Is it possible? Could there be one more survivor from Founder's Island? What else is in store for Seville and Miller's future? There's only one thing to do...Read and find out! The second chapter in the exciting saga based on the story "To Lose Yourself".

WARNING: There are certain scenes that may not be suitable for young readers. Some materials written in this story are based on actual phenomenon and conspiracies that are accruing world wide, please read with an open mind.

The Chipmunks were created and produced by Ross Bagdasarian and the Bagdasarian productions. I am not doing this for profit, just for fun. 


I've come to see you

we're going to lose

our senses

why do you shout

why do you make

our houses shake

and shake

you come up the beach

you call out our names

we're going to lose

our senses


I've come to see you

to try to make

you listen

Song of the Ghost Dancer, trans.

David Cloutier (Spirit Spirit, 85)

Unexpected Surprises Part 2

Written by Raven Child


What are you saying?" Alvin said, unable to believe any of this is happening, especially to any of his brothers. "These so-called kidnappers take only the smartest kids, like my brother, from schools? How are they doing this? Where are they taking them?" He paused for a bit to reflex on what is happening...he realized that Simon is gone, some stranger has taken him away without any reason. Not even a ransom note was left...Alvin felt sick in his stomach and only one thing was on his mind was Simon.

"I WANT MY BROTHER BACK!!" He finally yelled out in shear anger as tears began to fall from his eyes. Alvin hid his face in his hands and leaned back on Dave's chest. Theodore was also crying and Dave himself was practically in tears.

The detective kneeled down beside Alvin and placed her hand on Alvin's shoulder.

"What is your name, son?"

"Alvin!" He replied through his tears.

"Alvin, I don't know how they are doing these kidnappings, or why, but I promise you no matter what I'll bring your brother home safely."

"TO LOSE YOURSELF" - Chapter 3: A Parent's Worst Nightmare!


A Pathologist doctor waited secretly in a quiet parking lot. He carried a worried look on his face while he sits in the shadows away from public view. Silently he prays no one, but the person he is meeting, knows of his location. It wasn't long before McCormick's car pulls up and parked her car not far from where he stood. She opened the car door and took two steps; stopping near the location where he stood - in silence.

McCormick looks around to see where this mystery man that might have left the message might be. He watched carefully to make sure no one was near by or watching from a distance and that she was for sure, alone.

Finally the doctor steps forward.

"You were not followed?"

As he spoke, his voice nearly made the female detective jump out of her skin. "Ah, no...I made sure no one knew where I was going or whom I was meeting. What is this all about, now?"

"What I'm about to show you could cause me to loose my job or worse."

"Oh?" McCormick inquired as she raised her eyebrow. "Let me guess, what you are about to show me has to do with a Government conspiracy?" She started to laugh.

"Actually..." He was about to answer, but then paused. "Well, I'll let you have a look for your self and you can be the judge. But please, keep this information and our meeting a secret. Who knows whom maybe lurking or even behind this case? All I know is that I was strictly ordered to keep my mouth shut based on these findings. I'm not even allowed to call the homicide team to report identity of the child to his parents, in fact the child isn't even from U.S.A., he's from the UK...I swear this is right out of the 'X-Files'!" The doctor said as he started to wipe his forehead of the sweat that was becoming extremely visible.

"TO LOSE YOURSELF" - Chapter 5: The Most Important Clue!


"Face it Simon, I'm betting we are the only survivors from that Island! I mean Mary and the others wouldn't abandon us like this. They must have died somehow. We would have sensed them by now if they hadn't." Tom pointed out.

Simon hated to admit it, but he knew Tom was right. Simon just nodded in agreement with his friend.

"TO LOSE YOURSELF" - Chapter 20: Being Home Is Not Enough!


The Detectives storm out of the Medical Research Center, and they head straight for their car.

"How could this be happening?" McCormick whined when she stopped near the side of the car. She looked up at Costar as he stopped beside her.

"I don't know." Costar said, not looking at her.

"So many young lives. Just taken before they could really appreciate life. It's just not fair! Why were we so naive to just hand them the cure in the first place? I knew we should have kept it hidden till we had the chipmunks off the Island first. Then could have given it to them before they were taken to their homes!" McCormick said as she mentally began punishing herself.

"I know." Costar says as he bows his head for all the lost lives.

McCormick looks up at Costar then asks. "What about that one boy that they found in an ally in Seattle? The one they brought in while we were questioning the girl, Mary. Any update on his condition?"

"As far as I know...he's still in a coma." Costar then shakes his head and looks at his partner again. "It doesn't look good for him, I'm afraid."

"TO LOSE YOURSELF" - Chapter 21: The Painful Losses!


