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To Save the World

"Then we believe the same thing." I say as he lightly fingers the cross hanging around my neck. He places his thumb on my lips and I kiss it softly. Then he climbs into the bed with me and wraps his arms around my body. God, it feels so wonderful to have him hold me. It doesn't take long for me to fall asleep and when I do--for the first time in months--it's a dreamless slumber.

I wake up to the shrill ringing of the telephone. Mulder's awake too because the ringing stops and his just awaken scratchy voice fills the air. "Hello." He says quietly, I notice that he doesn't say 'Mulder' as usual, but then again he is a wanted felon now. And who the hell would be calling at 6:00 in the morning anyway.

"Where?" He says flatly, he must know who the other person is. Either Dogett and Reyes or Skinner. But then again that can only mean one thing.

Something's wrong, something's very wrong.

"We'll be there as soon as possible." He says before hanging up. Then he turns to me, a worried look in his eyes. "Something's happened."

"What?" I ask coolly, trying hard as hell to keep my composure, by the grace of God succeeding.

"I don't know for sure. It was Dogett and Reyes, they want to meet us somewhere. They said its important, very important."

"Are you sure it was them?"

"Yeah. Im sure."

"How?" I know I sound contradicting, but I've got to be sure its them. He's got to be sure it's them. Our lives depend on it. Everybody who dwells on this earth depends on it.

"Will you please just trust me? It was them."

"Mulder, of course I trust you. What I don't trust is that you actually talked to them and not a super soldier. Did they say something that can prove that its them?"

"They said 'it' Scully."

"Care to elaborate?" I ask although I know what 'it' is.

"That stupid thing you and Reyes came up with."

I give him a blank stare before continuing, even though I know what he's talking about I want to hear him say it. "And that would be exactly what?"

He gives his best 'why me?' look and continues. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me."

Although I try not to--not much but still--I laugh loudly. Monica sent me an e-mail a month or so ago with that saying on it. Since then it stuck, the soul purpose of using it? We knew how funny it'd sound to hear them saying it. And how horrified they'd be because they had to. Were evil. So what? It's so worth it.

"Ok…lets…go." I say through gasps for air.

Mulder has not told me where exactly were going but we checked out of the hotel and took our things with us, so im sure its far. I flip on the radio and almost start crying at the old song that's playing. I shut it off immediately and stare out the side window.

"Do you not like 3 Dog Night, Scully?"

I sigh profoundly, "That's not it, it's just…I used to sing that song to William. It just brings back memories."

"Im sorry I--"

"Don't be. Im not. They're good memories. At least I have them. You don't, well all of two days."

"Scully, we already went over this. I understand, you did it to protect him. I've done things to protect you that I didn't want to. But they were necessary."

He receives no answer, but I do take one of his hands into mine and give it a gentile squeeze. We stay like this for over three hours.

"How much farther Mulder? We've been driving forever."

"Not that much longer Scully, be patient."

15 minutes later we pull into what looks like a large farm, a very, very large farm. I can see Monica and John sitting on the porch. When they see us approaching in the car they stand up and walk towards us.

I quickly get out of the car and run to Monica giving her a large hug. She returns the favor and then motions for us to go inside. We follow her into the living room and sit down on the couch. "Where are we?" I ask, still a bit perplexed.

John answers, "My uncles farm. There's over 40 acres. But that's not why were here, this use to be part of the underground railroad, a very large part. There's a network of tunnels and rooms spanning under the entire 40 acres. It was all dirt then but during the Civil War it was all updated. Cement floors, steel walls. During those years the Confederates used it as a place of refuge, when they were traveling and needed a places to sleep. Or when somebody was hurt, there's some kind of medical facility or something down there too. It's got lights, running water, heaters. The works, what can I say, my uncle is a paranoid man. I called him last night, apparently he's heard of you Mulder. And unlike most he happens to like you. Believes in aliens and all that. He said he'd be happy to let us stay here. The house is huge in itself, 11 rooms, all big. 8 bathrooms. 2 living rooms, 3 studies and a library. The attic is huge as well. Every rooms furnished. My uncle lives about 15 miles out of town, he said he'll have food shipped to us every week through a reliable source, no names, just him and a friend with a truck. Skinner's coming down with all your X-files, the Lone Gunmen are coming down as well. Set up their little office thing here, and Skinner's going to stay. It's only a matter of time before they realize we helped you escape." He pauses turning to me, "Monica called your mother. She's coming down here to live with us as well--"

I cut him off, "What about Bill and Charlie? She's just going to leave them without saying anything?"

Monica speaks up, "She said that they've got their own families to take care of, its not like she saw them that much anyway. Christmas was about it. Charlie's overseas and Bill's in California. Were closer to him now anyway. If she wanted to go see him there'd be nothing stopping her, nobody would suspect it. She also said that you and her are closest anyway. She couldn't imagine never talking to you again."

