"To be honest, it sucked." -Chapter One

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Everyone gets confused about some things sometimes right? It's normal isn't it? People say so... But they only believe while it isn't personal. I believed it, until I was the one with the confusion. Confusion over what you may ask? Confusion over my best friend, Hermione Granger. My name is Ginny Weasley, and this is my messed up life...


It started back in 3rd year I guess, with the Yule Ball. That night, Hermione just looked so beautiful... Everyone knew it, but I doubted that the other girls thought she looked as heavenly as I thought she did. My brothers did, they told me so, but I'm not one of my brothers. I'm not supposed to think that way. Not that that's very fair, but life isn't fair, so I have to deal with it.

You see, growing up with six older brothers, it was drilled into my head that girls are pretty and guys are cool, before I knew any better. I grew up with stolen issues of Play Wizard and Sacharissa's Secret (the Wizarding World's version of PlayBoy and Victoria's Secret). Not with looking at guys and drooling over them, but with looking at girls and drooling over them. Like I said, it was drilled into me before I knew any better.

So, when I went to Hogwarts, I couldn't really relate to the other girls in my dorm. The guys in my year, sure, but I knew I couldn't. Everyone would think I was gay or something. Quidditch I got away with, there were tons of girls who were into it... Not the other stuff, like the magazines, they were out of the question. To be honest, it sucked. I only knew how to be a guy, and I couldn't, so I had to try and learn to be a girl.

That's why I liked Hermione so much, as a friend, because she was a girl I could relate to, and could hang with. She was into books, so was I. Magazines got old, Quidditch got boring; I needed something to do right? So I read, and Hermione gave me muggle books to read too. I loved them. She showed me muggle magazines, I loved them too. Anything she gave me was special, because they were gifts from someone who cared and didn't have to.

As we got older though, things changed. In my third year the Yule Ball happened. I got to go because Neville Longbottom asked me to. So I went, and I spent most of the night watching the other girls. I did like guys and all, I killed myself over Harry even, but I found girls more interesting to watch. Guys hide their emotions so much, they were no fun to watch, but girls were. I watched Cho Chang, but she seemed too artificial. I watched Lavender Brown and her group, but they were too girly and prissy. I watched Fleur... Something-or-other from one of the visiting schools, she was too pretty!

Then I saw Hermione dancing with Victor Krum, the Bulgarian seeker. She looked like an angel in her dress robes... I couldn't take my eyes off her for the rest of the night. Not a lot of people could. After the Ball I gave Neville a kiss on the cheek and retreated to my dorm. As I expected all of my dorm mates were still out somewhere with their dates. I didn't expect them back until the morning.

I settled down and changed into my pajamas. Another thing I got from my brothers, not that other girls don't do it too but... Anyway, I sleep in a tee shirt and an old pair of my brother Charlie's boxers. They were a Christmas present that he never got around to wearing, so they became mine. I don't blame him for not wearing them; they're pink and have hearts and puppies on them. I love them though. I mean, what girl can resist hearts and puppies after all? Plus they're a really wicked silk and cotton mix, real expensive. After a few years I stopped wearing a huge tee and started wearing a little strap thing... Like I know what it's called.

So, I'm in bed and settling down to get some sleep and somebody knocks on the door of my dorm. Having no clue who it could be, as my dorm mates never knock, I got up and opened the door. To my surprise Hermione was standing there. I stared at her for a second, suddenly remembering how beautiful she looked, then I noticed that her dress robes were messed up and she was crying. I pulled her into my dorm without a word and locked the door on impulse, honest. I didn't purposely lock myself up with the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts, by my standards, really I didn't. At least, I didn't consciously. I think.

Anyway, I pulled Hermione in and locked the door. I led her over to my bed, the second from the door, and sat her down on it. She was crying into her hands now, I didn't really know what to do. After a few seconds of the only sound in the room being Hermione's cries, I lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes. "Hermione," I said, "what happened?" She just shook her head and kept crying. I sighed and lowered my hand. Hermione sniffed and broke into fresh tears.

I was frozen; I had no clue what to do. Hermione moved closer to me and nestled herself in my arms, I put them around her and hugged her for all I was worth. She kept crying and I found myself whispering soothing words and rubbing her back slightly. After a while she stopped crying and just sniffled a bit, but she didn't move away from me. I was still kind of stiff, but I had loosened up and laid my head on Hermione's. She moved closer and I felt her cool tear-stained cheek against my mostly bare shoulder.

I knew I was blushing a bit, I couldn't help it, I really hoped Hermione didn't notice. I don't think she ever did. She sighed a bit and hugged me. It was then that I noticed how we were sitting. At some point Hermione and not only slipped her arms around me, but she had climbed into my lap, or maybe I had put her there, I couldn't remember. Then I heard her whisper something.

"Thank you Ginny, I owe you one," She lifted her head and looked me in the eye. She smiled and I smiled back, feebly though. She didn't notice, she just leaned closer. I stayed still; she pressed her forehead to mine. I was frozen again. "I really owe you, but, could you do me a favor?" She backed up, out of my lap, almost out of my arms.

