Lizzie had no idea where they were going or how far they had gone since they left the beach. She didn't know what had happened to Cody or how long it would take for anyone to know Cody or she happened to be missing. She knew that they would find her and she would survive whatever Tyler did to her. She kept thinking of J.D. and what he had said to her earlier that day. He had wanted to help her and now she didn't even know if she would see him again. The thought of never seeing anyone ever again was scary, but Liz knew that she could get away. They would find her and she would be home with them.

"Tyler, you can't get away with this."

"Lizzie, we are supposed to be together. You said that there wasn't anything we couldn't work through. I know that I haven't been there for you, but I don't want to give up on us before we actually figure out it doesn't work."

"So kidnapping me is how fixing this is going to work? You go to jail while I sit and wait for you to come out? Tyler, give it up. You have lost your mind and you've lost me. I don't love you anymore. I can't love you when you are like this. You scare me when you get like this. I wanted to talk to you, but you were always off with other people and doing other things. I can't spend time waiting. I can't take the abuse or the pain."

"Damn it; see there you go again saying all those negative comments. All we need is us. We just need to be alone just the two of us and time. I am not going to give up on us. I want to be able to spend the rest of my life loving you. I know that I've done things in the past that haven't been great, but I'm past that and soon so will you."

Back in the tower Cody was coming to. He felt the pain shooting through his back and neck. He opened his eyes and looked around. He knew he was in the lifeguard tower. He grabbed the phone and called for help. The operator answered and said that they were sending the medic truck out to him with Mitch and J.D. Cody hung up and started to stand when he saw the note and read what it said. He knew it was Tyler and he was going to find Liz. The truck arrived in ten minutes and Mitch helped him down to the back of the truck.

"What happened, Cody?"

"Tyler, he has Liz. He was in her tower…I never saw her, but he has her. He took the truck and locked me in the tower," he said handing him the note. Mitch read the note while J.D. assessed Cody's injuries. They got in the truck and headed back to headquarters. Everyone was waiting for word. Hobie ran out to meet them and Mitch told him about what happened. They all stood in the middle of the parking lot in disbelief. They called the police who said they would send someone over. J.D. helped Cody even though he was upset with him. Taylor, Mitch, and Hobie were sitting in the office. Mitch had called Liz's mom to tell her what happened. She raced over to headquarters as soon as she could.

"Mitch!" yelled Gail

"Gail!" he said walking over to her

"My baby's been kidnapped? How?"

"He was in her tower and took her."

"We'll get her back mom," said Hobie hugging his mother.

"Mitch, I am sorry I couldn't stop him from taking her,' said Cody walking up to them

"Hey, you did what you could. Don't beat yourself up over this. We'll get her back. J.D. did she say anything to you about Tyler when you were together the other day?"

"No, we didn't really talk about him. I didn't want to upset her. "

"It's ok."

"Mitch and everyone else talked to the police and waited. Mitch took Gail and Hobie home for the night. He told everyone to get some sleep for tomorrow. J.D. went with Mitch and Cody left to go back the apartment. They all felt so helpless knowing they had no idea what he looked like or which direction he went. They knew eventually he would have to ditch the lifeguard truck, but until the police tracked it down they would all just have to wait.

"Hobie, go get some sleep pal," said Mitch when they got home.

"She's going to be OK," he said to him mom

"I am sure she will," said Gail sitting down on the couch.

"You want something to eat?"

"Mitch, you don't think he'd hurt her?"

"I don't know Gail, but she's strong and she's survived so far."

"I had no idea he was such a bad guy. She never told me anything about him."

"Hey," he said holding her

Nobody slept that night. Everyone was still waiting for word for anything from the police. Cody was sitting in the living room in the dark when J.D. finally walked in with Manny. They both collapsed down on the couch next to Cody.

"I should have fought harder,"

"Hey, you did what you could. Lizzie is strong and she knows that Tyler isn't going to kill her, but the longer she's with him the more violent he is likely to become. Damn it I should have walked away from her this afternoon."

"Guys stop. Blaming yourselves isn't going to help Lizzie come back here any faster. I mean look at me. I was going to ask her out before and now I may never get the chance," said Manny. Cody and J.D. stopped and looked at him.

"You were going to ask out the Elizabeth Buchanan?" said J.D.

"Yeah, I mean she's been with worse, right?"

"Manny, listen man, Lizzie isn't just a girl you ask out like you are in high school. Besides I don't know that a new relationship is what she is looking for. She's a pretty high class woman. Not to mention the stipulations that comes with dating her. Dating the Captains daughter is serious business. You would be risking your career and your life. Mitch is a hard guy to please when it comes to Liz. Trust me we know, you remember having to be investigated by Hobie and Mitch on your first date?" said J.D.

"Are you kidding me Hobie was worse than Mitch was. I mean I had to lay out every single detail for him even kissing her. At least by the time the third date came around Liz stepped up and stopped him. She's tough too. I mean she didn't like something you did she told you."

