Acoustic #3

Prologue: "They painted up your secrets"

Twenty Two year old Lucas Scott walked into a run down diner in the small town of Wexford South Carolina, and took a seat at a booth towards the back of the restaurant.

He wiped his forehead as sweat dripped down his face.

He had picked a perfect place to stop. He was driving down from New York where he went to school at Columbia, where he was planning on majoring in English, to Florida where he was to attend Nathan and Haley's wedding.

Nathan and Haley had both attended college in San Francisco, and then moved to Miami, after graduation. Lucas was the only one who had chosen to go to grad school.

Nobody knew anything about Brooke. She had gone to LA seeking fame after high school, and lost touch. And then there was Peyton, she was another story. She had left early in her Senior year after the death of her father.

Nobody knew where she went, or had heard from her since. Her leaving became a sore subject in thr town of Tree Hill. After she left you would still hear the name "Peyton Sawyer", around town occasionally, until it became less and less and eventually just faded out.

Lucas took Peyton leaving harder than anyone else, although he wouldn't admit it. He continued to date Brooke until graduation, although he was never able to give her his heart. What he got out of the relationship was physicality, that made him feel normal again after Peyton leaving. While he is able to push her out of his coherent thoughts she often torments him in his dreams. Not torments him in the sense that she comes to him and attacks him. The torment lay within a smile, or a tear, that he believe he would never see again… until that day…

He heard a soft humming coming from behind where he was sitting. The song sounded like the itsy bitsy spider and without even being aware of it Lucas began to sing along.

"The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout…" He sang softly, or at least what he thought was soft until he heard a giggle come from behind the booth.

Lucas peeked over the edge of the booth and stared down at the top of a curly blonde head. The child was sitting in the booth behind Lucas with crayons sprawled out in front of him, but he was only using black…

"Your picture is good." Lucas said to the little boy.

"Thanks." The child said without looking up from his work.

Suddenly there was a voice that called out to the child.


The voice was familiar to Lucas. Peyton? No, he was just hallucinating. It had been a long drive and he was tired… right?

He was broken out of his reverie when the little boy bolted past him, and out of the door. And he saw him hop into a car… that car… Peytons car…

Nathan sat there until the waitress came over.

"You okay?" She asked him

"Yeah… 's just that kid left his stuff…"

"Aw Spencer, he'll be back."

"How do you know?" Lucas asked

"His mother works here." She said. "May I take your order."

"No." Lucas drew out gruffly. "I will wait for his mother to serve me…"

"But hes dropping him off at school, it may be awhile-"

"I said I'll wait." Lucas said somewhat snapping at the waitress but too caught up in his thoughts to care…

Was that Peyton's son? It was the only explanation, unless he was going out of his mind. And if it were Peytons son… that means it was his son too… right…?