In Blackest Night

            The Endar Spire twisted towards its starboard side in a failing attempt to evade the incoming laser fire. Sith fighters shot along its surface, laying waste to the outer hull as smoke began to billow out from her engines. A laser volley from the Leviathan ripped a hole through the aft plating as the besieged Republic starship tumbled towards the planets surface.

            The bridge of the Endar Spire was a wreck. An explosion near the blast door collapsed a large section of bulkhead onto a technician trying to re-activate the ships energy shields. Carth Onasi grabbed hold of command console to try and keep his footing as the ship was rocked by another volley from the Leviathan. He looked back to make sure Bastila wasn't hurt. He needn't have worried.

            The legendary Jedi sentinel stood calmly beside a vertical map, watching a sea of red overwhelm the single green triangle near the maps center. Standing next to Bastila was her… apprentice? Is that what she had said? No… from what he had seen, it was, if anything, the other way around. Between the ringing of alarms and the explosions heralding their impending demise, Carth was able to overhear bits of their conversation.

            "Why aren't we doing anything? Between my Battle-Meditation and your tactical abilities, we should be able to do something."

            "With one battered Republic command carrier against the whole of the Sith fleet? I don't care what powers you claim to posses, Jedi, this is not a battle we will win."

            "I was not suggesting we try and win, I was suggesting we pool our talents to help us escape."

            "You mean run? A Si…" Another explosion rocked the bridge, knocking a few of the soldiers to the ground. "-rd never runs."

            An emergency light on the command console in front of Carth began to flash, signaling a breach in the lower decks. Carth muttered under his breath as he flipped on the ship-wide communicator.


            Trask Ulgo ran through the hallway as a repair droid in front of him crossed a wire it shouldn't have and exploded across the hallway, slamming into the far wall. Trask leapt over the flaming pile of metal and landed, albeit little awkwardly, at a four-way junction, with the left corridor leading to the bridge. He paused as his personal communicator lit up with a live image of Carth Onasi transmitting from the bridge.

            "This is Carth Onasi - the Sith are threatening to overrun our position! We can't hold out long against their firepower! All hands to the bridge!"

            As the fuzzy, black and white image disappeared from Trask's wrist, a pair of armored Sith troopers rounded the corner.

            "Speak of the devil…" Trask muttered as he pulled his blaster.


            "Be that as it may, I'd hardly call you one of those anymore. In spirit, maybe, but not in flesh. And before you try to argue otherwise, I'd like to remind you of the Sith troopers charging towards the bridge, screaming for your head."

            "Actually, dear Bastila, it is your head they are screaming for, not mine."

            Bastila's eyes narrowed as she leaned towards her companion.

            "That is hardly the point, and you know it. I've been charged with getting you safely back to Dantooine, and I intend to see that mission carried out. Why must you always be so infuriating? If you really want to get at Malak, you know you'll have to take all the allies you can get!"

            Bastila was interrupted as a hand was laid on her shoulder.

            "You should get out of here. Before they cut off the escape pods."

            Bastila looked at the tired, war-weary trooper standing before her.

            "What about you?"

            Carth flashed her a small smile.

            "I'll stay here with the troops… try and hold the Sith off as long as we can."

            "There's no need for that… you should come with us. I could…"

            "Look, Bastila, I'm just a soldier. Nobody's going to miss me when I'm gone. If we loose you, than we loose the war. You've got to get off this ship alive."

            Bastila nodded.

            "You'll get a medal for this, Carth. I'll make sure of that."

            "Heh… just make sure they spell the name right, okay?"

            Bastila left for the ships starboard section, but her companion lingered a while more, staring at Carth with a look of incomprehension, before fading off towards the escape pods.