Title: Inexplicably Chosen

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: Not my toys. Just ... borrowing them for a minute.

Summary: Willow's spell disrupted a *lot* of lives.

Spoilers: B:tVS post-"Chosen" (7.22), SG-1 post-"Full Circle" (6.22)

Notes: A brief Muse-spark distracted me from other duties, et voila, a crossover drabble. Hmm. These are kind of fun.


Sam Carter grasped the barbell with both hands, crafted a U-shape, and raised her brows at Janet. "You call this *normal*?" she laughed.

The petite doctor scribbled another note and frowned. "I meant, no sign of alien influence. In fact, your readings match your last check-up. There's absolutely no indication how..."

"For this, or the hearing test, or the treadmill, or the nightmares, I know," Sam shrugged, then straightened out the bar. "But now that we know Daniel's been hanging around..."

"He only *visited* Jack and Teal'c. What makes you think he's responsible for *this*?"

"What other explanation is there?"