Title: Separation Anxiety

Authors: Rose & Cat

Rating: NC-17; PWP

Pairing: Battousai/Misao/Kenshin

Summary: Kenshin and Misao's quest to find tofu takes an unexpected turn when they are stranded in an abandoned cabin due to a dangerous thunderstorm. An accident occurs that brings unbelievable results as Misao and her rurouni face off in an intimate battle with non other than the Battousai himself.

Disclaimer: We do not own the characters of Rurouni Kenshin. They belong to the great Nobuhiro Watsuki. All hail Watsuki-sama!

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"I told you it was going to storm, Himura..." Stated a half-hearted voice from behind sheets of rain."But, noooo... we needed tofu..." With an omniscent look in her emerald eyes, Misao trailed behind her red headed friend, her limbs falling into a distinct rhythym.

The rurouni sighed, his right hand clenching the handle of the wooden bucket which contained said tofu. Knowing that the quick summer storm had been well on its way, he had hoped it would hold off long enough for them to return to the Aoiya. The low echoing rumble of thunder, however, told him otherwise.

'First Kaoru-dono would chastize us for forgetting the tofu, then for being out in the rain and returning soaked to the bone...'

As they continued the companionable trudge back toward the Aoiya, the bottom of the clouds gave out with a sudden groan, allowing the pent up downpour to fall down upon the hapless victims, dousing them with icy drops of rain. The rate in which it fell increased steadily until not even Kenshin could see but a few feet in front of him and was having only to rely on his ability to sense ki in order to advance. By now, Misao had moved closer and was clinging to his faded pink gi in order to not get separated from him.

Kenshin was thankful for the sheets of rain around his face, as they hid the heated flush he could feel sneak into his cheeks. The warm feel of a woman's flesh against his own, the same sensation denied him for the past decade, was distraction enough on top of the steadily thickening rain and his necessity for balance. Her proximity seemed to cloud his senses, dulling the extras he had added to his collection over the years.

Kenshin looked down at his Misao, who was clinging to his gi as if her life depended on it. She had her face buried in the folds, trying to keep it dry. Kenshin noticed how warm her body was against his, how her long, midnight colored hair clung to her wet face. He started thinking about how nice it would be to hold her, to whisper in her ear, to kiss her soft lips. He just-but no, now was not the time to be thinking these things. Now was the time to find shelter from the rain.

As he looked around, he saw a brown shape, looming in the distance. They advanced and he saw the distinct slope of a roof. Drawing even closer, he realized it was a small shed. He pushed open the door with a creak, and poked his head in.

"Hello?" He called. Without warning, Misao threw the door open and ran inside, pulling Kenshin behind her.

"ORO!?" He cried at being handled so roughly. Misao let go of him, and threw herself down on the earthen floor, thankful for finding a dry place to rest.

"Himura, I'm hungry. Let's eat the tofu," she suggested after a minute.

"But what of dinner at the Aoiya tonight?" he inquired.

"We'll buy more!" Misao replied, jumping to her feet.

"Alright," Kenshin gave in with a sigh.

"So, hand it over." Misao stated, holding out her hands for the bucket.

Kenshin blinked. It was then that he noticed the distinct lack of wooden bucket in his hands. It had been there before they'd gotten to the cabin, he was sure of it. "Ano...Misao-dono. I don't seem to have it, that I do not." he replied, a slight note of alarm in his voice.

"Himura! You lost it!?" Misao's small frame shook with anger.

"Uhm…" Kenshin started.

"Go find it!!" Misao whacked him hard on the head.

Once outside, Kenshin surveyed the area for anything that looked remotely like the bucket he had been carrying. The rain continued to pour down, making the task increasingly difficult and so the rurouni moved to stand beneath the overhanging limbs of a nearby tree. He had just leaned against the smooth trunk of the tree, when suddenly; he heard a loud crash, followed by a bright jagged flash of light streaking across the sky above him. The spidery tendrils of wild electric current stretched out and down, colliding with the tree he leaned against. Instantaneously, an enormous pain jolted through his body. There was a momentary sound that rended the air, alluding to two separate bodies hitting wet earth, and then, Kenshin blacked out.

Misao sat on the cold dirt floor, muttering to herself. "So hungry….what's taking Himura so long?" she wondered aloud. She heard a familiar creak and looked up. Kenshin had just come through the door, head bowed low and empty handed. Misao jumped to her feet. "Where is it Himura!?" she growled.