John finishes with his story, "Were going to work out of here, if there's ever the threat of somebody finding us we'd know from 20 miles away, where the LG are going to set up security cameras. Two people will be awake at all hours monitoring them. The entrance to the underground bunker type thing is in the farmhouse out back. It opens solely by a remote, there's only one. It's hidden in the library. I'll let all of you know the location. Its all soundproof and there's no way to detect it--"

"How paranoid is your uncle exactly?" Mulder says with a laugh.

"Like I said, very. He said he knew something like this would happen sooner or later. But since we need someone on the outside he's happy to help. Him and my two cousins, and his source. Which--although he thinks I don't know--is his brother-in-law. So its all in the family. If there's even the slightest chance somebody's coming the farmhouse is only a few hundred feet away. We'd be there before they could even see the house. Like I said, 40 miles underground. There's no safer place we could be. Skinner and the LG will be here tomorrow with Mrs. Scully. She's already contacted Scully's brothers and let them know what's going on. Although she has not told them where she's going or why. She just said she'd be able to contact them but they wouldn't be able to contact her, unless it was through a false name on the internet. Which she's already picked out and given them. There's some for you two as well. 3 different names in all. That way you can switch every so often. The LG are bringing web cams so they can see you. And scanners, digital cameras, the works. Everything they've got."

"You guys really thought of everything didn't you? And in only one night."

"What can we say, we didn't sleep at all. Lots of coffee goes a long way. There is just one more thing that might be of interest to you. Some people that contacted us."

"Who?" I ask before a shrill crying fills the air. Wait, I know that crying. That's William's crying. Oh God, William.

Im up on my feet before I know it, and so is Mulder. He didn't get a long time to have Will's cries stick in his mind but I think he knows that its his son.

A women and man walk out of the hallway, a small kicking bundle in the woman's arm. I gasp and feel my legs give way. Mulder holds me up though, and my legs start to regain their strength. The woman walks over to me and places the bundle into my arms, Mulder's arms still wrapped around me. So that know our family is complete.

"Im Hanna Van de Kemp. This is my husband Alan. The other day we got a threatening phone call and while we were out one day our home was broken into. A neighbor called on our cell phone and told us, said the people were still there. She called the cops and we stayed at a hotel, not even going home, because of this threatening call. Well the next day the neighbors called again, said that the two police men who had gone to our house were killed and not to return. They themselves were leaving, although they lived a good mile away. I remembered on the adoption papers that it said the parents were in the FBI, so I called them. They directed me to AD Skinner, and he informed me of your situation. Were giving him back, on one condition. You allow us to stay here and watch him grow up, maybe even let us be the God-parents. It hasn't been very long but we've grown to love William. But we know that nothing can break the connection he has with his birth parents. If its not to much to ask, please, we could help with your cause. I for one believe in the things we've been told. We'd like to help."

Im so shocked that I cant speak, my mouth hangs wide open. Mulder notices this and as if he can read my mind speaks the same words im thinking. "I'd say that's the least we could do for you after all you've done for us. Taking care of our son and bringing him back to us. Of course you can stay. We'd be honored. God-parents sounds wonderful to me."

"Thank you." The man says hugging his wife with the arm that lay around her shoulder.

William coos in my arms and I look down at him, his fathers hazel eyes gazing back at me. I run my hand through his unruly red hair and let him grab on to my finger and hold on for dear life, he's small stubby fingers wrapping around mine. Then I realize that I've hand months with my son but Mulder's barley had 48 hours. I kiss Will lightly on the head and give him to Mulder. Mulder holds him almost awkwardly at first but then paternal instinct takes over and his awkward hold disappears and loving arms take over. He smiles down at Will and I can hear Will's excited giggles as he looks once again at his father.

I look over at Monica who has tears brimming her eyes, I then realize that I myself am crying. I turn back to the Van de Kemps and I give Hanna a hug. "Thank you." I whisper softly into her ear before walking to where Monica stands and hugging her as well. Right about then a soft footfall startles me and I turn to see Gibson. He smiles at us, and without saying anything I can tell what he's thinking. I don't have to be psychic to understand that look. I give him a hug as well before walking back to my son and his father.

Picture perfect.

The rest of the day is spent touring the home and underground safe area. Not every room, for there's well over 200 but we see the medical room and the main conference type area. After picking out the rooms we'll be staying in we eat and go back to the large living room. After watching the news and seeing Mulder's face all over it we turn off the TV and decide to talk. I still have a few more questions.

"I don't get it Dogett, this place is huge, that underground safe area is huge. How did your uncle do all this? It must have coast a fortune."

"My uncle is a very wealthy man, his dad came into oil. Lots of oil. He took over the business and is one of the biggest producers in the country."

"Were are we?"


"Texas? Oh, wow. What about everyday needs, we need baby clothes, more linens, towels, clothes, entertainment, things like that."

