A soul in the dark

My heart is locked my soul lies bare
My tears have left, I cannot cry.
My mind is dark, no thought is fair
I cannot breathe although I try.
And all the things that are around
I cannot feel nor see them all
My heart is locked, my mind is bound
My soul´s on edges soon to fall.
At times I hear a friendly word
Through deep´ning darkness on my ear
Know, that´s a voice, I´ve often heard
In times without despair and fear.
In times my mind no longer sees
As it was veiled in dust and smoke
A peaceful past in humbling peace,
In times gone by, before I broke.
I´m lying naked in the dark
No veil between the firey wheel
And my own soul although I hark
For peace and freedom I can´t feel.
I cannot walk, my stumbling feet
Don´t carry me and I fall down
I hope for peace, that would be sweet.
My heavy head on rocky ground.
My soul is bare and I am lost
And there´s a shaddow through my mind
I cannot walk, to high the cost
I walk on roads I cannot find.
I close my eyes but that won´t ease
The fear, the madness, nor the pain
I cannot feel the slightest breeze
Not warmth of sunlight, heat or rain.
I´m in the darkness, there´s no aid
Alone I am and soon be gone
I´d welcome death, but I´m afraid
Not stopping, trodding on and on.
My strengts have left, here I will stay
In this black land my life will fade
Before I have fulfilled my way,
Thrown down, not slain by any blade.
But as I lie there all alone
And shadow takes my soul and mind
I see right where I have been thrown
A friendly hand that I can find.
A friendly face that I know well
And friendly arms that hold my tight
A friendly voice that starts to tell
Of friendly places in the light.
I´m feeling safe within these arms
I want to be at peace and sleep
I know that there can be no harms.
Within these arms, these eyes that weep.
The shadow stays but it retreats
To wait until I´m unaware
My heart is heavy but it beats.
No one can harm me, Sam is there.