Kenshin didn't reply. Instead, he kept his head down, his hair covering his face. "Himura!? Answer me!" Misao tried again to get a response as she stepped closer. She was about to shake him, when his arms shot out, grabbing her by the waist.

"H-Himura?" she stuttered, shocked. His hands moved lower, down her back and into forbidden territory as his mouth opened, his face coming towards her. That's when she saw his eyes. His amber eyes.

She gasped as he forced his lips against hers, pulling her lithe body closer. She struggled, moaning in a mixture of protest and pleasure. What the hell was Himura doing? And what was with his eyes? He held her tighter, and at her next gasp, his tongue entered her mouth.

Just then, Kenshin's voice came from the doorway, "Misao-dono!?" He yelled. "What? Release her immediately!"

Utter shock bolted through him as Kenshin saw himself holding the woman of his dreams. But, in truth, it wasn't really him at all.

This man was different. A high pony tail of blood red locks tumbled from the crown of his head, a chest adorned in a dark blue gi with a grey hakama hanging from his waist. The sight was far too familiar.


Golden gaze flashing, his former self lifted his head. A sickening smirk crossed the lips of the Battousai as an icy shudder tickled Kenshin's spine.


"What is going on?" Kenshin inquired, stress and force both rearing in his voice.

"Your guess is as good as mine, rurouni."

Rage flaring in his chest, Kenshin took a stern step forward as the man opposite him pulled Misao full against himself, a waiting hand resting at the small of her back.

"What do you think you were doing with Misao-dono?" the tamer red head demanded.

"Exactly what it looked like... Until I was so rudely interrupted." came the reply.

By now, Misao's head had managed to clear a bit after the mind-numbing kiss that had just been bestowed upon her. Kissed. She had just been kissed. By a man who looked exactly like Himura, but obviously wasn't.

She found herself anxious, yet unwilling, to look up and meet his gaze. The tangibility of his eyes moving over her body was nerve-racking, and the ever- present assumption that he might search for something more frightened her to a substantial degree. What could she expect of this stranger?

Her old friend's position in the tiny room was closing in on them, sending her a reasurring notion through the silence. Himura wouldn't let him come anywhere near doing what they both knew he intended to do.

"Release her." Kenshin spoke softly, though his words seemed to roar. "Now."

Spiting the rurouni, Battousai lifted a slow hand, dragging it through the air between the young girl and himself and closing the short amount of space. In a flash of lightning, Kenshin had his hand gripped tightly around the offender's wrist. As the mocking grin still danced on his double's face, both men's muscles tensed immediately, the pressure feeble beneath the equivalence in strengths.

Misao shivered as an exploring hand found its way up her arm and into the gaping sleeve of her ninja gi. Light circles being traced on her soft flesh wrung a moan from her throat. Kenshin's concentration wandered from his hold on Battousai's wrist to watch the protested ecstasy that she was being brought. As his firm grasp slightened, his former self took hold of the rurouni's hand, leading it down to rest comfortably against Misao's inner thigh.

Kenshin's violet eyes widened as a barrage of unvieled emotions flooded his senses. Without question, he knew just who they belonged to. The Battousai had always been carnal, while the rurouni had been more subdued, not allowing his desires free reign. Now Kenshin felt his other side's feelings toward the young woman trapped between them. He felt the want, the desire, the love... all of the things he himself felt for his Misao, but was too afraid to reveal. His eyes hardened. No more.

"What do you think you're doing?" Misao gasped. The response was without emphasis as she felt two pairs of lips grace the skin of her neck.

Her eyes drifted close as a pair of hands wrapped around her waist, another tugging gently at the knot holding her gi. With strong fingers nimble after years of swordplay, Kenshin's hands quickly had the knot undone, the obi loosening about her waist and falling to the floor. Her ninja gi was pushed aside as the darker man slid it down her arms, the garment hanging on her forearms like a shawl. Lips touched her collar bone, nipping the skin slightly and crawling to her shoulder.

Like butterflies wings beating lightly on her back, soft kisses trailed across it. At the same time, the hand which rested on her thigh began to move, squeezing and massaging lightly as it began to move in slow circles, spreading warmth into her body like a pebble thrown into still waters. Each ripple grew wider and longer until it finally rested fully against the juncture of her legs. Misao groaned as she quite literally collapsed, the only thing holding her upright being the fact that she was sandwiched between the two red heads.