Gatekeepers 02


* * * * *

It is the year 2002. Thirty-two years have passed since AEGIS' war with the Invaders intensified, thirty-two years since the battle came to a head at the steps of Tokyo's Diet building, where the Invaders were defeated by the AEGIS Far East Branch Gatekeepers and banished from the world...or so it was believed.

It is also the fifth year of the resumption of AEGIS' shadow war, five years since the Invaders returned to the world. The Invaders have returned, more cunning and dangerous that they were in they past, and they are bent on destroying the world.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel: individuals called Gatekeepers, who posses the ability to draw power from an alternate dimension, the power that can defeat the Invaders. But they are not an answer for everything. Many of the Gatekeepers are teens, suffering from the same insecurities and dilemmas that plague their peers, and few if any have happy pasts, the price paid for having their powers.

Now, as the Invader threat grows, Gatekeepers from AEGIS Branches all over the world are being summoned to a conference on the Invader threat. For several in particular, this will be a time of trials...

...a time of tribulations...

...a time of uncertainty...

Only one thing is sure: the Invaders are multiplying, and if nothing is done, the world will soon be awash in the red tide of death. The Gatekeepers must set aside their differences and band together, or all will be lost.

They will unite...or they will fall.

Disclaimer and Information

Gatekeepers 02 takes place in a pararell world separate but similar to that of Gatekeepers 21, which is why it's here in the Gatekeepers archive. Gatekeepers and Gatekeepers 21 are the intellectual property of Studio GONZO, Kenji Gotoh & crew, and whoever worked on the original Playstation Gatekeepers Dating-sim/RPG. All hail to GONZO, for creating such a wonderful anime to mess around with (along with Vandread, Last Exile, Hellsing, Full Metal Panic!, and my personal favorite: Sentou Yousei Yukikaze).

Gatekeepers 02 blatantly disregards cannon as regards to the Gatekeepers 1985 novel and Gatekeepers 21 OVA, whereby in this universe the disaster that befell AEGIS in 1970 NEVER happened...though you just might see some familiar faces from here and there...

GK02 begins in late 2002, Prologue taking place in late August.


I would like to take this time and oppurtunity to thank a number of people who have helped and inspired me into this, my fourth fanfiction endeavor, and quite possibly the largest: aloofmonkey, who introduced me to the world of Gatekeepers one fateful July evening; Yamamoto Kou and Chrone, my ex-juniors, who helped bounce around an idea of a Gatekeepers fanfic, waaaaaay back in 2002; black gargie, for providing the foil for my first fanfic EVER (which shall remain hidden in my knapsack until 50 years from now); my friend and ex-senior Rachel, for introducing me to fanfics; Cool Blue Firefox, for putting up with my rants about Saiyuki (and me calling her Hakuryu); Sorceress of Blades, who gave support to this project while it was still in its infancy, and especially to everyone who has reviewed any of my fics: I write not only for myself, but for you guys as well!

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