"Its all covered Scully. We thought of everything. One of my cousins wife is the owner of the local Wal-mart. Everything we need from clothes to movies will come from there. Even the LG will be supplied with a few of their best computers. It's a small town, nobody will even notice. Trust me Scully, everything's under control."

At this point Will's sleeping in my arms and Mulder's got his own arms wrapped around my body. I notice that John and Mon are sitting very close to each other, not close enough to touch but still. Closer than most friends would. I remember when Mulder and I were like that, denial. We sat that close then. Maybe even closer.

Now though, his warm arms are protecting me, and our son, who's--like his father does--snoring lightly. I crane my head to look at Mulder, "Listen, like father like son."

He chuckles softly so he doesn't wake the baby and rubs Will's hair. Will coos in his sleep and turns in my arms. I hold him closely never wanting to let go. A key turning in the door takes everybody's attention and both Monica, Mulder, and Dogett take out guns and aim them towards the entrance. A very stunned mom walks in and looks over at me.

"Tell them to get them damned things out of my face will ya?" She says with a smile, "I'd like to be treated as part of the family."

Never forgetting William in my arms I run over to her slowly, when she sees the sleeping bundle her face brightens. Her eyes sparkle and she looks at Mulder, then back at me.

"Is it?"

"Yes." I say slowly and hand Will over to his grandma. He awakens by the movement but when he does he smiles and makes cute little baby noises. After a few incoherent words 'gam' comes out. He's already called me momma and Mulder da a few times, but this is the first time I've heard him say 'gam'. I wonder how he knows its us, I mean he's not even a year yet. Close maybe, but not yet.

She looks up at me the tears freely falling, "I had no idea."

"Me either."

Skinner pops his head in the door with a smile I've never seen him have before, "I take it you met our little surprise."

"Yes, I don't know how to thank you."

"Don't it was my pleasure. The least I could do for you after all you've done for me." And then surprisingly he hugs me, "I've always thought of you more as a friend than an employ. Even Mulder, if you can believe it."

I give him a small squeeze back, "Same here."

Then the 3 stooges walk in, one after the other carrying big bulky boxes. "Hey anyone going to help us?" Frohike says in that small mousy voice of his. Mulder, Dogett, and Alan walk outside to help them.

"I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow." I say to mom.

"We had a slight change in plans, had to leave tonight. Walter's secretary Kim called him, said there were men looking for him and if it was her she'd leave immediately. They were suspicious of her as well. She's out in the car, wanted to come with us. She was scared that they'd come after her too. And since she has no family, and is an only child not to many people will notice. She's coming in now I assume."

Sure enough Kim comes trudging inside with some bags, suitcases it looks like. She smiles at me and puts her things down, then gives me a tight hug. "Agent Scully, how good to see you."

"Im not really sure the Agent is accurate anymore. Either Scully or Dana. Please."

"Ok, how are you doing? Skinner told me about your son…congratulations, its wonderful."


The rest of the night is filled with talking and laughter, and then planning. There's one empty room that were not sure what's going to be done with yet, were guessing it will be Will's when he gets older. I smile when I look at Mon and Dogett, and suggest that it could also be used for any other children that will be had along the way. Both of them blush but say nothing. I can tell I hit a nerve, but not a bad one.

Maybe when it comes to those two there is more than meets the eye. Right before going to bed she pulls me aside into the library.

"Can I trust you with a secret?"


"Well, ever since that who ordeal with Audry Pauly me and John have been well, dating. Last night before coming here we…well…got married."

"What!" I say a bit loudly. I cover my hand with my mouth to hide my laughter then take it away. "What?"

"Well, we always knew we would sooner or later, and last night was really the last chance we would ever have, without using a fake name. He proposed in the hotel room, didn't have a ring though. He said he's going to buy me one a bit later on, when we make the announcement for real. Until then I'll be staying in his room, but you cannot tell anybody. Its being kept a secret. Until everything calms down. Just help me sneak in?"

"You do know Gibson has to know about this don't you?"

"I've already talked to him. He's keeping his mouth shut."

"I'll help."

There's no problem getting her into Dogetts room, its actually pretty funny if you ask me. I tell her that I'll wake them up in the morning and help her get back to her room undetected. Then I go back into the room Mulder and I picked out. The Van de Kemps had a small bassinet that they kept in their car with them and William is sleeping soundly in it. Mulder's sitting up on the bed reading those Godforsaken files. When I walk in he puts whatever he's reading down and nods towards Will.

"The kids asleep. What do you suppose we do?"

I simply raise my eyebrow before climbing into bed with him. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night.

The next Morning

7:32 am

Im awaken to Mulder's hands running through my hair. I jolt out of the bed and walk towards the room Dogett and Mon are sleeping in. I knock lightly and Mon opens the door, her hair unruly. I smile at her and she at me. "Nice hair."


