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James and Lauren sat in McGonnagal's office in a deafening silence. McGonnagal seemed too angry to say anything. James shifted uncomfortably in his seat under her stare. The door behind them banged open and someone walked in looking furious. It wasn't Dumbledore however. It was worse. Much worse.

"You. Get outside with me now!" Harry demanded, pointing a shaky finger at James. Lauren gave him a sympathetic look, before James got up and followed his father out into the hall. Once they were alone, Harry spun around and looked his son in the eye.

"I sometimes like to fool myself into thinking you had some sense in that brain of yours. But now I realize I was being a complete idiot." He said in a low, angry voice. James stepped back a little. Harry went on, pacing backwards and forwards in front of him.

"I still can't believe it James! I mean, do you realize that....'

"I could have been hurt or killed or anything else. I know dad! Lauren was with me remember?" he said. Harry frowned a bit, and it looked like he was trying extremely hard not to smile.

"Do you realize how this could affect your mothers position at the ministry? I mean, imagine what's going to happen when they hear one of the School Governor's son's went back in time illegally! You'd better hope she doesn't lose her job." He said. Harry stepped back a bit and let out a breath. "You're also bloody lucky I'm here instead of her." He said. His eyes were twinkling. James smirked.

"Look dad, I really am sorry. I'm taking full blame and everything. But I don't care if I get a year's worth of detentions. It was worth it." He said in a defensive tone. Harry deflated slightly and pushed his glasses back up.

"Yes, I'm sure you thought it was smashing good fun. But you know better than to mess around with time. I thought Hermione had drilled that into your head enough." He said, running a hand through his hair. James chuckled.

"Yeah.' He looked back at the door of the office. 'I hope she isn't getting fried in there." He said.


"Now Miss Weasley, I know I don't have to impress on you the serious of this situation." Lauren looked up at McGonagall and shook her head.

"No Professor. You don't." she said quietly.

"And I'm sure you know that I am rather disappointed at your actions, with you being Head Girl and all." She went on. Lauren's bottom lip quivered.

"Yes Professor." She said timidly. She held back the tears, afraid of what was coming next.

"So, detentions for both of you. Now, Sunday's you have Prefect meetings, so....'

"That's it?" Lauren asked, hardly daring to believe it. McGonagall looked a bit taken back with the interruption.

"What do you mean, Miss Weasley?" she asked, looking over her glasses at Lauren.

"You mean....I get to keep my Head position?" she asked. McGonagall's lip twitched slightly.

"Well, I don't think I can take your Head position on an act that you had no intention of participating in in the first place." She said. Lauren let out a sigh of relief as James and Harry walked back in. James sat down and looked at Lauren. She gave him a discreet thumbs up and he smiled.

"Well, I trust you will deal with them appropriately Professor. No doubt a years worth of detentions." Harry said, clapping the two of them on the back.

"I will take them with pride Uncle Harry." Lauren muttered. James snorted and McGonagall sighed.

"You two are far too much like your parents for your own good." She said, looking at Harry. Harry chuckled.

"Tell me about it. Well, hopefully the next time we see each other, it will be under better circumstances.' He nodded respectfully at McGonagall. He looked back down at the two teens. 'And expect howlers tomorrow from your mothers." Harry said casually. He kissed Lauren and James on top of their head and walked out.

"Well, as I was saying, you will both be serving 2 weeks worth of detentions. Don't give me that look Mr. Potter. I think it is extremely fair. Given the circumstances you are very lucky not to be expelled." She said, as James gave a sour look. Lauren hit him on the arm.

"Yes, we are going to do it, and we're going to enjoy doing it. Aren't we James?" she said. James chuckled.

"Yeah, sure." He said. McGonnagal gave them one final disapproving look, before excusing them from her office.


"Well, that went well." James said, throwing an arm around Lauren's shoulder. She glared mockingly at him.

"Do you really not feel bad about what happened?" she asked disbelievingly. James snorted.

"Of course I do. But there's nothing a good sense of humor cant sure." He said, smiling. Lauren smiled at him. He was always turning a bad situation around into a good mood. Lauren missed that about herself.

"I've become far to serious." She announced. James looked slightly taken aback, and then he recovered.

"Now you're getting the point." He said.

"After we've done out detentions, I think we should sneak out of the school. Go spend the night in the basement of Honeydukes and make ourselves get fat." She said in a final tone. James laughed.

"There's my rebellious Lauren! Good to see you again!" he announced. Lauren smirked.

"Well, you hang around with your 17-year-old parents and you're bound to get a bit rebellious." She chuckled. James nodded.

"Amen. But come on, be honest. Behind all the irritation and bossiness, did you have a good time?" he asked. Lauren sighed and smiled at the cheeky look of expectance on his face.

"Ok, fine. I admit it! I had fun." She laughed. James smirked and kissed her on the cheek.

"Well done. I think you're cured." He said.

"Thanks for that Dr Phil." She said. James chuckled.

"Hinky Pinks." He said at the portrait of the Fat lady. She smiled and swung open. James let Lauren through first and when they entered, they were greeted with huge applause.

"Wonderful J! I couldn't have done it better myself!" yelled Tristan. James laughed and shook hands with him as Lauren was dragged off by her roommates for a full detailed story.

Tristan Haddow was James's best friend. They had not however started out that way. Half of their first year they had sent hating each other until one day, they both snapped and beat each other to a pulp. As they stood there staring at each other, they burst out laughing and had become best friends ever since. Lauren of course was part of this group. James and Lauren were practically inseparable.

"This is going down in the history books of Great Gryffindors. Right up there with the adventures of the Great Marauders and the Weasley twins!" Tristan laughed, holding his hands out in front of him. James snorted and sat down on a couch with him. Lauren finally escaped the clutches of her roommates and sat down with her two best friends.

"So, come on! How was it?" Tristan probed.

James and Lauren looked at each other, smiled and began their story.


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