Dimensional Warrior Girl: The Winter Tournament
Author: Chaos Valkyrie
First Conceptualized: October, 2003
Posted Chapter 18: January 27, 2006

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Author Notes: Well, here it is… another chapter, and another slighted duel. I love this fic, I do, but full duels take hours to write, and I'm only willing to invest that much time and energy in duels involving Jenni. So, have fun reading.

Chapter Eighteen: Accusations

This tournament, Jenni reflected, was full of dark surprises. It was evening now, Xine's duel against Yugi was over, and the last god monster reveled. While Jenni had idly wondered what monster Xine had found to replace Dark Necrofear, Xine wasted no time throwing the Winged Dragon of Ra out onto the ocean field. Both Jenni and Zane had felt his angry power from the deck outside, and had run as one back to the dueling chamber. Ignoring the others, whose surprise matched their own, they watched Xine summon Ra's power to try and wipe out Yugi's life points.

But for some reason, Ra refused to cooperate. He stayed encased in light, ignoring all of Xine's commands. She was so preoccupied that Yugi beat her easily with his Dark Magician. And somehow, when the two duelists left their pods, Ra was now in Yugi's deck, not Xine's. He tried to return it to the irate woman, but the card refused to leave his possession without some almighty fire attacks. Hence, Yugi was now forced to hold the card of Ra.

Jenni and Zane found a table to themselves at the banquet that night, and talked quietly about the god monsters. Jenni tried to avoid Mokuba's look of betrayal as she ate her meal. Soon after everyone was finished, the monitors announced that Zane and Jenni would duel each other first the next day, followed by Yugi and Marik. Zane and Jenni looked at each other in surprise, then grinned.

"Slifer's gonna open a can of whoop-ass on your Obelisk," Jenni teased.

"Nu-huh, Obelisk is going to impale that dragon with his almighty power," he mock-growled at her. They both chuckled as they felt their higher counterparts sigh and shake their heads.

"I wonder if they find us annoying," Jenni asked, only to be answered with a resounding mental affirmation.

Wincing, Zane looked at her. "Well, we know that we have two of the God cards, but I wonder why Xine couldn't hold onto Ra?" he pondered. Jenni shrugged.

"We'll find out, I guess. I mean, we've already exposed ourselves," she swatted Zane as he chuckled at her choice of words. "You know what I mean. We're in the open as the true Guardians of Slifer and Obelisk, but somehow Yugi doesn't strike me as a guardian. So I'll bet that Ra's true Guardian just hasn't been revealed yet. It couldn't have been Xine, otherwise Ra would have trained her as we have been."

"Well, the true Guardian had better get a move on. I think three of us is the ideal number to endure the fiery glares of the gang," Zane said, nodding to Yugi's bunch. Jenni agreed.

Jenni had just changed for bed when there was a knock at her door. Throwing on a robe, she walked to the door and opened it slightly. Seto pushed it open further as he entered her cabin and seated himself expectantly on her sofa. Jenni blinked.

"Well, make yourself at home," she said sarcastically, shutting the door. "Can I help you?"

"Perhaps you can explain to me how you came across the card of Slifer the Sky Dragon," he asked in frigid tones.

Jenni sighed as she felt Slifer rumble. "The card came to me, Seto."

"Why don't I believe that? Did it perhaps, come to you while you were inside Kame Game Shop?" He glared at her from the sofa.

Jenni snarled as Slifer's rage washed over her. "I didn't steal it! And I don't see why I should explain to you how it came into my possession. Its not like you care!"

Seto's temper flared as well. "All I know is that the god cards mysteriously vanished from Yugi's safe last week, right after you miraculously appear and befriend Mai and the others. And now it just happens to appear in your deck, the deck of a level five duelist with no dueling background to speak of? Yes, I find that highly suspicious," he yelled at her, standing up to his full towering height.

Jenni screamed. "You think I befriended Mai just to get close to the cards?"

He just glowered at her. "Yes."

Jenni glared at him, flinging open her door. "I wouldn't expect you to understand everything that has happened to me in the last week. I've lost everything I've ever had, no thanks to you or this god card that I never wanted in the first place!" she screamed at him. The injustice of the past two weeks had finally gotten to her. "I suggest you go back to your room and take the ice cubes out of your ass before I personally shove your duel disk up there!" she threatened. Slifer's rage poured from her, flinging Seto out into the hallway, where he landed with an undignified "Oomph."

Jenni slammed the door with such force that items fell, not only from the shelves in her room, but all the surrounding ones as well. Yugi and the others popped out into the hall to see what had caused the commotion, eyes widening at the sight of Kaiba on the floor.

Jenni was positively crackling with anger as she marched into breakfast. Fortunately, Kaiba had not yet appeared, giving her time to cool down before Zane joined her. She had gone to visit Slifer after she had thrown Seto out of her room, and the towering dragon helped to relieve her rage at his accusations. Or really, Slifer had tried rather fruitlessly to calm Jenni down as she stormed around the temple, wreaking havoc on the already decaying structure.

Zane appeared with a smirk on his face. "I left an ice bucket full of large ice cubes outside of Kaiba's room this morning. I hope he gets the hint," he laughed. Jenni smiled reluctantly.

"He'll probably think I put it there," she muttered.

"No he won't. I signed it from Obelisk and me," Zane chuckled. Jenni laughed in spite of herself, which only worsened as Seto chose this moment to storm into the dining hall, red-faced with the ice bucket in hand.

"I believe this belongs to you," he snarled at the somewhat straight-faced duelists, slamming the bucket onto the table before going to get some coffee. Jenni and Zane looked at each other, and burst out laughing even harder, Zane so much that he fell out of his chair. Jenni cried, she was laughing so hard, because Seto looked like he was going to come and kill them both any moment.

By the time they both finally settled down and finished their breakfast, everyone else had entered the hall. Mokuba avoided Jenni's eyes, which sobered her quickly. She hadn't lied to him, but she felt horrible about deceiving him in regards to the God cards. She would try to explain it all to him later.

Jenni looked over at Zane as the buzzer sounded, indicating that the semi finals were about to begin. They rose to their feet as one and walked out of the dining hall towards the dueling arena.

Zane and Jenni led the way into the hall, where they briefly shook hands and wished each other a good duel before climbing into the pods. Zane cried, "Ice cubes to the victor," before his pod closed, earning them both a dagger-filled glare from Seto as they erupted into laughter.

End Notes: Ah, short, no duels. Gotta love it. Anywho, just some transition until we get to the duel next chapter. A reviewer did ask why Yugi didn't defend Jenni… the answer is that Yugi doesn't really know Jenni yet. Hence, she still gets to argue with Seto, who knows her better. However, rest assured that that will all be changing soon, for Yugi, Jenni and Zane all have some serious talk-time coming up. Oh, and fyi, I've decided to drop the whole once-a-month big update thing, because quite frankly it'll take me forever to get through all these stories if I hold them up like that. So that means I'll be updating more frequently, and spending this month (and the rest of the down time from work) building up a back log for the rest of the year. Here's to hoping, anyway.