I raise my eyebrow and bring my hands up to my hair, from what I feel it must look pretty bad. I laugh silently. "You should get back to your room, before somebody sees you. And I suggest a hairbrush."

"Same to you."

"Yeah, I'll take you up on that. See you for breakfast."

At breakfast I allow Hanna to feed William, I've already accepted the fact that she's been a part of his life for the lighter part of two months now and will be for the rest of the time we'll be here. I've already allowed her to he the God-mother and feeding him is among those duties. From what she tells me he started teething heavily around a week after they adopted him and from him biting on my finger this morning I could tell his teeth are coming in strongly. After she feeds him she hands him back over to me--I've already finished my breakfast-- and I burp him. Then I decide to take him for a walk outside, Monica comes with me.

As we walk I silently sing to him, "Jeremiah was a bullfrog. Was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he said but I helped him a-drink his wine, and he always had some mighty fine wine." I hum the rest of the song allowing Monica to talk.

"What you said last night about children got me thinking, I want children but im not sure what John wants. I haven't told him this yet but before all this happened, around 4 days ago, I took a test. It came back positive Dana…im pregnant."

I gasp at the new information. "Congratulations! Im so happy for you. Who cares what Dogett wants, there's nothing he can do about it now. How far along are you? Do you know?"

"Probably a little over 2 weeks now. I should tell him though right? Before I start to show."

"Well yea, do you want to hold Will? You know practice? I'd be happy to let you."


I place him into her arms and she rocks him slightly. She whispers soft words into his ear and hums what sounds like amazing grace. I watch this exchange silently and when Dogett comes out she hands Will back over to me and takes him aside. I stay outside to congratulate him afterwards, she says a few words to him and he takes her into his arms and spins her around. He puts her back down but doesn't take his arms away. Although im a bit far away I can see that he's crying just a bit. I walk inside to let them have some alone time. Looks like their secrets out now.


John's uncle came by and dropped off an extra refrigerator seeing as we have a lot more people than expected, and some food that'll last a bit over a week. His cousins wife, Becky, brings over some needed things. Clothes, baby toys, shampoo and body wash. She brings Monica some prenatal vitamins and maternity clothes for when she gets bigger. John's been beaming all day and it makes me wish Mulder could've been there during the earlier parts of my pregnancy.

The LG have already set the cameras up 20 miles outside the parameter, they also put up lasers around the parameter of the cameras, then further in just in case. We've made up the system for watching at night. There are 6 different pairs of people, Mulder & I, Mon & Dogett, Mom & Skinner, The Van de Kemps, Kim & Gibson, then the Lone Gunmen.

Every other week we'll rotate. Each pair will stay up for 2 ½ hours, from 12 until 7:30. Then the next week the second rotation of 3 will stay awake. In that order.

We got everything situated, since Mon and John's secret is out they're now sharing a room, and we have two empty ones. I still can't believe how big this house is. Not only are there 11 bedrooms, many different studies and living rooms, a huge attic and 8 bathrooms but every single one of them are huge. So this is what its like to live the good life, well except for the being in exile thing.

The LG have given us our e-mail aliases. We each have 3 of them, mine are Laura Petri (go figure) Jodi Starling (combination of Jodi Foster and Clarice Starling. Mulder says that I look like her in Silence of the Lambs) and the last is Katherine Fox (kind of speaks for itself doesn't it?) Mulder's are as following, Rob Petri, John Smith (commonly used name…lots of John's and even more Smith's) and Bill Fox (didn't want to take the risk and put in William…so they used Bill instead) I'd say they're pretty good aliases. Bill and Charlie had to get fake names too…lets see Bill's is Marc Emerson, and Charlie's is Paul Lewis. Their e-mails are waves@marcemerson.com mailto:waves@marcemerson.com, one of those personal addresses and stars@paullewis.com mailto:stars@paullewis.com, another personal address. I sent an e-mail to Bill under Laura today and Charlie under Katherine. I told them that I loved them and that mom says hello, and will send them an e-mail soon. But I used no names and no places. Just strictly mom, you, the family, or I.

I just hope Bill's not totally pissed and will write back.

3 weeks later:

7:54 am

Im starting to think that there's something wrong. Well not wrong, just different. I've been getting sick lately, hiding it from everybody else, using the only bathroom nobody ever really goes in. It doesn't have a mirror in it. I asked Becky yesterday to come by again today and bring a home pregnancy test. I took it, and it came back positive. I took two others and they said the same thing.

Im going to have another baby. Another miracle. How is it possible?

I rushed to Mulder as quickly as I could and told him, he got one of those goofy looks on his face and drew me into a huge hug. After he let go we went and found mom, who was talking outside with Skinner, the only other person here remotely close to her age. We told them the good news and they congratulated us. Mom was almost as ecstatic as Mulder had been. But then again she--like everybody else--at one time thought I would never have kids. We quickly made our way around the large house and the last place we went was the attic. Or more commonly known as the Lone Gunmen headquarters. This place has more electronics than radio shack.

