I are childhood friends! Almost like cousins!"

"Have you all known each other for very long?" Ariella asked the team.

"We all got together to protect our city, a few years back," Robin started. "We live together too."

"Lemme tell ya, living with these guys ain't as easy as it may seem," Cyborg whispered to Dove.

The Azarathean girl gave out a very loud, girlish laugh. "You're so funny!"

Ariella stood up. "I'll go get you some snacks and refreshments. Raven, dear, would you help me?"

Raven nodded and got to her feet, following her aunt into the kitchen. Once there, her aunt spoke to her seriously in a low voice.

"Tell me, dear, what was this vision of yours?"

Raven got a small tray out of the cabinet and started loading some foreign foods onto it. "Well…I was standing on Azarath, and the whole planet was on fire. Everything was burned, destroyed, there was nothing left. As I looked around, I noticed someone standing in the distance. When I looked harder, I noticed that it was me…" Her voice fell, full of hurt and worry. "Aunt Ariella…you don't think-"

"No, Raven," Ariella interrupted. "The Prophecy was already changed. Your destiny is no longer to destroy, but to protect. That wasn't you in your vision."

Raven looked over at her aunt and noticed her stern face. "If it wasn't me, than who?"

Her aunt shook her head. "I'm not sure…What I am sure of though, is that you'll find out shortly."

Back in the other room, Dove had taken Raven's spot on the couch and was flirting with Beast boy. The changeling was backing uncomfortably into Starfire, who looked confused.

"How about I show you around this place?" Dove asked, winking. "You can get to know me better, B Sweetie!"

"I-I…uhmm, dude, I don't think that'd be alright with Rae!" Beast boy protested, as Dove pressed up against him.

The other three Titans got up off the couch. "Beast boy, Jai is going to show us his room."

"W-Wait for me!" Beast boy cried, trying to get away from Dove. Unfortunately, the others had already left with Raven's younger cousin.

"You know, I've never met anyone quite like you before." Dove whispered into Beast boy's pointy ear.

"T-That goes double for me, dude." Beast boy replied, his ears burning up.

"Good," Dove cooed, leaning in closer. Her lips were an inch away from his. "Then we understand each other…"

At that second, Raven came into the room with a tray of snacks and drinks. As soon as she spotted her cousin nearly ONTOP of her boyfriend, she dropped what she was holding and glared daggers.

"R-Rae!" Beast boy squeaked, jumping off the couch. "I-It's not what you think! SHE was totally coming onto ME!"

Raven approached Dove, her four demon eyes lighting up red. "What are you doing to my boyfriend?..."

Dove's eyes enlarged. "Boyfriend!" She stared at Beast boy, and then back at Raven. "I had no idea! I mean--you--he..."

Tears welded up in Raven's eyes as she turned abruptly, and ran out the front door. Beast boy rose to his feet, reaching a hand out the way Raven went. "Rae..." He knew there was no possible way he could catch her now. She probably took to the air, and plus, he didn't know Azarath, it could be dangerous. 'This is stupid, I have to find her!' He walked over to the door.

"If you're going to look for her, try the meadow in the forest, it's her favorite spot..." Dove replied quietly, staring at the floor, feeling horribly.

Beast boy simply nodded, a blush still visible on his face. He took off out of the house, and back into the market area. Running passed all the stands, weaving in an out of the crowds, Beast boy soon spotted a huge area of trees. 'It's that way...' He quickly shifted shapes into a bird, and took flight on his way to find his own bird.

Raven sat upon a log, tears streaming down her face. The trees blocked out all the sunlight, except for a few small spots, and it made her feel very alone. She liked the feeling of privacy it gave her, but it was still nothing compared to that of her own room. She choked on a sob, and lifted her head up, staring at a nearby flower. 'How could he?...'

Just when her life seemed to be at an all time high, it came crashing back down again. Was he only using her? No, Raven knew he wasn't like that. Beast boy was no Malchior. He was kind and gentle, he loved her, he cared for her. This had to be some mistake...wasn't it?


Raven turned the other way, noticing Beast boy was approaching her. "Go away..."

"Raven, it wasn't as it looked! Just please, listen to me!" the boy pleeded, looking as if he himself was about to cry.

"I know what I saw, Beast boy," Raven stated flatly. "My cousin ONTOP of YOU. Just when I thought you and I were meant to be, this had to happen!" Raven rose to her feet, cape billowing behind her.

"She came onto me!" Beast boy argued. "Rae, you know I would never lie to you! I love you, Raven!"

Raven shut her eyes, feeling more tears pour down. "I need to be alone..."

Beast boy didn't know what to say. He remained quiet, not moving.


"Fine," the changeling replied. "Just know that I care..." With this, he took flight as a bird once again, leaving Raven to her thoughts.

However, what the boy didn't know, was that Raven hadn't sent him away because she was angry. She was merely trying to protect him.

"Come out."

A horrid cackle filled the air, and the wind began to swirl around, giving a negative vibe. A black caped figure appeared from out of the forest. The cape resembled Raven's, down to the very last thread. Raven couldn't make out who it was, because it's face was covered by darkness.

"Who are you?" the empath asked sternly.

A grin spread across the mysterous Azarathean's face. "Oh, Raven...I'm all your worst nightmares, all gathered together." Slowly, the figure reached up, and removed the hood that covered it's face.

Raven gasped at what she saw. "No..."

Author's Corner-

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