Three years ago, Andraya joined Black Fang.

One year ago, she was sent to kill Eliwood and his party.

She fell in love with him instead.

Andraya had initially joined Black Fang simply to grow strong enough to avenge the death of her best and only friend in the world—her mother. Reia had been a civilian casualty during a pirate raid on their coastal village of Nisea, protecting her young daughter even with her dying breath, somehow convincing the pirates that no one else was in the house.

Andraya, then only fourteen, witnessed more bloodshed and death through her tiny bedroom window that night than many simple villagers see in a lifetime. It sickened her heart, transforming the tremendous sadness for her mother into pure-black vengeance.

When at last she could stand it no more, she left the safety of her room to take a last look at her once-quiet village. Flames erupted from nearly every house she could see. Those that weren't on fire seemed to be crying out in agony from being completely robbed, their inhabitants brutally killed. The band of pirates were finished loading their newfound treasures into their boat, and were casting off, every last one of them singing merrily, as if it were a holiday.

Young Andraya stood in the midst of the screaming, the burning, the dying, her eyes reflecting it all in their tear-flooded mirrors. But she held those tears back, refusing to satisfy the evil by giving into the sadness it provoked.

She ran away from it all, knowing nothing was left for her there. Not caring about the dangers she had heard about traveling at night, she kept running inland until she came upon another village, where she found a few soldiers to send back and help whoever they could. Andraya stayed, and that's when she met Zia.

Zia told her about the organization she was in, calling it Black Fang. Andraya listened to her stories the rest of the night, in awe of how much strength Zia claimed she had obtained from fighting for the group. So of course when Zia suggested Andraya join Black Fang, she had accepted. For her mother. Or so she thought…

Two years later, Andraya had mastered a unique magic called Permafreeze. With a simple gesture through the air, accompanied by a short chant, Andraya could instantly freeze every drop of water in an enemy's body, killing them instantly, among other attacks. Apparently, the leaders of Black Fang thought this attack valuable enough to send on a mission to capture Nils and Ninian, as well as to kill every other member of the party they were traveling with.

When she and her group of soldiers met up with Eliwood's group in Pherae, however, memories of her past began stabbing at her heart. Here was a group of men and women simply fighting to save Nils and Ninian from being captured, and possibly killed. They were risking their own lives to do so.

Hadn't her mother done the same thing for her back in Nisea?

With that sudden realization, she had stepped out of the battle, allowing Eliwood and his group to finish off her own weak group of inexperienced mages and cavaliers. After they had done so, she waited for Eliwood to approach her, then told him her story.

Eliwood told Andraya a thing or two about Black Fang as well, which only further shaped her decision to leave the organization. They were cold-blooded killers, ready to kill innocent lives whenever they stood in the way of something valuable, just as the pirates who attacked Nisea had done. Andraya asked Eliwood if he would accept her into his group, and to her surprise, he said yes without hesitation.

Andraya was stunned by the kindness Eliwood had exhibited toward a stranger, especially a stranger who had tried to kill him just a few minutes ago. After years of living with Black Fang members, he was the first light to shine through her darkness of betrayal and death. His kind azure eyes seemed to shine with a brilliance Andraya had not seen in a long, long time. The least person she had seen with such a fire of compassion in her heart was her mother two years ago…

After spending a few days with the group, she realized that she was falling deeply in love with Lord Eliwood, even though after recruiting her he barely had time to speak with her. When he did, though, her gave Andraya only soft words of comfort and sympathy, every time plunging her heart into a greater love for him than ever before.

Almost six months later, the love in her heart still grows, though her hope for that love ever being returned is fading fast. She has benefited from being shown such kindness, however; her sense of humor has returned, as well as her own compassion. She has made good friends with every member of the party, united by the simple common hatred for Black Fang.

Her love is growing, but her chances are fading, hindered by her inability to share her feelings with the one she holds so dear.

If her heart is broken again, would anyone be able to comfort her?

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