Kim's up there, she's good with computers so she's been a help to the LG not to mention for the past week or so she and Byers have been seeing each other. I know the other two are kind of resentful but their happy for him. With what happened with Suzanne we all thought he'd never be in a relationship again. Its good that now he can.

After we give them the good news we go back downstairs, where Hanna and Alan are with Will and watching TV. The reports on Mulder have died down a bit, but they're still looking for the missing AD Skinner, his secretary Kimberly Wolf, and Special Agents Monica Reyes, John Dogett, and Dana Scully. Not to mention they people who they think aided in their escape, John Byers, Melvin Frohike, and Greg Langly (Ok, ok. Sue me I don't know Langly's first name!) Thank God moms not on here, Bill would have a heart-attack. It also says that the above are wanted for helping a wanted felon escape from a high maximum security facility.

Looks like Kersh got away free. Go figure. But, that's ok. I would rather not have to live with him…I think we'd have to keep him underground.

We haven't had any scares yet, thankfully, and with the help of John's uncle and cousins we've gotten some magnite samples. Im trying to find a way to break it down so that it can be released into the air supply. Im not exactly sure how to do that yet, but I've got close to 10 years to figure it out.

I hope.

2 weeks later:

Monica's starting to show just a bit, not to much she's only just now pushing towards 2 months. Me im just now getting on 3 weeks. Not showing yet. Pretty soon though, im just excited that Mulder will get to see me during my pregnancy this time. He's already become the overprotective father. Doesn't let me do anything, although a few times I sneak into the bunker to do work, he follows me most of the time though. Its sweet but at the same time smothering. John's been doing the same thing with Monica.

Mom told me something interspersing yet disturbing the other day. It looks like her and Skinner have--as she puts it-- 'hooked up'. 'That's great mom' I had said, 'my mother and my boss. Just peachy. Wonderful mental picture if you ask me.' Mom got a look, 'Dana Scully don't get sarcastic with me.' That had been the end of the conversation. So all the women are now taken and there's a lot of unhappy males. Becky's two sisters and brother are coming to live with us though. Hanna's sister, and Alan's sisters too. They're going to stay in the underground bunker thing. I think some more people are coming too, but im not sure. That's from what I know, 5 new girls and 1 new guy. Then there's a few more I think that I don't know about.

After talking with John and the Van de Kemps I find out I was wrong. Becky does have 2 sisters a brother coming down but also her brothers wife, and her niece and nephew. Who are twins and around Gibson's age. The Van de Kemps do have 4 combined sisters coming, and the married sisters husband and infant daughter, and 2 year old son. So more around Will's age, then the coming babies. Also Hanna's sister, Nicole, is pregnant. So after calculating I've figured it out, and that's 13 actual humans. And a 6 month embryo. Plus the two on the way with us already.

Byers and Kim are getting pretty serious, its really sweet. And then there's mom and Skinner, who I try and avoid when together. It's still a bit strange when my mom tells me she's going to be spending the night in my former boss' room.

Ugh, BAD BAD BAD mental picture.

3 weeks later:

Now im starting to show, we've taken countless Polaroid's (because we can't risk getting pictures developed) and sent many to Charlie and Bill. Surprisingly, Bill's happy for me. I think he still hates Mulder but now that I've got one child with him and one on the way he knows he cant do anything about it. I got pictures of my nieces and nephews and we feel safe enough to arrange a trip. Bill and his family are going to fly into Huston. Where they've got friends they're going to stay with for about 2 days. Then John's uncle, Ken, is going to pick them up and take them here, after stopping at a hotel overnight. They're going to change cars on the way just to be safe. Since Charlie's going to be moving back to California in 2 months he'll come visit us around then.

Tara's pregnant again too. 4 months. She'll be 5 when she gets here. That's all the men around here need another pregnant lady. We've got 3 now. Mon, Nicole, and I. When Tara gets here its going to be a hormone frenzy.

Im getting closer every day to finding out how to get the magnite into the air. I've broken it down into different components and now all I have to do is find a way to get them into the air. Maybe mix them with steam, but even if that works I've got to find a way to do it in large quantities.

The LG have been a godsend, their freaky friends have been getting any UFO sightings, or unexplained phenomena to make Mulder happy. He spends close to 4 hours in the attic each day, but that only helps me get more work done. Monica's been helping me a lot. Kim too, Hanna tries to help and she does a lot of the time, but she doesn't know as much as everybody else. I mean Kim at least knew the little that working for Skinner brought. And Mon was on the X-files for a while. I've been filling Hannah in on everything I can think of. It's a lot to take in but she believes what I tell her and tries as hard as she can to help.