"S-sure Hermione, anything," I took me a second to find my voice.

"Please don't tell anyone, I don't like people seeing my vulnerable side," I nodded dumbly.

"No problem Hermione, but, could you tell me what happened?" She grimaced.

"Not what Ginny, who."

"Who then?" I moved closer to her and placed my hand over hers.

"Victor," Hermione shuddered a bit and I squeezed her hand slightly, she squeezed back. "He tried to hurt me, I ran. End of story." She definitely looked vulnerable right then.

"Oh Hermione... I'm so sorry... Did anyone see?" She shook her head. I had no clue where these words were coming from, but they worked. "Here, let me help you out of those robes, you can stay here for the night. My dorm mates will be out all night, so we'll be alone." I'm not sure what possessed me to say that, but it was said. Hermione nodded and allowed me to lead her to the bathroom. I helped her out of her robes and lent her some of my new clothes that were still too big for me to wear.

I had always found it funny that my folks bought me new stuff that was too big while my old stuff still fit, but I guess it worked out because by the time my old clothes were too small, my new stuff fit. In any case, my new stuff fit Hermione just fine, really well actually, and soon we were sitting on my bed again, this time with Hermione dressed the same as I, in purple dino boxers though, another hand-me-down Christmas present, this pair from Bill.

Hermione was just finishing up combing her hair. It was wet because she had washed out the potion that made it all sleek and shiny. It would be back to being bushy once it dried, but it looked really nice while it was wet. After she finished combing her hair Hermione turned to me, I was already back under my covers.

"Hey Ginny, would you mind if I slept with you? I know it sounds silly, but I'm afraid Victor will try to find me, and if he looks here I'd feel better if I was right there with you," the only part I digested was that she wanted to sleep with me. I knew she didn't mean it literally, but I nodded all the same. I was just being a good friend. "Thanks Gin, I owe you two now," She smiled and I smiled back. She crawled up and snuggled in beside me. We both drifted off, and thankfully Hermione had remembered to close the curtains to my bed...


I woke up to the feeling of soft lips on my temple. Hermione's lips. I woke up as Hermione left my dorm, she was still dressed in my boxers and shirt, but I didn't mind, I knew she'd return them. The fact that Hermione had kissed me... I can't even describe how I felt just then... I sighed and got up to get ready for the day. My mind wandered to Hermione all day, I couldn't help it. I guess I was in denial, but I wouldn't even consider the fact that I may have been falling for Hermione. I was straight, end of story, even if I was wrong...


A few days later I was in the Library working on a Herbology report when Hermione came running into the Library. I watched her scan the worktables quickly, probably for Harry and Ron, and then she saw me. Hermione ran over to me and sat down next to me, panting. A few people had been watching, but a few glares later they all had resumed their business. When Hermione had caught her breath, and I was satisfied that no one was looking over at us I said, "Hey Hermione, are you ok?" Hermione nodded and looked around anxiously.

"Yah, I'm fine Gin. Sorry for rushing in like that, I needed to find Harry or Ron," she paused, "or you - of course -."

"It's ok Hermione." She seemed a bit embarrassed that she hadn't thought of looking for me until the boys were no where to be found and I was. "What's up?"

"It's Victor... He... tried to hurt me again..." Hermione looked frightened for a moment and glanced around once more.

"He what?! The nerve of that guy!" Hermione shushed me and I shut up. I ground my teeth to keep from yelling again. "Tell me."

Hermione sighed and nodded. Taking in a shaky breath she began to relate her story in a half-whisper. "I was walking out to the grounds, to sit over by the Lake and read," I nodded, we read out there together sometimes, "You said you had work so I went out alone. Victor came over and sat by me. I tried to ignore him but he keep trying to touch me. I told him to leave me alone and he refused. I tried to run and then he grabbed me. I-I cursed him and ran. I couldn't find the guys, and then I found you..."

Hermione stopped and restrained herself from crying. I stood and collected my books. Quietly I said, "Come on Herms, lets go up to the Tower, after you calm down a bit we have to go and see Dumbledore, or at least McGon-"

"NO!" Hermione leapt up. "We can't!"

"Hermione! Calm down," I dragged her out of the Library and up to Gryffindor Tower. "Now, why can't we tell the Headmaster?!"

Hermione shook with suppressed tears and said, "Victor yelled after me that if I told anyone he'd... Well, he said he'd..." Hermione tried to tell me but failed.

"What 'Mione, he said he'd what?" Hermione shook her head violently and threw herself into my arms. I blessed my housemates for being elsewhere, as I was sure I must have been blushing badly right then. "What, that he'd hurt you?" Hermione shook her head again and mumbled against my shoulder.

"You... He yelled after me how he always saw you hanging around me... He said he'd hurt you if I told..." I was stunned... Was I really that obvious?

"He won't hurt me Hermione. I have brothers you know, and Harry, plus I can normally hold my own in a fight," Hermione chuckled and smiled at me.

"I know..."

I cut her off before she could say 'but', "Great, off to Dumbledore's office then!" She seemed about to object, but thought better of it and followed me to the Headmaster's office.