"Uh, yeah?"

"Save me. Now."


"Wipe that look off your face, I'm serious."

"I ... it's just I imagined you saying it, but actually hearing you ..."

"Do you value your reproductive organs?"

"Nothing like a reality check. What's the problem?"

"That human! The Lister!"

"Dave? C'mon, he's a great guy."

"Simply because he let you have access to his ship's supply of alcohol?"

"Human 101; any guy who gives you free access to 300 gallons of lager automatically gives him first refusal to be your best man."

"Sebatian 102; any ... thing that insists on impressing me by belching 'Yankie Diddles Dandy' ..."


"Yankie Diddles Doodle Dandy. He is a menace. Lister has recently activated some kind of biological weapon called a 'mutton vindaloo' ..."

"I'll talk to him ... downwind ..."


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