Ok, im going to take a stab at all the people living here. Above ground we have of course, Mulder, me, Will, John, Monica, Mom, Skinner, Gibson, Langly, Byers, Kim, Gibson, and Frohike. Plus the two on the way.

Then below ground is when it gets tough. I've written down names in a journal type thing and study them everyday. Im still don't know everyone's name yet.

Becky has two sisters here, Ashley and Amanda. Ashley is 26, and Amanda is 29. Amanda is divorced and Ashley has always been single. Amanda I have just found out is with child as well. Right before her and her husband broke up. 2 months or so I think. She hides it though. Becky's brother Ryan and his wife Vikki. They have twins, 16 years old, boy and girl. Tru and Nathan.

Then Hannah's sister Nicole, who is just over 6 months pregnant, her husband Mac, their 2 year old son David and 10 month old daughter, Charity.

Alan has three sisters, they're all older than he is. Faith and Melody are twins and 37, Diane is 38. All three of them are single.

I think that's it. Yep that's 13 people, 2 on the way. Plus the other 2 on the way is 4. We've got a 6 month pregnant woman, 3 month pregnant woman, and two around 2 months pregnant women. Then a hell of a lot of women, 13, and 10 guys. Plus we know that Nicole is having a girl. The rest are anybody's guess.

Good thing this place has more than 200 rooms.

2 weeks later:

9:32 am

Ok, so now im 2 months. There's just a bit of poof, but Nicole's getting bigger and bigger by the day and Mon is trailing right behind. She's 3 and a half. If we had the right kind of machine then we could find the sex. I had to learn that in med school.

Which brings me to my next thought, am I going to be delivering these babies? Nicole maybe. I'll only be around 4 months. But Monica? No, I'll be almost 8 then. And I for sure cant deliver Amanda's. She's about the same as I. If I can get somebody to help with Monica then she can deliver mine (again) and Amanda's. Since she's the only one who's actually ever done this before.

Were going to need to steal a lot more shit from Wal-mart. This will be a lot easier than delivering in that damn church or whatever it was.

Bill will be here soon. Oh, I cant wait to see my family! I know mom's missed them too. But she seems really happy with Skinner. While that brings a disgusting mental picture im happy for her. She deserves it, after Ahab was pulled away so abruptly. She needs this.

I think Gibson likes Tru. I mean her and Nathan are the only teenage contacts he has. And they are the same age. Tru's very pretty too, dirty blonde hair, deep brown eyes. Looks like her mother a lot.

Will's getting so big. He turns a year old in 2 days, and im glad Bill will be here to see that. He can speak so well now, he walks everywhere. He's happy now that he has somebody to play with. Charity is a beautiful little girl. Deep brown hair and her eyes are a pale blue, almost gray. But not dull, shimmering. And then David is so playful. He looks just like his sister, only lighter hair.


Oh my gosh. We've got new news. Kim has just informed everybody she's 2 weeks pregnant. What is this place? The breeding grounds or something? I swear that makes 5 pregnant women so far. 5!

Langly cut his hair…its more of a crew cut now. It doesn't look bad on him, it looks better than that hippie thing he had going on. I think whatever he was trying for worked. Cause Diane likes him, I think she did before but she approves of his new hair.

Frohike's going after Melody. It's funny, I mean they talk a lot but im not sure if she likes him like that. Frohike looks so much like a mole, you know those small animals that burrow in the ground. It's mean I know, and I hate myself because of it, but true.

Poor David's all alone, and his aunt Faith. Bill's got a teenage daughter though, Meagan. She's only 14 though. Can't really say too much about Faith. I think John's cousin is around her age. I think his name is Chance. Matt's 16 now. Im a bit upset that I can't see him mature into a grown man but im glad I can see him at least.

They should be here in 2 hours.


Bill and his family just arrived. 4 kids, 8-16. Matt's 16, Meg is 14, Julie's 11, and Bill Jr. is 8. What surprised me was that when Bill got here he hugged Mulder. Even called him Mulder, instead of him normally calling him Fox, because he knows that he hates it. Mom still calls Mulder Fox, but that's because Mulder doesn't mind it coming from her. He told me that even if were not actually married he sees her as his mother.

I haven't told her this yet, but im sure she knows.

Bill and his family are going to be staying in the two empty rooms, and since mom and Skinner share a room now there's another empty room. So that's 3 rooms. Bill and Tara in one, Meg and Julie in one, and Jr. and Matt in the 3rd.

All their things are situated and were sitting in the living room when Bill starts (all the kids are outside, searching the underground bunker…for the thousandth time) "Dana, we've heard some things on the news. We were wondering if they were true?"

Deep sigh. "Depends on how you look at it. We--of course--helped Mulder escape…but he was innocent, they were going to kill him. I couldn't let that happen. Then the only reason they did the other thing was because we left, with all the X-files…3 of the FBI's best agents, an important AD and his secretary. Im sure they didn't like that too much."

He nods his head, he actually believes me.

