[Picture of Cats]

Cats... Cats... Cats...

[Picture of Genma]

Fat man... Fat man... Fat man...

[Picture of Ranma]

Who are you...? Who are you...?

"I am you," the boy replied, giving a smirk.

What do you mean you are me...? Where am I? What am I?


"What are you a girl?!" asked the Fat man nastily. "I will not have raise my son to be a weak girl! A MARTIAL ARTS SHOULD ALWAYS LIVE IN PREIL FOR THE SAKE OF THE ART!"

Please stop... please leave me alone... I am all alone... I have no one...

Pain is going... Pain is leaving... I don't want pain... Yet... I want it...

Pain... again... but this time... it feels... wonderful...


A woman with almost grotesque figures stood in front of the egg like cocoon in front of her. She raised her arms a bit, and moved it gently to the beating cocoon. Yes. It was evolving...

/Are you sure this is wise?/ a telepathic voice called upon her. The woman stopped petting the cocoon, and on her back, skeletal wings had raised, and folded back neatly as well. She had a calm facial expression, but the one who had called her knew better. She was mad.

"What do you want, Hiro," the woman asked to the lumbering... thing who had called her.

Hiro was larger than the woman, almost twice her size, but then, she never feared him. The creature knew. He was under her control, nothing he could do about it. At least she had given him a will of his own.

Hiro was not humanoid in shape, but more of hydra-like. Having no walking limbs, he had a tail with a few spikes instead. He also had no arms, but two limbs without any palms or fingers. His skin... if you can call it a skin, was rough looking, and looked like it was an exoskeleton of an insect.

/I just want to make sure you are not making a mistake in taking this young boy from the weird dimension you had been transported to/ Hiro replied. /My Queen, this boy could be the very means of destroying us, like what you have done to the Overmind./

"You give me too much credit, Hunter Killer," the woman replied. "I have merely had two sides join against the Overmind."

/But it does not explain why you have brought a human boy to us.../ Hiro replied.

"He is powerful... quite powerful to trigger my senses," the woman replied, turning his back on the creature. "When he is ready, he might be one of our most powerful hybrids. I have combined him with the multiple DNA sequences of our soldiers."

/What if his body won't accept the DNA metamorphosis? What if he dies?/ Hiro asked.

"Then he dies, no loss," the woman replied. "Besides, he has already accepted it, as you can see by the intense reaction of the cocoon. The boy is very... adaptive. One of the traits which will make him powerful." The woman laughed. "Ha, he even has the DNA sequence of one of our newest hybrid, the Lurker."

Hiro backed away after hearing this. Although he was a Hunter Killer, a bred superior to the Hydralisk, he had feared the powers of the Lurker. Able to rip apart almost any buildings with ease, and seriously hurt any creature on its wake, it was also undetectable unless they had help with one of their Overlords.

/If the boy does accept all of the DNA sequences, and lives, powerful won't be able to describe him.../ Hiro said.

"Heh, he will be even more powerful than I would be, I can say," the woman replied. "Imagine! A power like him, in our grasps! The Protoss, the Stupid Earth Fedreation won't be able to stop us!"

And so went on, deep in the bowels of a planet of different dimension of Char, Queen Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, awaited for her rise in power for a while...

Project VI

Author's Notes: It's a working titleā€¦ And before you get mad, I have a question. O you guys want me to pause Project III and IV, and make V and VI? Just asking, people...