"I can do that piece of cake," smiled Manny. J.D. and Cody laughed and threw pillows at him.

"Come on guys, Lizzie wouldn't want us sleep deprived so we can't do our jobs in the morning."

Everyone slept for the most part. In the morning everyone seemed to be at headquarters earlier than usual. The police were still looking for the truck. Taylor took over with most of the work assigning towers and making sure that people were still doing their jobs. Everyone did their best to stay busy. Mitch's ex-wife was still at his house. Mitch took the day off to be with Gail in case the police called him with news. Hobie went into to work knowing that Liz would want him too.

"Morning," said Mitch walking downstairs to find Gail making coffee.

"Morning," she said leaning against the counter.

"No word?"

"Nothing so far, I sent Hobie into work. Taylor called to say not to worry she could handle things."

"How are you doing?"

"I'm doing ok, didn't sleep much."

"I keep playing yesterday afternoon on the beach. I should have taken her back to her tower. I knew that it was too easy. I shouldn't have let down my guard."

"Stop. Blaming your self isn't going to bring her home any faster. What do you know about Tyler?" she said sitting down at the table. The police wanted them to think of all the times that Liz told them about Tyler. J.D. was working with a sketch artist to get a profile out on Tyler since he's the only one that had seen him.

"She called me a couple of times to say she's met a guy who she liked. He seemed to really care for her from what she told me. They were supposed to be coming to visit last week, but something happened and they couldn't make it. I would have never guessed that he'd been hurting her physically. She always sounded so happy on the phone."

"Just like her father, really good at hiding her feelings from people."

"I just hope that he hasn't hurt her by now."

"She's strong like her parents. She's going to get through this," said Gail taking his hand in hers.

Meanwhile Liz and Tyler had stopped at a local motel and ditched the truck. They'd checked in under an assumed name that Tyler made up. He sat Liz down on the bed and took of the blind fold, but didn't untie her. He wanted to make sure that she wouldn't escape him. She hadn't said anything to him for most of the ride.

"Where are we?"

"We're in a motel outside of town. You hungry?"

"Tyler, I don't know what you think you're going to accomplish by dragging me here, but I'm not doing it."

"We're together Liz. We can do whatever we want. I love you and I'm going to take care of you. What do you want to eat?"

"Burgers," she said knowing that arguing with him would only set him into a rampage.

"I'll be right back there is a burger joint down the street," he said unplugging the phone and taking the cord out. He grabbed her and tied her to a chair to make sure she wouldn't run out on him.

"Tyler, this doesn't trust me,"

"Well you don't have the greatest history of staying put now do you?"

"Tyler we can work this out. You don't have to do this."

"Yes I do. Now shut up," he said putting a gag in her mouth. Tyler walked out of the room and Liz tried to get free, but the cord was cutting into her skin. Her cell phone was in her bag which was in the closet. She would have to be careful about everything she did around Tyler. He was psychotic and anything would set him off. She sat there thinking of her family back home searching for her. They had dumped the truck off in gas station a couple of miles back and gotten into another vehicle. They would find the truck, but would they even know where to start looking for her? Liz closed her eyes praying that it would all be over. Tyler knew that he had screwed up, but he had come too far to just give up now. They want her back then they would have to come and get her from him.

"Will that be all? Mister?" asked the guy behind the counter

"Yes, that will be all."

"A lot of food for one man."

"Actually my wife is over at the hotel waiting for me."

"On vacation?"

"Yeah, just passing through."

"Well enjoy,"

Tyler walked back over to the hotel to find Liz still tied up to the chair. He smiled at her and untied her. He gave her the food and they ate together. Liz knew that since Tyler cared for her that she wouldn't starve to death. She felt sorry for him mostly that he couldn't get past her, but at the same time it made her realize that he did care. She had imagined their future and when she looked back on the last few months she didn't really understand what went wrong.

"Tyler, you said that you wanted to talk?"

"Yeah, I wanted to tell you that all the things that you accused me of weren't true. I never was with another woman when I was away. My Aunt was dying so I was going to see her."

"Nice try,"

"Lizzie, I know that I haven't left you with the most trustworthy image of me, but I never intentionally hurt you."

"Tyler, I think we just got going in different directions and instead of addressing the issue we fought over it."

"I just don't understand why you left so abrupt?"

"Tyler you would spend nights at the bars getting drunk and come see me. You hit me on more than one occasion. I ended up taking care of you more than I wanted every time you'd get in trouble I would be there to bail you out. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to leave."

"Lizzie…I am so sorry."

"Tyler please we don't have to do this. Let's just go back. I'll tell them it was a misunderstanding."

"No, we aren't going back. Damn it Liz I love you and I am going to prove to you that I can be the only man you need."

"Tyler I need all the men in my life. I need Hobie and Dad. I need Cody and J.D."

"No, those guys are just using you. They failed at making you happy. They don't get another chance, but us? We belong together."

"Tyler, J.D. and Cody love me and they wouldn't kidnap me to prove it. Please just take me home."

"No, now shut up and eat."