"Bill, did you have an epiphany or something?"

This time Bill sighs, "Well. I saw something strange one night. I guess epiphany works, it happened suddenly, and changed my point of view."

"On what?" Mulder asks.

"Your work. Dana's work."

"What did you see Bill?" Skinner asks from next to mom.

"Lights, in the sky. I asked the men the next day if there were any experimental aircraft in the sky the night before and they said no. Then the next day I saw them again."

That certainly peaks Mulder's interest. Mulder and all the other guys (including Gibson who's the only teen inside) go into Mulder's study. Where he's put all of his files. His is the biggest. The second biggest is Skinners, and the smallest Dogetts. They don't very much in size though, but Mulder does have more things (with all the files) than the other two.

My study is huge, it's the room next to the make-shift doctor's office in the bunker. All of the women's are down in the bunker. But that's because our work is different. All the women are helping me. The guys are working on finding the bad guys, were working on how to kill them. Two different projects that rely on each other so profoundly. It really brings it around full circle.

So the kids come in once again and we talk. Will sleeping in my arms, Charity in her mothers, David running around on the floor. Jr. and Jules are watching Rugrats and Meg's listening to her portable CD player. Nathan, Tru, and Matt are talking in the kitchen. Gibson's of course with Mulder and the others. Then again he's not your normal 16 year old.

Gibson comes out later and talks with the others his age. Meg joins them and they all play some sort of game. UNO I think. At around 10 all the younger kids are put into bed and the 16 year olds and Meg are getting close to going to bed. Although none would openly admit it. Around 11 the guys have moved up to the LG headquarters and us girls have gone into the bunker. To work as well. We had to take all the kids with us seeing as they cant be watched with the guys upstairs. And right now I think Frohike and Langly are watching the security cameras.

We don't get too far with work, but then again its only for a bit over an hour that we work. Everybody then goes to bed and we drag out sleeping kids into the house. Will snores louder now, its cute though. I think that I wouldn't be able to fall asleep if I couldn't hear his snoring. I know im quirky. But hey, I lost him for awhile there, anything that reminds me I've got him back is fine with me.

1 week later:

Bill and the family left two days ago. I miss them already. It's strange Mulder and Bill became friends in 5 days. But im happy. Charlie will be coming down in about two months as well. We'll have to be extra careful with Bill coming and all.

It's now official, Mulder and I are engaged. Im so ecstatic but I know that until after all this is over we can't get married. Although if you asked me we've been married ever since we met, or so it would seem.

Were making progress in work. I've actually evaporated the magnite into steam and released it into the air. It doesn't look like it makes a difference but you can smell it. Now, would it work?

And I still have to find out how to do larger proportions. Its not good if I can only do one regular sized rock. I need more. I need enough for the whole earth. Everybody on this mortal coil needs to breath in this air, but would it kill the super soldiers?

We've got to find a way to test this theory out.

2 weeks later:

We've found out a way to break down much larger quantities. Now to find out if it works. Then we'd have to find out how to release it into the air. Airplanes maybe, I could use my brother's help. News from Charlie puts them on an air force base in California, so we could always have him get some friends to help.

Yeah, that'd work out, 'Hi guys my sister--you know the one wanted by the FBI, well she and her fiancé, a wanted felon, have found a way to kill all the aliens. You wanna help me dump this gas into the air? It's invisible, nobody will know.' Oh yeah. I can see it all now. They'd throw Charlie into the psychiatric wing of the local hospital.

Nicole's getting over 7 months, im not sure if I'll be able to deliver her. I've asked Becky if she knows any doctors who would be willing to come and help the lot of us with our pregnancies. We'd pay the person, and that's five to deal with.

She said she'd look into it. Im waiting now for an answer she's coming by today. With some things from Wal-mart. I don't know what we'd do without that woman, she's helped us out a lot.

We got a few pets. 2 dogs and 2 cats. The kids love them to death. The dogs are golden retriever puppies and the cats are Persian kittens. The guys made a make-shift doghouse outside and they'll sleep there when they're older. But for now one sleeps at the foot of our bed and the other with mom and Skinner. And one of the cats sleeps with John and Monica, the other with Byers and Kim.

Ever since that Armaru case with all those cats I haven't really been fond of the species. But these are so fluffy and white. They look really fat but its just because all the hair.

Byers and Kim have announced their engagement. Mulder and Byers both got a jewelry store magazine and picked out engagement rings for us. John and Monica picked out engagement and wedding rings. I think mom and Skinner are thinking about marriage. Good for them, I think if they did I'd call him dad. I miss getting to call somebody dad.

The next day:

Becky came over and good news, she's found a doctor who's willing to come live with us. John's uncle said that he'd pay for it.

Bad news though, now I have to share an office with a man. I was fine when it was just us girls. But Dr. Sullivan doesn't know a thing about our work, he'd mess things up. I mean he is only 31. Only a few years of med school.