The couple entered a small cave; inside a small bed mattress lay near the back of the cave. Jeanette looked at Simon suspiciously. "Do I even dare to ask why you brought me down here?" She said with a smirk.

Simon started laughing, "Jeanette, I have more class then that!"

"So why are we here?" Jeanette wined.

"The last time I saw Mary-Anne alive was here!" Jeanette had a tense look on her face when Simon said that and watched him as he sat on the mattress. He leaned over and started to touch along the wall of the cave. "She told me part of the 'suicide' mission she and Jeff, Rob, and Mark went on. Then she showed me a black box and said if anything went wrong, that I should get Tom and the others and continue in their mission to expose the Founders for who they really are."

He paused for a second and regretted that his friends couldn't be here to help him with this part of the mission. Looking up at the wall of stones again, he continued the search for what he was looking for.

Simon was starting to get frustrated, until he felt one of the stones move. "Ah, ha!" He cried. "Anyway, I had forgotten about it during my first year back home, do to the fact that I suffered an enormous break down and went into a deep depression..."

Simon paused for a bit again as he moved the stone to reveal a hole in the wall. "The last couple of months I kept having this reoccurring nightmare. For a while I didn't know what it meant until a few weeks ago. That's when I figured out what it was trying to tell me something. I went downstairs to my study room and found in one of the cd's a key and a note. After reading the note I suddenly remembered this box and the promise I made to Mary before she left the Island on her last mission!" He said this as he pulled out a black box from the hole. "I also figured by coming back here I would find this box and get rid of some demons that still haunt me at the same time."

"What's in there?" Jeanette questioned as she sat down on the mattress beside Simon.

"Hopefully, some answers to a lot of questions." Simon solemnly answered.

"UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, PART 1" - Chapter 10: The Trip Back!


To their surprise the man started laughing as he slowly raised his hands and began to step forward into the light so the detectives could see him more clearly. The detectives could tell he was most likely very rich just by how he is dressed. The strange man wore a well-designed suit made with the highest quality materials. By his appearance he looked to be in his mid 50's to his late 60's and had a very evil and mistrusting look in his eyes. His hair had many silver streaks, but still maintained by its original black color around the back of it.

"I'm afraid, detectives, your investigation has come to an end!" He announced calmly.

"You!" McCormick screeched. She instantly recognized the man and is shocked to see him alive. "You are on of those Founders from the Island, aren't you?"

"Indeed I am. In fact, I was in charge of that entire organization." The man then frowned and glared at the two detectives. "That is until you two stuck your noses where they didn't belong." He then slowly put down his hands and walked ever so uncomfortably closer to the two detectives.

"Hold it right there!" Costar yelled. "Don't come another step closer!" The man then stopped and looked down at the two detectives with an evil grin. "Get your hands back up to where we can see them!" Costar yells again.

"How is it that you are and the other children drank that poison! You're supposed to be dead!" McCormick could not believe that she is seeing him here. It's like she is seeing a ghost or something.

"Ah, but my 'kind' are not effected by that poison." The man answered bluntly.

"You're 'kind'?" Costar questioned.

"Oh, yes. We are quite the 'unique' type of individuals, indeed."

"What are you talking about? Who are you?" McCormick asked.

The man let out a chuckle before answering. "Well, you know me as Mr. Grafton... But the question you should be asking isn't 'who', but rather, 'what'."

"UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, PART 1" - Chapter 13: Gone Too Deep!


Simon handed the phone to Jeanette. "Yes?" She sat there quietly and listened carefully as the person at the other end spoke. Jeanette took a big gulp before responding to the caller. "Ok, t-t-thank you, doctor!" Then she handed the phone back to Simon and he hung up the phone. Everyone looked at Jeanette eagerly, waiting for her to explain what the doctor just told her.

"Well?" Brittany cried impatiently.

Jeanette slowly looked up at her family and sighed, "She said...I'm pregnant!" She then looked at Simon and saw fear and guilt in his eyes, before he turned his head in shame.

"UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, PART 1" - Chapter 14: Oops!


After Simon and Jeanette said their vows, the priest said a few more lines then directed the young couple to now bring out the rings. Simon turned to look at Alvin as he struggles to pull out the ring from his jacket pocket. After succeeding he then gives it to Simon.

Jeanette turns to Brittany and watches her as she takes the ring off her finger and gracefully hands it to her. As they each placed the wedding rings on their left middle finger (being that they only have four fingers, including the thumb), the priest gets them to repeat the 'With this ring...I thee wed' speech. Then the priest announces that it was time to 'kiss the bride.' The audience cheers as Simon and Jeanette are now, officially, a married couple.

"UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, PART 1" - Chapter 17: Simon and Jeanette's Wedding!


"Ooh! I can't wait! This will be our first time ever leaving home and being on our own." Eleanor squealed.

"Does this have to be in Seattle?" Miss. Miller whined from behind them.

"I'm afraid so Miss. Miller." Eleanor said, turning to face her mother.

"This is one of the best Chef's course in the States. It will talk us through the all the lessons one needs to learn in order to run a restaurant business. And it even has a work experience program." Theodore chimed. "And besides, we will certainly visit during the holidays!"

"Not only that, but according to this the course won't start till next fall. That will give Theodore and me time to finish our courses in the Community College, and most importantly, we will be able be here when Jeanette and Simon's baby's born." Eleanor cooed.

Miss. Miller smiled then frowned. "Oh, but I'm going to miss you two so much." She sniffed then added. "I miss you two already."

"Awe. Miss. Miller, we will miss you two." Eleanor says as she reached over and gives her mother a reassuring hug.

"Lately you six have been growing up way too fast. Already Simon and Jeanette are married and about to raise a family on their own. I remember when you and your brothers were just little sprouts." Miss. Miller moans as she reaches over and pinches Theodore's cheek.

"Awe, Miss. Miller!" Theodore pouts. He hated to see Miss. Miller upset. "Eleanor and I are only going to be gone for only two years. And we will still be able visit during the holidays."

"UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, PART 1" - Chapter 18: Their Scholarship!


"Hello...? SIMON...! How did it go? Oh...hang on, I'll put you on the speaker!" Alvin says with excitement. He reaches to the main panel of the phone and pushes the button that activates the speaker so the whole room can listen and speak to Simon.

"Can everyone here me?" Simon says over the speaker.

"Yes!!" Everyone answers at once.

"Ok then, I would like to announce the arrival of three healthy baby chipmunks. At 3:54pm today, Vincent Seville was born. 4:05pm, Mary-Anne Seville, came into the world. Then at 4:14pm Tom Seville joined his siblings."

"UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, PART 1" - Chapter 22: It's Time!


"Mary? Mary, honey?" Simon gently shook her arm, but she still kept looking at the window.

"Sweetie...Look at me!"

Finally she slowly turned her head and looked up at her father.

"Mary, why did you tell Daddy to stop?"

She started to look away again as if she was trying to avoid the question.

"Mary, honey! Answer me! Do you remember why you said that?"

"The Angel told me!" She finally answered quietly, still looking at the window.

"An Angel told you?" Simon now really is confused. What on earth could she mean by that?

"The Angel told me if you didn't stop...a bad thing would happen!" She said again, slowly facing her dad in a shy manner.

Simon suddenly got a chill down his spin as he turned around and faced the wreckage in front of his car. The fire trucks and ambulance had just arrived; the police were still questioning the witnesses. "No kidding!" Simon whispered, not really talking to anyone in particular.

"UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, PART 1" - Chapter 32: Mystery Man, part 1!


"W-w-who are you?" Simon said as he tried to lean as far away as he could from the strange doctor.

"That's not important! What's important is the future they are planning for you. You mustn't allow them to send you to a rehab clinic! That would for sure mean your demise! You are a strong kid. You can beat this. I would suggest a counsellor instead; here's her name and number on this card. Contact her after you are discharged from this hospital." The mysterious Doctor said as he handed Simon a business card. Please, trust me! I'm trying to help you. Do you understand?"

Simon didn't really answer, just nodded as he accepted the card.

"Good! You're going to be fine. Till we meet again." And with that the strange Doctor left.

"UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, PART 1" - Chapter 33: Mystery Man, part 2!


"I've had it Jeanette! I'm not going to let these people run my life anymore! It's time that I take control! They have threatened lives for the last time, and to know that they are following us to where ever we go...?" Simon shakes his head in disbelieve. "Well, I am just not going to put up with it any more."

"Simon, what are you talking about?"

"Never mind...Stay here!"

And with that he marches straight up to the stranger. He wondered if he was the man from the park and at the accident scene or if he was the 'Guardian'. Who ever he is he will regret the day that he'd threatened Simon Seville. He reaches up to the man's arm and spins him around to tell him face to face on how he feels. Simon was about to speak when he suddenly recognizes him. His jaw drops down as far as it would go, and turns pales like he had just seen a ghost, which of course wasn't far from the fact. When he finally finds his voice.

"Rob...?" He says in a barely auditable whisper.

"UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, PART 1" - Chapter 34: Mystery Man, part 3!

...And now, Part 2, of "Unexpected Surprises"... Enjoy...