To Save the World

Part 19
I was ready and waiting when he called the next day. I informed him that we were all in an agreement, it was time the world knew what was really going on. All that he had to do was get them their evidence; we would take it from there. He told me that he would do the best that he could, but he wasn't sure how much that would help them. The syndicate had the two "aliens" under lock and key. Only the highest members had access, and Kirtschgau was low on the totem pole. Almost as low as they come.

We began planning, how we would tell everybody, when we would tell them, and what we would tell them. Mulder argued that they should only tell them (them being everybody) certain parts of the truth. Ironic, in a way, the man that had searched for the hidden truths his whole life now wanted to hide the truth he found. I, on the other hand, thought we should tell them everything, leave nothing out. If the world was going to know, they should know it all. And not just the sugarcoated version. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Monica, John, and everybody else agreed with me. We would tell it all.

Kirtschgau contacted us a week later, he had a plan. He would need some help carrying out his plan, but he figured it out. He knew where they were being held, and with the help of three certain computer geeks he could break in with no problem and with the help of a few former FBI agents and an AD he could break them out. I wasn't too fond of Mulder being a part of that equation, but if it meant no longer living in fear, I was up for it. Mulder promised me he would stay safe...I trusted him to keep that promise.

Two weeks later everything was set, the date, the hour, even the second it would happen. The Lone Gunmen would hack into their system, shut down the power, anything and everything they could screw with they would. Then, Kirtschgau, Mulder, John, and Dad would pair off, Kirtschgau and Mulder, John and Dad, and each pair would get their evidence. John and Dad would go after the alien; Mulder and Kirtschgau would go after the super solider. Each had an antidote to use if need be, each had been injected with both, keeping them free from any danger of being overtaken by the evidence.

Monica, Mom, Kimberly, and I were to stay at home, watch the kids, and wait for the men to call. It didn't sound very glamorous, but they had another job. While the men gathered the evidence, they would begin the process of spreading the word. Ever local TV station would be called every newspaper, every TV talk show. Most wouldn't give what they had to tell them the time of day, but the few that would was what they were aiming for. They only needed one TV News channel to believe their story, come when they asked them to, and eventually the world would know.

I was anxious, when the men left. I couldn't stop shaking, I admit, what was about to happen scared the hell out of me. I kept my cool though. They only thing that kept it that way were the children. I knew I couldn't let them see me falter, I had to keep strong so they didn't know something was wrong. They were young, but they were smart.

Nearly 10 hours later, they called me. The plan had worked. They had barely made it out, but they had. They had their proof...our proof, sedated and out cold, tied up in the back of the Lone Gunmen's van. The girls and I had our jobs finished as well. Channel 8 News, Channel 12 News, The Tampa Sun, and The Sunshine State Weekly had been the only ones to take us seriously. Channel 12 news was a countrywide, live TV station though. They would be at our house in 8 hours, roughly the same time Mulder and the others would arrive.

My nerves were shot. I couldn't stop pacing, I drank all the coffee I could get a hold of, and I was still shaking. Mulder called me up again, we talked for nearly the whole time he was on his way back. He was nervous, like me. He was doubtful that we would believe. I was willing to take the chance. Also, it turned out that we didn't actually have an alien in our custody, rather a man who had been taken over by the black oil. That worked even better.

Mulder and the rest got there before the news stations did. I was happy for that. Mulder and I sat on the front porch the whole time, huddled together, waiting. The first reporters to show up was with a newspaper, the Sun. They started asking questions, but I told them we wouldn't answer anybody until the rest had shown up. They asked for proof, I told them to be patient.

By the end of the hour everybody who had said they would be there arrived, and more. The whole front yard was filled with people. I was shaking even more. What if Mulder was right? What if they wouldn't believe us? Our cover could be blown for nothing. Was I really ready to risk that?

Yes, I was. Because, I knew that at least somebody would believe us. There would be somebody, somewhere who would pick up where we left of, provided we fail. The battle could still be won, even if we weren't on the front lines.

At 10 in the morning it was time. Mulder and I got up from our seats and stood in front of the crowd. A few people recognized us, whispered to each other, furiously wrote things down. I cleared my throat, and dozens of eyes focused on me.

"Hi," I began, my voice shaking, "if you don't already recognize me, my name is Dana Scully. Former FBI Agent Dana Scully." I inhaled deeply, catching my bearings. "The reason you are here today is because it's time the world knew the truth. Whatever happens next is entirely up to you, everybody who lives on this planet. I am here today to tell you the truth, the truth about extraterrestrials, the truth about the men who have been keeping secrets from the world, the truth that I believe the world is ready to know." I turned around, Monica's sign to get John and Kirtschgau...they would bring the proof with them.

God, I hope I'm right. I hope the world is ready to know.

A/n: seriously, that's it. I hope nobody is disappointed with the ending, but, you ain't gettin' anything else. You take the end of this story and run with it, whatever floats your boat is how this story ends. We could win, we could loose, we could forever be in the struggle, us vs. Them. That's it.