But we do need a real doctor, not just somebody with a license. It was a miracle we did so well with William.

Becky said he's going to bring everything he needs for the deliveries. Including an epidermal. Thank God, when I had Will it hurt so damn bad. Also, he's bringing an ultrasound machine so all five of us pregnant women and the daddies can see the babies.

I talked to Bill, he said those lights he saw came back again. They just hovered there in the sky for over two hours. I wonder what's going on over there.

2 days later:

"What's wrong Scully." Mulder calls from the kitchen. "You've been really quiet lately."

"Yeah Dana." Monica calls from sitting next to John on the couch, "Your worried about Bill aren't you?"

"From what I hear everybody is. I don't think its safe for them anymore. Bill's already past the amount of time he put into the service. He was only supposed to go to 40. He's almost 43. I think that he should retire and come here."

Mom smiles, "I like that idea. With his connections in the military he could find things out, then come here and help, we should e-mail him."

"Not today, I just e-mailed him two days ago. We should wait awhile, make sure everything's safe."

I look at Mulder who's been silent through this ordeal. He's got a look on his face that I cant guite make out. "What's is it Mulder? I thought that you and my brother were finally getting along with each other."

"We are, but that's not it."

"What is it then?"

John looks at his wife and then at Mulder and me, "I think I know what it is, Dana, yet another pregnant woman."

Monica slaps him playfully on the arm.

"See what I mean? They're all trouble, the whole lot of them."

"Well, you got me this way. I didn't hear you complain when it was happening."

Hanna laughs at this as she comes in from the kitchen. She hands Will back over to me and looks over at Monica, "They never do."

Tonight is going to be wild though, were having a meeting in less than two hours. All 27 of us.

God help us, 27 people. And 5 more on the way.

2 hours later:

We meet down in the bunker, the meeting room is huge. It's got 5 couches and 4 loveseats, not to mention 3 recliners. Not to mention and spanning the whole north wall is a giant white board. There's a computer hooked up to the TV and a projector. Then if anyone should get hungry a refrigerator stocked full of food, and for the rugrats 2 beds, one in each of the corners in the back of the room. The rooms at least 18X18.

"I've got to ask again. Just how paranoid can one man get?" Mulder asks from next to me on the blue loveseat. Im holding Will in my arms whose playing with some toy that Becky brought.

"Beyond the point of no return." John says with a smile. "Trust me, the man is nuts."

"So, why exactly are we here?" Ryan (Becky's brother) says looking at me.

"Well, we haven't really been discussing what we've learned. I know nothing about what you guys have found or haven't found. Do you know where there are any Super Soldiers? Where are the most UFO sightings. Things like that."

Langly is the first to answer, "Well, as you already know the most UFO sightings are in California. At the naval base your brother works at. There's been more than 10 sightings every few hours, most people report hovering, some report flashes of lights and then nothing. And as for the Super Soldiers they're being well hid. None of us have heard them, none of our liaisons have heard from them."

Alan is the next to talk, "What about you girls? What progress have you made so far?"

Monica laughs loudly, "much more than you have, that's for sure."

Mulder huffs and looks at me. "Well, what have you found out?"

To my surprise Hannah is the one to answer him, "Well thanks in large part to Dana we've broken down the magnite into its various components."

"And what are those exactly?" Nicole's husband Mac asks.

I sigh deeply, "Well. Were not all that sure. One thing that's apparent is steal, but in most part the things I've seen from breaking it down are unknown to me. They're organic, I can say that much. But I just don't know anything further."

Mac nods and his wife says, "Notwithstanding Mac, Dana did find a way vaporize the magnite and all we really need to find out is how to release it into the air without anybody knowing it."

"Nevertheless," Monica adds, "we need to know if it works above all things. That's where you guys come in. We need to find Super Soldiers--even one--to test this on. We've got to know if it will kill them, if we don't find out and release it into the population at the last minute were screwed. Poof, goodbye world, hello aliens."

Tru looks up from where she sits playing with Charity. "She's right you know. If you guys don't make sure 100% it all goes to hell."

"Tru!" Vikki scolds.

"No." Ryan says defending his daughter, "She's right. We have to be absolutely positive. No room for guessing. I'll admit us guys could be working harder, now that I've seen what you've women have done in such a short amount of time. Although, there are more of you."

"Yeah well most of us are a little challenged when it comes to hard work. Especially Nicole." Monica says defending us pregnant women.

"She's right." I smile, "I wouldn't say challenged per se. More like, preoccupied."

"Ok, so what else is there to--" Mulder starts but when Frohike and Diane come running into the room he stops dead in his sentence looking at their flushed faces worriedly. "What's wrong?"

"The…alarms…went off…" Diane says.

Frohike finishes for her, "Somebody's coming."



(Evil laugh) Cliff hanger, don't you just hate them?

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